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June 01, 2015


Bourbon Country, Awesome Handkerchiefs, and Initiative

At CanYouHandlebar, we want to help you cultivate the best beard and moustache that you can grow.  We make a full line of premium products carefully and thoughtfully designed to help you clean, condition, and style your facial hair.  

In between making our beard oils, moustache waxes, and beard dry oils, we enjoy traveling, discovering new companies that put as much care into their products as we do, and every once in a while we like to kick back with a good drink.  

~Doug Geiger, Gentleman in Charge
Make your moustache one worthy of fantastic pictures like this photo of Troy R., a judges' choice winner of our recent contest. Some of you may recognize Troy as the American Mustache Institute's 2014 Mustached American of the Year. Like Troy's look? We can help you achieve it - the moustache part anyway - Get a pair of our waxes and get to work taking some fantastic pictures of your own.
Take the Initiative to be different
"At the Harvard Business School, I really felt I had gained the ability to resolve difficult issues. But I also felt that I wasn't in the mainstream with my fellow students. During job-hunting season, for example, everybody shaved their beards for interviews. I thought, 'This is crazy.' So I grew a beard." - Thomas G. Stemberg, founder of Staples, Inc.
If you find yourself in the middle of Kentucky at 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon and you have $10 burning a hole in your pocket, take a tour at the Woodford Reserve Distillery.  If you happen to have $50 burning a hole in your pocket, be sure to spend that extra $40 on a bottle of bourbon after you pick your favorite from the tasting at the end of the tour.
Woodford combines simple ingredients with simple ideals - hard work and a dedication to doing things the right way. The result is an outstanding product with a rich, storied history.
We drank in the sites (along with a little bourbon), and look forward to a return trip. Check out details and tour schedules at
Handkerchiefs are the new beard oil. There are hundreds of variations out there, some better than others. At a recent beard competition in Kentucky, we met some new friends who make great handkerchiefs - Red Raven Hanks. As spring gives way to summer, we find ourselves mopping our brows and having a quality handkerchief makes that process much easier to deal with. 

Handkerchiefs are seemingly simple, but even the simple things can make a difference - Red Raven runs a diagonal stitch from one corner to another making sure that the two pieces of fabric that make up the handkerchief don't fold over during use. We like to use the tools in our pockets, and this is not only a great looking tool, but a fully functional one as well. 

Wipe down your brow or beard and moustache knowing that these come from a facial hair friendly company. If you happen to run into them on Facebook orInstagram, be sure to tell them we said hello.

The importance of moustache care

Brian Furby aka TitleBeard, with a moustache styled with CanYouHandlebar Secondary moustache wax

Brian Furby aka TitleBeard with a moustache styled with CanYouHandlebar Secondary moustache wax.


Moustache care is important too

For those of you with standalone moustaches, this may come as no surprise, but this is directed more to our bearded friends who also sport a moustache – caring for your moustache is just as important as caring for your beard; arguably, more important. Not because your moustache is more deserving of care, but simply because your moustache is on the front line of the daily firefight we call life.

Take a moment and think about it. Sure, you may get food in your beard, but how often do you get food or condiments in your moustache? Likely much more often. How often have you gone to take a bite of food and ended up with a bite of moustache instead?  If you smoke, any time you exhale, the smoke comes into contact with your moustache.  Even if you don’t smoke – any time you breathe, that air and condensation hits your moustache.   When you kiss your significant other, there’s the moustache again.  As you see, the point that we’re making is that your moustache comes into contact with all sorts of foreign bodies throughout the day, so you need to make sure that you care for your moustache properly to reduce the wear and tear. 

Beard oil isn't just for beards

Of course you could also use our Primary or Secondary wax to keep your moustache out of your mouth, but your moustache will still come into contact with something, even if it’s just the air you breathe.  When you wash your beard with our Every Day Beard Soap, be sure to wash your moustache too.  Whether using one of our traditional beard oils or one of Beard Dry Oils, take the time to apply some of your chosen conditioner to your moustache as well (unless you’ll be applying wax, because the oils can break down the hold the wax offers). 

Did you have a long day out on the town with a supremely styled moustache?  Even if you do not wash the wax out of your moustache at the end of the day, take some time to apply one of our traditional beard oils or Beard Dry Oil to your moustache.  The oils will not only help break up the wax, making it easier to wash out the next morning, but will condition your moustache throughout the night, leaving you to wake up to a healthy and happy moustache.  Even though our moustache waxes were designed with not only hold, but moustache health, in mind, the extra conditioning offered by one of our oils is a great step to take to preserve the health of your moustache.

Proper care contributes to better growth

Using facial hair care products are about supplementing the natural oils that your body produces.  Daily activities like all of those mentioned above can strip your hair of these natural oils, and a poorly taken care of moustache is not only dry, but more prone to split ends and broken hairs.  When growing a beard and a moustache, many men have realized that their moustache appears to grow slower than their beard.  While this is true in many cases, taking steps to properly condition and care for your moustache will ensure that your moustache is in a prime position to grow, and remember, a happy moustache makes for a happy man.

How to properly prepare moustache wax for use


Quick tips: Warm your wax, both prior to and during use, and don't be afraid to take advantage of multiple heat sources.

Moustache wax is an excellent tool to help keep your moustache styled, and even conditioned if you use the proper wax. Just as a true handlebar moustache starts in the middle, an effective use of moustache wax starts with a thoughtful preparation of your chosen wax. As a producer of beard and moustache products, CanYouHandlebar wants to make sure you’re informed about the products you’re using on your facial hair. You take the time to cultivate it, so it makes sense that you would want to take the time to learn a little more about what you put into it, and the proper ways in which to do that.


Warm your wax

The name of the game is warmth. As you’ll notice when opening your tin of Primary or Secondary, the wax is rather firm in the tin. You can scrape some of the wax out with a thumbnail, or use one of our wax lifters for a less messy application. However, there are some considerations you should take into account before you reach this step. You want the wax to be warm prior to application. This will allow for easier removal and application.

Don't be afraid to experiment with warming methods to see which one suits you best

You can accomplish warming your wax in a number of different ways. 1) Place the tin of wax in your front pants pocket for a while as you go about your normal activities. Your natural body heat will warm the wax a bit; 2) Give your wax a bath. Put the entire tin (lid on) in a sink or mug full of hot water for a few minutes. We made our labels oilproof and waterproof for occasions just like this; 3) Aim a hairdryer at the wax (lid on or off) and hit it with heat for a few minutes; 4) Scrape out an amount of wax and use your thumb and forefinger to roll it into a ball, then place your thumb and forefinger in your mouth as though you were going to use them to whistle, and use exhaling to warm the wax. Just be careful to inhale through your nose and not your mouth as that could cause you to swallow the ball of wax.

Continue warming through application for smooth and even results.

There are certainly a number of other methods that work, but these are the ones we have found to be the most effective and easiest to accomplish. Remember that the wax will continue to cool as long as it’s not exposed to a heat source, so be prepared to use a hairdryer on a low heat setting, or mini-flat iron, as you work the wax into and through your moustache for a smooth, even application.  Proper preparation of your wax will save you time and get you the best looking results. 

Primary vs. Secondary

Quick tips: Primary moustache wax has a medium hold and is great for daily use.  Secondary is a firmer wax perfect for more aggressive hold and styles. 

One of the most common questions we hear is "Should I use Primary or Secondary Moustache Wax?"  We appreciate customers wanting to make an informed choice - we're happy with the quality of our products and we want you to be confident in, and happy with, your purchase.  Feel free to peruse this brief explanation of the differences between our moustache waxes, and contact us with any questions. 

A thoughtful recipe

We have nothing to hide with our moustache wax.  Our ingredients always have been, and always will be, printed on the label for you to see.   Both of our waxes contain local (Michigan) beeswax, lanolin, castor oil, coconut oil, shea butter, and Vitamin E.  After much experimentation, this is the combination of ingredients that we came up with to best style your moustache while being conscious of your facial hair's health as well.  The same care that went into crafting the final recipe also went into the design and materials of our labels.  Like with our traditional beard oils and Beard Dry Oil, the labels on our tins of moustache wax are oil proof and water proof. 


In our description of our Primary Moustache Wax, we ask the question "Are you a laid back gentleman that would prefer to encourage your hairs rather than resort to force?"  If so, this is your wax.  Primary wax is a medium hold wax that is great for daily use.  As we discussed in How to grow a handlebar moustache, training your moustache is an important part of the handlebar process.  Primary is an excellent product to train your moustache, not only to shape a handlebar but also to encourage your moustache to lay the way you'd like, whether that be for the simple purpose of keeping it out of your mouth during the day or to help you cultivate your own moustache style.  However, as Primary is a medium hold wax, it does allow users to craft more aggressive stylings that will hold up throughout the day. 


Our Secondary Moustache Wax is simply, "a firmer wax".  If you are looking for a moustache wax that will allow you to craft the most detailed of stylings and keep it in place throughout the day and night, this is the wax for you.  While Secondary was not designed with competitive facial hair events in mind, it has shone through as an ideal wax for competitive purposes; one that allows you to style your moustache and keep it in place throughout the rigors of competition as the night goes on.  You'll notice that Secondary is firmer in the tin than Primary and thus requires more heat to make the wax malleable, but the application process is still straightforward and easy to do with some practice and the aid of simple tools like our wax lifters, Kent Moustache Comb, and a flat iron and/or a hair dryer on a low heat setting.

Don't be afraid to use wax on a daily basis

Regardless of whether you choose to use Primary or Secondary, don't be afraid to use moustache wax on a daily basis, especially if you are training your moustache.  Knowing how to effectively use moustache wax is an important step in making sure that your moustache always looks its best.  We designed our wax with daily use in mind, not just in the wax itself, but even in the tins themselves.  Our tins have a slim profile that fits easily in even the smallest of pockets, making it a perfect addition to your every day carry.  While you may not need to reapply moustache wax throughout the day, it is always handy to have on your person in case you need a touch up.  Still haven't been able to decide which you would like?  No problem; take advantage of our discounted Get A Pair package. Keep in mind, while we have been discussing the differences, Primary and Secondary work well in concert with each other.  There are a number of customers who use Primary to wax the middle hairs of their moustache and then use secondary for the curls in a handlebar and other styles that may require more hold.  Good luck, and happy waxing! 



What is Beard Dry Oil?

Quick tip: Beard Dry Oil is a conditioning product made of a mixture of base oils for conditioning, essential oil for scent, and beeswax to make the product solid and offer you mild styling capabilities.  The end result is a product designed to keep your beard healthy and looking great.

Beard Dry Oil is CanYouHandlebar’s premium beard balm. You are likely familiar with beard products on some level, and you may have even read our recent post asking (and answering) the question – what is beard oil? Now we’re back with another post designed to give you some more information on just what it is that you’re putting into your beard. As a producer of beard and moustache products, CanYouHandlebar wants to make sure you’re informed about the products you’re using on your beard. You take the time to cultivate your beard, so it makes sense that you would want to take the time to learn a little more about what you put into it.

Beard oil, with a twist

Simply put – our Beard Dry Oil is a premium hand-crafted beard oil, with a twist. Like traditional beard oils, Beard Dry Oil is a topical conditioner designed to keep your beard healthy and looking great. What makes this beard oil a “dry oil” is the addition of beeswax. We add just enough beeswax to make the Dry Oil (or balm, if you prefer), solid at room temperature.

Beeswax can help you style and train your beard

In addition to having the benefits of a traditional beard oil (read more about those in our post, "What is beard oil?"), the beeswax in the Beard Dry Oil offers hold that will help you to style your beard. The styling properties offered in the Beard Dry Oil are not the type to aggressively style your beard, but rather give you the ability to shape your beard for the day offering you a nice groomed look. Additionally, the beeswax will allow you to train your beard. As your beard gets longer, you may notice that the natural curve of your facial hair gives your beard an unruly appearance. Once you have applied the dry oil, either with your fingers or one of our Beard Oil Brushes (click here for tips on application), you can brush your beard in the direction you want your hairs to lie while using a hair dryer on a low heat setting. Repeating this process on a daily basis will train the hairs to lie the way you’d like.

The consistency of the Beard Dry Oil is thicker and slightly heavier than traditional beard oils. This can be beneficial to your beard in times where your beard is in need of extra conditioning. The beeswax works to give your facial hair an extra coating that helps hold in the oils longer which will in turn more fully condition your beard.

Our Beard Dry Oils are available in the same scents as our traditional oils, Wisdom, Initiative, and Classic (unscented). Regardless of which one you choose, our Beard Dry Oil will keep your beard conditioned and looking great throughout the entire day.

How to grow a handlebar moustache

Quick tips: Be aware of your genetics, be patient, remember a true handlebar moustache starts in the middle, and start training your moustache early.

One of the most common questions we get is “how can I grow a handlebar moustache?” While a great handlebar cannot simply be grown on advice alone, we would like to offer you a few tips as you set out on your manly quest. Remember that your ability to grow a moustache will depend somewhat on genetics, and your own facial hair coverage. If you have grown a moustache before you should have some idea about whether or not a handlebar is in your future. If you haven’t attempted to grow a moustache before, take a moment to commend yourself on this most manly of pursuits. Then, sit back and wait. It will likely take you a few months of uninterrupted growth before you realize your moustache’s true potential.
A true handlebar starts in the middle
Uninterrupted simply means no trimming. As your moustache starts to grow, you will soon find that it starts to hang over your upper lip – embrace this and resist the urge to trim. A true handlebar moustache starts in the middle and all of the hairs are swept towards the edges of your lips to form the handlebars. Some growers trim the middle section of their moustache but leave the sides long to style them into handlebars. While this may generate a similar effect, it is not a true handlebar and can sometimes produce an awkward looking moustache. Instead of trimming, take the time to train your moustache.
Train your moustache
Training can come in a number of different ways. (Cue Rocky theme music and training montage.) One of the easiest ways, once your moustache gets a little length, is to comb your moustache every day. Use a comb meant for moustaches like our Kent Moustache Comb. Starting at the crease right above your upper lip, comb your moustache out towards the edges of your lips. Do one side, then the other, repeat, and do this every day. The repetitive motion will train your hairs to lie that way. You shouldn’t expect your moustache to stay that way once you’re finished combing as the hairs will be tempted to fall towards their natural laying pattern, but this repetitive motion will help you give the hairs a new laying pattern. You should also find this helps keep your moustache out of your mouth which will further help you resist the urge to trim. You can enhance the effects of this training with some of our Primary moustache wax. This will keep the hairs in place once combed and work to speed up giving the hairs a new laying pattern.
Beards and moustaches grow at different rates
If you are growing your moustache in concert with a beard, remember that despite being connected, your moustache and your beard will likely grow at different rates, and for those who have particularly dense facial hair, remember that when you are training and styling your moustache, you are training and styling your moustache, not your beard. When your moustache is long enough to style into a full handlebar, resist the temptation to include some of your beard hairs in the styling to make your moustache appear longer. According to the World Beard and Moustache Association, hairs more than two centimeters past the edge of your lips are considered part of your beard. Granted, that rule is more for competition purposes than anything else, but it’s an easy guideline to follow. Regardless, don’t get frustrated if your moustache doesn’t seem to grow as quickly as your beard. Most men’s don’t, and it doesn’t mean your moustache won’t eventually have some length.
Remember your training
Finally, once your moustache has gotten long enough to style, after taking another moment to commend yourself for making it this far - remember your training. But now, instead of just sweeping the hairs out from the center of your lip, add in a step of using the moustache comb to help curl up the ends of the moustache to begin shaping your handlebar. This can also be accomplished with a flat iron or small curling iron, but be sure not to singe your moustache – you don’t want to damage what you have spent such a long time cultivating. Continue to use our Primary wax, or for more aggressive and longer lasting styles, pick up a tin of our Secondary. If you’re wanting to try both, take advantage of our discounted “Get a Pair”. Good luck, and happy growing!

What is beard oil?

Quick Tip: Beard oil is a conditioning product made of a mixture of base oils for conditioning and essential oils for scent, designed to keep your beard healthy and looking great. 

What is beard oil?

You may be new to the world of beard products, you may consider yourself an old pro. But outside of knowing that beard oil can help your beard look and feel better while also keeping it healthier, have you stopped to ask yourself – what is beard oil? As a producer of beard and moustache products, CanYouHandlebar wants to make sure you’re informed about the products you’re using on your beard. You take the time to cultivate your beard, so it makes sense that you would want to take the time to learn a little more about what you put into it.

Beard oil supplements what your body naturally produces

Beard oil is a conditioning product, but if that statement doesn’t tell you enough, think of beard products as a topical supplement designed to give your beard the things it needs to stay healthy and looking great. Daily life or an employment situation that doesn’t expose your beard to the elements can still wear on your beard. Even washing your beard, which is something we recommend of course (with a proper beard soap), can remove some of the oils that keep your beard healthy. So we offer beard oils to help fill in those gaps.

We care about what goes into our beard oils, and you should too

When we first introduced our oils to the CanYouHandlebar community, we wrote: “The base oil was designed to help your beard look great and maintain its health. The aroma is made of high quality essential oils with no cheap fillers. The attention to detail extends to the labeling. Knowing that your beard oil will likely be stored in your bathroom where water and small amounts of oil will get onto the label, we spent a little extra and used water- and oil-proof labels! Your oil will look as good from the day it arrives until you've used the last drop!”

Our beard oils will keep your beard healthy and looking great

With all beard oils, the base oil blend provides the conditioning aspects that keep your beard healthy and help tame it. With a properly produced beard oil, the scent comes only from essential oils, no fragrance oils and certainly nothing that includes alcohol as an ingredient as alcohol can quickly dry out your beard. After applying our beard oil (see more information on How to Apply Beard Oil here), you should notice that your beard looks better and smells great (unless you choose Temperance, our unscented beard oil). While the scent will fade gently throughout the day, the conditioning will not. Our beard oils will keep your beard conditioned as you go throughout your day.

How to fix an uneven moustache

CanYouHandlebar Handlebar moustache

Quick tips: Start with a clean moustache, comb your moustache straight down to check evenness, trim if necessary, or work to adjust your styling technique.

One of the most common questions we receive from fellow growers of facial hair is “My moustache (or handlebar) is uneven how do I fix it?” We are not experts, but we have been around the block a few times, and here are a few tips we have learned that may help you along the way.

Start with a clean moustache, comb it straight down

Especially when considering uneven handlebars, you must make sure that it is your moustache that is uneven and not your styling technique. Start with a clean moustache, fresh out of the shower after a good wash with Every Day Beard Soap, apply the beard oil or beard dry oil of your choice and then use a flat iron (if your moustache is long enough) or hair dryer on a low heat setting, and moustache comb, and comb your moustache straight down. Don’t be afraid to make multiple passes to make sure your moustache is lying as flat as possible.

Check your moustache closely for evenness

Check your moustache closely in the mirror. Does it appear even? It may not look even all the way across, but you want the parts that are directly opposite each other to be the same length, so the outermost tips should be the same length, the innermost parts right above the split of your upper lip should be the same length, and so on. Should you decide that a trim is in order, do so judiciously and with caution, trimming even just millimeters at a time. Place a ruler or even a level flat across your moustache to help you gauge the evenness on the outermost points.

Style your moustache to check your work

Once you have trimmed, if that was necessary, take some time and use some Primary or Secondary wax and style your moustache as you normally would. However, a quick caveat; if you did use a beard oil or dry oil when straightening your moustache, take a moment to wash that out prior to styling.  The extra oil can degrade the wax mixture and reduce the styling capabilities of the wax.  However, don’t hesitate to utilize the flatiron or hairdryer here, to make sure the wax is evenly distributed through your moustache as an uneven amount could cause uneven handlebars. Check for evenness, repeat the early steps if necessary, or sit back and admire your handiwork.

"I swear by my beard..."

CanYouHandlebar I swear by my beard

Maybe your beard makes other people uncomfortable or maybe it is as natural as breastfeeding and they need a life lesson about body acceptance.

Maybe you missed the trend or maybe you'd rather just settle for good looking and authentic, than trendy.

Maybe some guys think your face is more punchable with your moustache or maybe you need a good punch. You know what you did...

Maybe it is "just a beard" or maybe it means something more than that to us.
May 25, 2014


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