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Winners of our Valentine's Day Contest

Here at CanYouHandlebar really believe true loves boils down to being decent and responsible. With a great beard comes great responsibility. In that spirit we put together a fun little Valentine’s Day Giveaway around the idea of cleaning up after yourself (Beard Hair Kit) and maintaining that facial hair (Beard Care Kit).

Please join us in congratulating the winners of our Valentine’s Day Giveaway! The Ultimate Prize Winner was Chad Taylor. He won one Beard Care Kit, one Beard Hair Kit, and $100. Congrats Chad!

Our first Runner Up was Jim Urby! He won one Beard Care Kit and one Beard Hair Kit. Congrats Jim!

Our second Runner Up was Heather Moore. She one one Beard Care Kit and on Beard Hair Kit. Congrats Heather!

If you're one of the winners you have an email from us. Please get in touch so we can get those beard care goodies heading your way! 

Thank you everyone for entering in the giveaway! Stay tuned as we like to give things away and are bound to have more fun contests sooner than later.

Valentine's Day Giveaway!

Here at CanYouHandlebar we think real love comes down to being decent and responsible. In that spirit we’re giving away three Beard Hair Kits to help you clean up after yourself, three Beard Care Kits, and for one lucky winner, $100 for a Valentine’s Day date.

How to Enter: From now until Monday, February 8th at midnight place an order on our site. We’ll pick three random winners from orders placed in the above mentioned time frame.


- -1 Grand Prize: Beard Hair Kit, Beard Care Kit, and $100 (via check or PayPal)

- -2 Runners Up: Beard Hair Kit and Beard Care Kit.





How to Apply Beard Oil With the Beard Oil Brush

CanYouHandlebar Honor Beard Oil and Beard Oil Brush

Not too long ago, we gave you some advice on How to Apply Beard Dry Oil with a Beard Oil Brush.  While our Beard Oil Brush was sized perfectly to fit into a tin of Beard Dry Oil, it works equally well with our traditional beard oils.  

Many of you likely know this already, but you may not be sure how to use it.  Do you drip the oil around the perimeter of the brush to get circular coverage like with the Beard Dry Oil?  Do you put the oil over the whole brush?  What do you do?  

  • Hold the brush in the palm of one hand with the bristles facing up, then put a few drops of beard oil in the bristles at the center of the brush.  
  • Starting at your sideburns area, brush from the top of your beard to the bottom (don't forget your moustache!), repeating the process on the opposite side of your face, using light passes to make sure all of the beard oil is evenly distributed; 
  • Less more - start with just a few drops of beard oil.  After you've brushed through your whole beard, feel free to apply a few more drops of oil to the brush for a second pass if necessary. 
  • Give your beard a thorough brushing or combing (we suggest using either a Kent Military Brush or Kent Beard Comb) to make sure the oil is evenly distributed and to give your beard a good shaping for the day ahead. 
Feel free to use a bit more oil if your hair is feeling particularly dry. CanYouHandlebar beard oil works to keep your beard healthy by replacing the natural oils that your beard and moustache lose throughout the day.
Looking for a few other handy tips?  Visit some of our other recent articles below.


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How to Clean Your Beard Oil Brush

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How to cheat this Movember

American Mustache Institute President Adam Causgrove How to Cheat this Movember

We can neither confirm nor deny that the man pictured in this photograph is Adam Causgrove, President & Chairman of the American Mustache Institute.  Such a refined gentleman wouldn't encourage you to cheat, would he?  Surely not!

Movember is nearly upon us.  It's a month dedicated not only to moustaches, but to men's health issues.  Charity drives and functions abound, and men across the world who wouldn't normally grow facial hair take a step to help their fellow man while letting their face fur fly free.  

Some of you may have previously participated in Movember, and if you started clean shaven on November 1, first, let us commend you for having the bravery to start afresh. Second, let us acknowledge the fact that we realize you may not have been happy with your moustache's thirty day growth, so we're here with some tips to help you cheat this Movember.  

  1. If you're not part of a group that requires a clean shaven start on November 1st, then start now!  Your friends probably won't notice the difference; rather, they'll think you have pure testosterone coming out of your face by the time November 30th rolls around. 
  2. If you are part of a group that requires a clean shaven start, don't just grow a moustache, grow a full beard.  Your friends will get used to seeing you with a face full of hair, and when November 29th rolls around, shave it all but your moustache.  The contract of your moustache against the rest of your clean shaven face will make your moustache seem larger and your growing abilities even more impressive.  
  3. Start growing a moustache now and wear a surgical mask to work.  Tell your co-workers that you've developed an allergy.  When they ask to what, sidestep the question by saying you had to get a prescription.  When they ask what the prescription was for, say "more cowbell".  They'll laugh and forget about the original question they asked and you can continue to grow your moustache in secret. 
  4. Start growing early and take the next few weeks off work or away from your fellow Movember participants.  You've built up that sick time - reward yourself and grow your moustache in peace!  
  5. *MOST IMPORTANT* - Once you've picked from numbers 1-4, it's time for the coup de grace, the most effective way to cheat at Movember, the one that will really stick it to your fellow participants.  Pick a Movember related charity and go make a donation right now!  We humbly suggest visiting the Prostate Cancer Foundation and making a donation at this moment.  Then, when you're flaunting your abnormally large moustache, just drop in the conversation that in addition to the money you raised throughout the month, you already made a donation before your friends even started growing their moustaches.  The men will be jealous and the women will swoon.  You're welcome.  

We understand that while you’re growing, you may encounter the dreaded beard itch (or moustache itch).  Check out our full range of beard and moustache products designed to keep your facial hair healthy, looking great, and itch free. Visit the CanYouhandlebar blog for how-to guides, product usage tips and facial hair news, and be sure to visit The American Mustache Institute – the defenders of facial hair everywhere. 


Should You Choose a Beard Oil Bottle or Beard Oil Flask?

Occasionally, customers ask us whether they should choose a beard oil bottle or a beard oil flask.  At the end of the day, it comes down to a personal style choice and a slight price difference.  Both the beard oil bottle and beard oil flask contain 1 oz. of beard oil in the scent of your choice: Wisdom (woodsy), Initiative (citrus), or Temperance (unscented).  Both have oil proof and water proof labels.  

Our beard oil bottles sell for $19.99 per bottle (or you can get one bottle of each scent in our Beard Oil Trio for $54.99).  Our beard oil flasks sell for $24.99 per flask (or you can get one flask of each scent in our Beard Oil Flask Trio for $69.99.  

Our Beard Oil Flasks were designed with your every day carry in mind.  The strong steel flasks makes carrying your beard oil even easier whether it be in your pocket or as part of a dopp kit - by carrying the flasks you alleviate any concerns of broken glass and spilled oil.  

Our Beard Oil Bottles can certainly function as part of your every day carry, but the slightly larger profile of the bottle makes it marginally more inconvenient to carry.  However, the beard oil bottles do come at a slightly lower price and are a great choice for those who enjoy the classic presentation of a beard oil and like seeing a high quality bottle on the shelf.  

Regardless of whether you choose a beard oil bottle or beard oil flask, it truly is what is inside that counts, and our premium beard oil will keep your facial hair conditioned and looking great!  

How to Apply Beard Dry Oil with a Beard Oil Brush

The CanYouHandlebar Beard Oil Brush is sized perfectly to fit into a tin of our Beard Dry Oil to give users a "hands-free", no-mess application.  While our Beard Oil Brushes also work great with our traditional beard oils, in this post we wanted to give you a few simple tips for making the most out of your Beard Oil Brush + Beard Dry Oil (beard balm) combo.


  • Place the Beard Oil Brush in the open tin of Beard Dry Oil;
  • Give the brush a one-quarter turn while lightly pressing the brush into the Dry Oil.  Always remember that less is more and you can repeat this step if necessary;
  • Starting at your sideburns area, brush from the top of your beard to the bottom (don't forget your moustache!), repeating the process on the opposite side of your face, using light passes to make sure all of the Dry Oil is evenly distributed;
  • If your beard is longer, feel free to do another one-quarter turn in the Dry Oil tin and then brush the underside/backside of your beard; 
  • Give your beard a thorough brushing or combing (we suggest using either a Kent Military Brush or Kent Beard Comb) to make sure the oil is evenly distributed and to give your beard a good shaping for the day ahead. 

Feel free to use a bit more oil if you're applying at night, so your beard receives the maximum conditioning while you're sleeping, or if your hair is feeling particularly dry. The Beard Dry Oil works to keep your beard healthy by replacing the natural oils that your beard and moustache lose throughout the day.  

Do you feel like there's a little bit too much oil built up on your brush from daily use?  Head over and visit our post on How to Clean Your Beard Oil Brush.

Breaking down the Ultimate Beard Care Kit

CanYouHandlebar has a number of different kit and gift set options to meet your beard and moustache care needs.  Our Ultimate Beard Care Kit contains the following CanYouHandlebar products: 
  • Beard Oil Brush
  • Bottle of Beard Oil
  • Beard Oil Flask
  • Beard Dry Oil
  • Primary Moustache Wax
  • Secondary Moustache Wax
  • One Wax Lifter

The Ultimate Beard Care Kit is packaged in a handsome and sturdy kraft colored box, and all of the products are surrounded by crinkled kraft paper that not only protects the products in transit but also offers a sharp presentation to the recipient.  The Ultimate Beard Care Kit is the ultimate kit to care for, condition, and style your facial hair, and makes an excellent gift for a facial hair wearing friend.  

The Ultimate Beard Care kits are available by scent collection, so the Bottle of Beard Oil, Beard Oil Flask, and Beard Dry Oil will all come in your choice of Wisdom, or Initiative, or Temperance.  Our Primary and Secondary Moustache waxes contain no additional scent.  

For more information, visit the Ultimate Beard Care Kit page

How to Set Your Wax Up for Success

The secrets to an expertly styled moustache lie not only in knowing how to prepare moustache wax for use, but also in properly setting your moustache once it's styled.  Whereas the secret to preparing your moustache is warmth, the secret to setting it is cold.  This is especially important in the warmer months of the year as the outside environment is constantly fighting to undo your hard work.  

Once you've styled your moustache to your liking, applying a cooling element to the wax will harden the wax and ensure that your style stays put.  This can be accomplished in a number of ways: 

  • Turn your hairdryer to its cool setting and gently pass the hairdryer in front of your moustache at a distance that will cool it but not unsettle it; 
  • Place your face in front of the air conditioning vent in a car or other location and allow the cool air to set your moustache; 
  • Open the freezer door and stick your face in for thirty seconds to a minute - it may sound silly, but the quick change from a warmer environment to a much cooler one will set your moustache, and the lack of moving air will keep your moustache in place while the wax sets; 
  • In the cold months, simply step outside and let the cool environment set the wax.  

The cooling process may take anywhere from thirty seconds to a few minutes, but this is an imperative step in the process.  Allowing your wax to fully set will help make sure that your hard work and efforts to style your moustache aren't undone once you step out the door.  Happy waxing, everyone!

Need some moustache wax?  Try our Primary (medium hold) or Secondary (firm hold), and pick up some wax lifters and a moustache comb to make your styling even easier.

Is it safe to wax your moustache every day?

If you have the moustache wax and the time, you could certainly wax your moustache every day, but should you?  Will waxing your moustache so frequently compromise its health?  If you care for your moustache properly, and use a quality moustache wax like our Primary Moustache Wax or Secondary Moustache Wax, you can absolutely wax your moustache every day.  

Daily waxing of your moustache will help you train your moustache to lay the way you would like, whether this would be to sculpt a handlebar moustache or simply keeping your moustache out of your mouth.  However, you still must take proper care to ensure that your moustache stays healthy.  Our Primary and Secondary waxes contain local beeswax (from Michigan bees), USP lanolin, castor oil, coconut oil, shea butter and Vitamin E; ingredients that are designed to not only allow you to sculpt the style you wish but also keep your facial hair healthy.

 In addition to using a quality moustache wax, be sure to properly care for your moustache.  At the end of the day, take the time to apply one of our traditional beard oils or Beard Dry Oils to your moustache.  This serves a dual purpose: 1) the introduction of the oils will slowly break down the holding properties of the wax, making the wax easier to wash out, and 2) the oils will condition your moustache, keeping it healthy.  

There's no need to wash the wax out immediately, but if you do so, be sure to apply some oil again afterwards as the washing will have taken out the oils as well.  If you do wax frequently, there is nothing wrong with giving your moustache a break for a few days, but be sure to continue to apply the beard oils or Beard Dry Oils during that time to make sure your moustache stays healthy.

How to Prepare Moustache Wax For Use

It's not enough to have a great moustache wax at your disposal - to create an enviable styled moustache, you have to know how to use your wax, and that starts with properly preparing it for use.  Not too long ago, we published an article on How to Properly Prepare Moustache Wax for Use, but in case you're in more of a hurry, here are some quick tips to help you out.  Remember, the name of the game is warming your wax.

  • Place the tin of wax in your front pants pocket for a while as you go about your normal activities. Your natural body heat will warm the wax a bit;
  • Give your wax a bath. Put the entire tin (lid on) in a sink or mug full of hot water for a few minutes. We made our labels oilproof and waterproof for occasions just like this;
  • Aim a hairdryer at the wax (lid on or off) and hit it with heat for a few minutes;
  • Scrape out an amount of wax and use your thumb and forefinger to roll it into a ball, then place your thumb and forefinger in your mouth as though you were going to use them to whistle, and use exhaling to warm the wax. Just be careful to inhale through your nose and not your mouth as that could cause you to swallow the ball of wax.
It's as easy as that!  Feel free to experiment to find the method that works best for you, and be sure to continue warming the wax during application - a hairdryer on a low heat seat or a mini flatiron works great for this - to ensure a smooth and even application.  If you're looking for a medium hold wax, be sure to check out our Primary Moustache Wax.  If you're looking for a firm hold, take a look at our Secondary Moustache Wax.  Can't decide which to try?  Then Get a Pair!
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