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You deserve competence, honesty and simplicity 

A lot of thought goes into every aspect of our products. As an example, it costs us extra to use water-proof and oil-proof labels. Surprisingly, this is not a given in the market today. We were the first to include guitar picks with cans of wax to help you get just the right amount of moustache wax without dirtying your thumbnail. We are also proud to be the first to announce a stainless steel beard oil flask. This flask is included in the EDC: Every Day Care kit or individually. Now means you can now take your CanYouHandlebar grooming essentials wherever life takes you. 

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"I swear by my beard..."

September 01, 2014

Maybe your beard makes other people uncomfortable or maybe it is as natural as breastfeeding and they need a life lesson about body acceptance. Maybe you missed the trend or maybe you'd rather just settle for good looking and authentic, than trendy. Maybe some guys think your face is more punchable with your moustache or maybe you need a good punch. You know what you did... Maybe it is "just a beard" or maybe it means something more than that to us. Continue Reading →

About the CanYouHandlebar Community

May 25, 2014

When I started this business I thought success was how many cans of wax and bottles of oil I've made. Success is how many friends I've made and how much of a difference in creating some sanity and goodwill in this world I have made. Thanks for helping me learn that through your fine examples.