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We want you to feel great each time you take care of your beard or moustache. So we put a lot of thought into every aspect of what we make. We spend the money to do things the right way. We exclusively use natural and nut-free ingredients, including the essential oils of plants, trees and flowers. Included in each order are tips for application.


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How to cheat this Movember

October 03, 2015

We can neither confirm nor deny that the man pictured in this photograph is Adam Causgrove, President & Chairman of the American Mustache Institute.  Such a refined gentleman wouldn't encourage you to cheat, would he?  Surely not! Movember is nearly upon us.  It's a month dedicated not only to moustaches, but to men's health issues.  Charity drives and functions abound, and men across the world who wouldn't normally grow facial hair take a step to help their fellow man while letting their face fur fly free.   Some of you may have previously participated in Movember, and if you started clean shaven on November 1, first, let us commend you for having the bravery to start afresh. Second, let us... Continue Reading →

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