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How to Apply Beard Dry Oil with a Beard Oil Brush

The CanYouHandlebar Beard Oil Brush is sized perfectly to fit into a tin of our Beard Dry Oil to give users a "hands-free", no-mess application.  While our Beard Oil Brushes also work great with our traditional beard oils, in this post we wanted to give you a few simple tips for making the most out of your Beard Oil Brush + Beard Dry Oil (beard balm) combo.


  • Place the Beard Oil Brush in the open tin of Beard Dry Oil;
  • Give the brush a one-quarter turn while lightly pressing the brush into the Dry Oil.  Always remember that less is more and you can repeat this step if necessary;
  • Starting at your sideburns area, brush from the top of your beard to the bottom (don't forget your moustache!), repeating the process on the opposite side of your face, using light passes to make sure all of the Dry Oil is evenly distributed;
  • If your beard is longer, feel free to do another one-quarter turn in the Dry Oil tin and then brush the underside/backside of your beard; 
  • Give your beard a thorough brushing or combing (we suggest using either a Kent Military Brush or Kent Beard Comb) to make sure the oil is evenly distributed and to give your beard a good shaping for the day ahead. 

Feel free to use a bit more oil if you're applying at night, so your beard receives the maximum conditioning while you're sleeping, or if your hair is feeling particularly dry. The Beard Dry Oil works to keep your beard healthy by replacing the natural oils that your beard and moustache lose throughout the day.  

Do you feel like there's a little bit too much oil built up on your brush from daily use?  Head over and visit our post on How to Clean Your Beard Oil Brush.

Breaking down the Ultimate Beard Care Kit

CanYouHandlebar has a number of different kit and gift set options to meet your beard and moustache care needs.  Our Ultimate Beard Care Kit contains the following CanYouHandlebar products: 
  • Beard Oil Brush
  • Bottle of Beard Oil
  • Beard Oil Flask
  • Beard Dry Oil
  • Primary Moustache Wax
  • Secondary Moustache Wax
  • One Wax Lifter

The Ultimate Beard Care Kit is packaged in a handsome and sturdy kraft colored box, and all of the products are surrounded by crinkled kraft paper that not only protects the products in transit but also offers a sharp presentation to the recipient.  The Ultimate Beard Care Kit is the ultimate kit to care for, condition, and style your facial hair, and makes an excellent gift for a facial hair wearing friend.  

The Ultimate Beard Care kits are available by scent collection, so the Bottle of Beard Oil, Beard Oil Flask, and Beard Dry Oil will all come in your choice of Wisdom, or Initiative, or Temperance.  Our Primary and Secondary Moustache waxes contain no additional scent.  

For more information, visit the Ultimate Beard Care Kit page

How to Set Your Wax Up for Success

The secrets to an expertly styled moustache lie not only in knowing how to prepare moustache wax for use, but also in properly setting your moustache once it's styled.  Whereas the secret to preparing your moustache is warmth, the secret to setting it is cold.  This is especially important in the warmer months of the year as the outside environment is constantly fighting to undo your hard work.  

Once you've styled your moustache to your liking, applying a cooling element to the wax will harden the wax and ensure that your style stays put.  This can be accomplished in a number of ways: 

  • Turn your hairdryer to its cool setting and gently pass the hairdryer in front of your moustache at a distance that will cool it but not unsettle it; 
  • Place your face in front of the air conditioning vent in a car or other location and allow the cool air to set your moustache; 
  • Open the freezer door and stick your face in for thirty seconds to a minute - it may sound silly, but the quick change from a warmer environment to a much cooler one will set your moustache, and the lack of moving air will keep your moustache in place while the wax sets; 
  • In the cold months, simply step outside and let the cool environment set the wax.  

The cooling process may take anywhere from thirty seconds to a few minutes, but this is an imperative step in the process.  Allowing your wax to fully set will help make sure that your hard work and efforts to style your moustache aren't undone once you step out the door.  Happy waxing, everyone!

Need some moustache wax?  Try our Primary (medium hold) or Secondary (firm hold), and pick up some wax lifters and a moustache comb to make your styling even easier.

Is it safe to wax your moustache every day?

If you have the moustache wax and the time, you could certainly wax your moustache every day, but should you?  Will waxing your moustache so frequently compromise its health?  If you care for your moustache properly, and use a quality moustache wax like our Primary Moustache Wax or Secondary Moustache Wax, you can absolutely wax your moustache every day.  

Daily waxing of your moustache will help you train your moustache to lay the way you would like, whether this would be to sculpt a handlebar moustache or simply keeping your moustache out of your mouth.  However, you still must take proper care to ensure that your moustache stays healthy.  Our Primary and Secondary waxes contain local beeswax (from Michigan bees), USP lanolin, castor oil, coconut oil, shea butter and Vitamin E; ingredients that are designed to not only allow you to sculpt the style you wish but also keep your facial hair healthy.

 In addition to using a quality moustache wax, be sure to properly care for your moustache.  At the end of the day, take the time to apply one of our traditional beard oils or Beard Dry Oils to your moustache.  This serves a dual purpose: 1) the introduction of the oils will slowly break down the holding properties of the wax, making the wax easier to wash out, and 2) the oils will condition your moustache, keeping it healthy.  

There's no need to wash the wax out immediately, but if you do so, be sure to apply some oil again afterwards as the washing will have taken out the oils as well.  If you do wax frequently, there is nothing wrong with giving your moustache a break for a few days, but be sure to continue to apply the beard oils or Beard Dry Oils during that time to make sure your moustache stays healthy.

How to Prepare Moustache Wax For Use

It's not enough to have a great moustache wax at your disposal - to create an enviable styled moustache, you have to know how to use your wax, and that starts with properly preparing it for use.  Not too long ago, we published an article on How to Properly Prepare Moustache Wax for Use, but in case you're in more of a hurry, here are some quick tips to help you out.  Remember, the name of the game is warming your wax.

  • Place the tin of wax in your front pants pocket for a while as you go about your normal activities. Your natural body heat will warm the wax a bit;
  • Give your wax a bath. Put the entire tin (lid on) in a sink or mug full of hot water for a few minutes. We made our labels oilproof and waterproof for occasions just like this;
  • Aim a hairdryer at the wax (lid on or off) and hit it with heat for a few minutes;
  • Scrape out an amount of wax and use your thumb and forefinger to roll it into a ball, then place your thumb and forefinger in your mouth as though you were going to use them to whistle, and use exhaling to warm the wax. Just be careful to inhale through your nose and not your mouth as that could cause you to swallow the ball of wax.
It's as easy as that!  Feel free to experiment to find the method that works best for you, and be sure to continue warming the wax during application - a hairdryer on a low heat seat or a mini flatiron works great for this - to ensure a smooth and even application.  If you're looking for a medium hold wax, be sure to check out our Primary Moustache Wax.  If you're looking for a firm hold, take a look at our Secondary Moustache Wax.  Can't decide which to try?  Then Get a Pair!

How to clean your Beard Oil Brush


Our Beard Oil Brush has long been a favorite with our customers.  It is sized perfectly to fit right into your tin of Beard Dry Oil to allow for a no-mess, "hands-free" application, and works great with our traditional beard oils as well.  From time to time, excess product necessitates a cleaning of the brush, so here's a quick guide on how to clean your Beard Oil Brush. 

  • Gently handwash the bristles in warm water with a mild dish soap.  Work your fingers all through the bristles to remove all excess product;  
  • Rinse the bristles thoroughly to ensure that both the excess product and any remaining dish soap is removed; 
  • Hold the brush in one hand and brush the palm of your other hand with a repetitive up and down motion - this will help shake off excess moisture;  
  • Leave the brush to dry, bristle down, on a counter or other non-porous surface.  Be sure to not place the brush in its tin unless the brush is completely dry.
As your beard gains character, so will your brush.  It's not uncommon for a patina to develop on the wooden handle as you continue to use your brush.  With proper care, your Beard Oil Brush can last as long as your beard.

Show Stuff Get Stuff!

In the world of Every Day Carry, or EDC, there’s a longstanding tradition of posting photos of a “pocket dump”, or “hand dump”, where the person lays out everything they have in their pockets and snaps a photo of it to then show off to their friends and followers on social media.  Check out the great shot above, from our buddy @Furrdogg, that appeared in our August newsletter.  

We’re fans of the EDC movement and always enjoy a good pocket dump photo, especially when they feature a CanYouHandlebar product.  Since our products are designed with your EDC in mind, we wanted to give you a chance to show off your pocket dump with the chance of adding to it in the process.  

Post your best pocket dump photo, like any of these that you see here, that includes your CanYouHandlebar product of choice, on either Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.  Be sure to use the hashtag #ShowStuffGetStuff, and feel free to tag CanYouHandlebar and our other four sponsors: Saddleback Leather, Karas Kustoms, Red Raven Hanks, and Rite in the Rain.

A pre-beard competition pocket dump from our friend @TitleBeard.

To all of you future customers out there, if you don’t have one of our products but still want to participate, simply write CanYouHandlebar on a piece of paper or something else and include that in your pocket dump photo.

On September 7, 2015, the winner will be chosen based on overall photo composition and originality of presentation.  This isn’t a contest to see who has the most expensive ensemble or who has the most CanYouHandlebar products, and we know that a lawyer’s pocket dump may look different than an EMT’s.  Just show off your pocket dump, show off your CanYouHandlebar products (or substitute, as mentioned above), and show off your individuality.

Our grand prize winner will not only receive an assortment of CanYouHandlebar products to make sure that your facial hair is in its best shape, but also a wallet from Saddleback Leather, a pen from Karas Kustoms, a handkerchief from Red Raven Hanks, and pocket notebooks from Rite in the Rain, all of which will take your EDC to a whole new level.  

Two randomly selected winners will also receive a CanYouHandlebar Every Day Care Kit.

A great pocket dump from our friend @AndyPoko.


  1. Post your pocket dump photo to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. before 11:59 PM ET on 9/7/2015.
  2. You must use the hashtag #ShowStuffGetStuff for your entry to be counted.  
  3. You may post on all three social networks if you wish, but your photo will only be counted once, and multiple entries will still only count as one.   
  4. Be sure to include a CanYouHandlebar product in the photo or something bearing the CanYouHandlebar name.
  5. This one isn’t mandatory, but strongly encouraged: Go visit all of the sponsors at the locations below.  
  6. The winners will all be announced on 9/9/2015 and everyone will have a shot at a special deal from CanYouHandlebar on that day.


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Beard Art, a giant satellite, pens, and pocket dumps

Beards in Art

This is Beard Buddies, by artist Tripper Dungan.  We were recently turned on to Tripper's works, a number of which feature beards.  Head over to our blog and learn some more about Tripper in our feature, "Beards in Art: An Interview with Tripper Dungan".

Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute

This is Benjamin.  He is a student at Brevard College just outside of Asheville, NC.  He's currently working at the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI) as an Instructional Counselor in the "Above and Beyond: Astronomy, Physics, and Astrobiology" program.
Benjamin had this to say about CanYouHandlebar: "I was so happy when a friend of mine told me about your company. I told them I was having trouble finding a wax that could keep up with my busy lifestyle. I am very active, mostly outdoors in hot conditions. I need a strong wax to keep my prized handlebars up and in their full glory all day. While I was waiting for my first shipment, I felt like a kid on Christmas eve. Luckily, this company has one of the most prompt shipping departments I've ever encountered."
"The day arrived! My sagging, sad mustache and I ran to the mailbox! I ripped the package open, and dipped the awesome pick that came with my tin right in. Since that day I have not used another product! The Original Can You Handlebar Secondary Mustache Wax is the king of all facial hair products!" 

Customer Photo of the Month

Are CanYouHandlebar products part of your EDC?  They are for Adam Swanson aka @Furrdogg.  Tag #CanYouHandlebar in your Instagram photos to be featured in an upcoming newsletter. 

Karas Kustoms

Karas Kustoms is an Arizona based company that manufactures everything from keychains to speedsters to a number of machined pens.  The CanYouHandlebar staff has been sampling a number of different Karas options and we are very impressed with the craftmanship.  

All of their pens are thoughtfully designed, attractive, and functional writing instruments.  We'd use them even if they didn't have a number of bearded staff members who are fans of CanYouHandlebar; it's just a fortunate coincidence that they do :)  Visit them online at and be sure to follow them on Instagram @KarasKustoms.

Every Day Care

While you're thinking about your everyday carry (EDC), head over and check out our Every Day Care kit.   

Beards in Art: An Interview with Tripper Dungan

Having worked with a number of different visual mediums, Tripper Dungan uses his knowledge and experience to produce some truly vibrant works of art.  We like his work, not only because he incorporates beards into some of his pieces, but because he cultivates some incredibly interesting pieces like the one you see above. 

We were first turned on to Tripper’s work by Daniel Rolnick, of the Daniel Rolnick Gallery, where Tripper recently had an exhibition.  After some introductions, Tripper happily agreed to an interview on a few different topics.  We hope you enjoy our conversation with this bearded artist. 

Why are beards a common theme in your paintings?

I love beards. I've had one more than not since I could grow one in high school. I think of it like a creature that grows on my face. There's this old Cab Calloway song called "Old Man of the Mountain" that conjures up an image of a self-sustaining man that has a long white beard that speaks with the birds and feasts on the beasts. I guess it makes me feel like I'm not trying to deny I'm an animal.

Tell us a little bit more about the bearded painting (pictured above) that was a part of your recent exhibit at the Daniel Rolnick Gallery.

I think I named it beard buddies. That painting is certainly inspired by the image of the old man of the mountain. He's totally integrated into his natural surroundings.

What do you like about growing your own beard?

I like the look and feel of it. It just feels like I'm me when I have a beard.

Why did you choose to incorporate the 3D medium into your paintings? 

I actually had some hesitation about 3D at first. I would paint to achieve the 3D effect but wouldn't tell people it was 3D. If you're wondering why the image isn't messed up like 3D often is, it is because it's Chromadepth 3D and doesn't require image separation. Anyway, I love having that extra element in my work; I feel like it draws people in that might have otherwise passed it by.

You have experience with a number of different artistic mediums - what is your favorite, and how do you feel that each medium informs and influences the others?

I feel like they all complement each other in a way. My biggest passion is painting, but I hope to build more art structures in the future. My music and shadow puppets have taken a back seat for the last couple years but it's the best way I can express the linear or storytelling aspects of my creativity.

What has been your proudest moment as an artist?

It's hard to pinpoint one, but the last big project I did was Lookie House. It was a little house that has a mural that you can take your picture in when you stick your head in a hole. It really felt like a gift. A gift from me to my community and fans, but also a gift to me as an artist that people would come by and have fun and take pictures with me and my little creation.

How do you feel that the emergence of the digital age has affected artists and art as a whole?

I think it's given a lot to artists; the ability to think of something (a reference photo, a song to learn, an idea you're wondering is original or not) and look it up right away, the ability to show your work to a larger audience, the ability to connect with others like you. I think it's taken away some too; people's attention spans are a lot shorter, and then there is trolling. All in all I think it's broadened the possibility, and ultimately it's another tool that can be used for creativity.

We want to thank Tripper for taking a few minutes to talk to us, and a special thank you to Daniel Rolnick for making the introduction.  To learn more about Tripper, visit his website,

The Panic Room, Gear Patrol, fresh bread, and wisdom

Photo courtesy of Paul Bennett, @azbennett77.  Paul is a self-professed pen nerd and CanYouHandlebar fanatic.
Summer is in full swing, and we're on the move.  Join us as we go from a barbershop in Singapore to a bakery in Michigan, and get some recommendations on what to use to take care of your beard and moustache along the way.  Learn more about CanYouHandlebar being named to a list of top beard care products and the benefits of wisdom. 

Thank you for joining us in our travels. 
~Doug Geiger, Gentleman in Charge. 
Featured Stockist: The Panic Room
If you ever find yourself in Geylang, Singapore, in need of a great haircut and some great beard and moustache products, visit our friends at The Panic Room.  They offer CanYouHandlebar products alongside great haircuts.  We asked them to describe themselves - see what they had to say between the pictures below.  
"The Panic Room operates from a shophouse in Geylang, the seamy side of Singapore where rules get bent and romance is for rent, where red lantern lights clash with the neon of karaoke lounges."
"Even as dodgy deals go down in the alleyways around us, we have made a reputable name for ourselves by providing a great grooming experience for our clients, be it a haircut, wet shave, or hair tattoo."
"Collectively known as The Panic Squad, our barbers have earned a reputation as handsome-makers, unbeholden to trends and passing fashions in lieu of timeless style."
We love working with The Panic Room and are honored to have them sell CanYouHandlebar products. To learn more about them, visit and make sure to follow their Instagram page @thepanicroom_sg to see more awesome pictures like these.  
Proudly worn by: Ryan, Erie Bread Company

This is Ryan, a baker with the Erie Bread Company.  Ryan recently contacted us to let us know how CanYouHandlebar's Primary and Secondary waxes help him keep his moustache looking great at work.  

"We make handmade artisan bread. We serve real food made with real ingredients. 
CanYouHandlebar has made it possible to keep this ridiculous mustache. I mean I know it's goofy. That's why I like it. People tend to think it takes a lot of effort to maintain and style your mustache, but it doesn't, especially if you use a great wax like CanYouHandlebar.

The simple steps to a great mustache: (1) stop trimming, (2) wax everyday, (3) have fun. CanYouHandlebar holds my mustache in shape all day, and as a baker, that is very impressive. I am moving and manipulating dough in front of a hot oven and at the end of my shift, 8 hours later, covered in flour, my mustache is still ready to impress."

Thanks for sharing, Ryan!  To learn more about Erie Bread Company,  When you're ready to go pick up some of their handmade bread, Ryan recommends calling ahead to place an order.

Featured in: Gear Patrol
CanYouHandlebar's Wisdom Dry Oil was recently named as one of the ten best beard grooming products by Gear Patrol.  We are honored to be included as part of this list that was populated by companies who all manufacture their products in the United States. To read the full list, visit, and visit to pick up some Wisdom Dry Oil of your own.  
Behind the name: Wisdom
We name our oils after virtues because we want to have a reminder each day to become better versions of ourselves. Here’s a little about Wisdom…

Wisdom has many different meanings to many different people.  One of our favorite definitions of the word is: "...knowledge of what is true or right coupled with just judgment as to action".  Wisdom isn't just about knowing what is true or right, but making sure that your actions reflect that knowledge.

Acting on this knowledge could be something as complex as dealing with a complicated business deal to something as simple as having the wisdom to keep your beard safely tucked away when setting off fireworks for the upcoming July 4th holiday.    

To our customers in the United States, we want to wish you all a safe and fun 4th of July weekend!  To our customers in England - no hard feelings ;)
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