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A lot of thought goes into every aspect of our products. As an example, it costs us extra to use water-proof and oil-proof labels. Surprisingly, this is not a given in the market today. We were the first to include guitar picks with cans of wax to help you get just the right amount of moustache wax without dirtying your thumbnail. We are also proud to be the first to announce a stainless steel beard oil flask. This flask is included in the EDC: Every Day Care kit or individually. Now means you can now take your CanYouHandlebar grooming essentials wherever life takes you. 

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The importance of moustache care

April 29, 2015

Brian Furby aka TitleBeard with a moustache styled with CanYouHandlebar Secondary moustache wax.   Moustache care is important too For those of you with standalone moustaches, this may come as no surprise, but this is directed more to our bearded friends who also sport a moustache – caring for your moustache is just as important as caring for your beard; arguably, more important. Not because your moustache is more deserving of care, but simply because your moustache is on the front line of the daily firefight we call life. Take a moment and think about it. Sure, you may get food in your beard, but how often do you get food or condiments in your moustache? Likely much more often.... Continue Reading →

How to properly prepare moustache wax for use

April 16, 2015

  Quick tips: Warm your wax, both prior to and during use, and don't be afraid to take advantage of multiple heat sources. Moustache wax is an excellent tool to help keep your moustache styled, and even conditioned if you use the proper wax. Just as a true handlebar moustache starts in the middle, an effective use of moustache wax starts with a thoughtful preparation of your chosen wax. As a producer of beard and moustache products, CanYouHandlebar wants to make sure you’re informed about the products you’re using on your facial hair. You take the time to cultivate it, so it makes sense that you would want to take the time to learn a little more about what you... Continue Reading →