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Beard Travel Tips [VIDEO]

BY Brian Furby

Beard Travel Tips with Can You Handlebar


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If you’re anything like me when you’re getting ready for a trip you want to make a list of what you’re going to take with you. And this is going to be everything – clothes, toiletries, the children, beard products, any EDC items, and so on. You want to make sure you get your beard products on that list. Whether it’s a one day trip or a one week trip you’re going to be in bad shape if don’t have your beard products with you.

Apply Before You Fly

Whether you’re flying to your first destination or you’re flying home, you always want to make sure to put beard oil on before you get on the plane. Because the air is recirculated it is naturally very dry. Dry air is not friendly to beards. By putting a little oil on before you get on the plane you’re going to make sure that when you get off the plane your beard is as soft as it could be.

What Makes Air Travel So Rough on Beards?

When you look at the number of different environments you’re going to encounter on any given trip, especially on a trip that involves a flight – you’re looking at walking into the airport, going through TSA (which may or may not require you to lift your beard – I’ve been asked to do this before), you’re going to be on a plane where the pressure is changing, where there is recirculated air that could contain any number of germs, particles, and microbes, and once you land you may at be at different elevation, an area that has different humidity, heat index, and any number of factors that can affect that. The bottom line is what you’re looking at is an environment that could be very unfriendly to your beard. You want to be sure you’re in the best position to take care of your beard so don’t forget your beard products.

Dress in Layers

When I’m flying, like many people do, I like to dress in layers. Typically, I travel with zip-up hoodie. Having a zip-up hoodie allows me the option of quickly taking it off without having to reach my arms above my head like I would with a pull over sweatshirt or something of that nature. You want to ensure that always, whether you’re zipping or unzipping your hoodie/jacket/sweatshirt, you’re paying attention to what you’re doing and making sure you aren’t getting caught.

Braiding, Tying, and Tucking

Something else you may want to consider when you’re traveling, if your beard is long enough is braiding your beard or even using a hair tie to contain it a little bit. This offers you an advantage in a number of situations. It starts from the moment you board the plane. Once you board the plane if you have a carry-on bag, especially one that’s in the style of a backpack you’re either going to put it under the seat in front of you or in the overhead compartment. Regardless, you’ll be taking it off your back. If you’re not careful and if your beard is not tied, you can easily get caught up in that. That yank is a bad thing to feel when you’re trying to get settled into what’s going to be a cramped space.

Once you sit down, if your flight is long enough you’re probably going to be having a meal on the flight or at the very least a snack at which point they’re going to ask you to put your tray table down. Regardless of whether or not your beard is tied, if you’re not careful what’s going to happen is when you put the tray down, you’re going to put it right on your beard. I did this on the flight up here. This also adds the advantage of being able to have less beard surface for food to get caught on if you’re eating a meal.



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