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Be wealthy, regardless of your income



Why do you have your handlebar moustache?

I have never met a man with a handlebar moustache who didn't have a story. There is a magnetic pull some describe as "nostalgia," others feel it is a mark of distinction that sets him apart from the crowd. For many it is the sign of self possession. For me, the moustache is an outward expression of an inward attitude toward life. Part of this attitude is enjoying the classic virtues and vices of masculinity.

The "good life" doesn't have to break the bank

Earlier this week I purchased a handmade coffee mug from a fellow entrepreneur at Momugs (no affiliation). When I saw it I knew I would own one. I loved that it was handmade, that every aspect of the design was on purpose, from the stamp on the bottom, to the colors, the dimple and the finger loop. This mug serves a practical function by keeping the coffee off my moustache and makes my desk look awesomer. This set me back about $30 including shipping. I've used it, I love it and I recommend it without reservation.

My desk blotter cost me about $100 and will last through my lifetime, my son's and probably his son's. On it I did the paperwork to incorporate this company, wrote my will and signed up to sponsor our girl in Rwanda. My wallet is also from Saddleback Leather (I do work here; however, this is not a paid referral). It is one of the most beautiful pieces of leather I've ever seen. It is full grain and starting to get an awesome patina. This wallet holds my identification, SD cards for my DSLR camera, an emergency snow scraper (I live in Michigan...), a Cardsharp pocket knife, a magnifying card and a metal mirror for my moustache. This wallet runs less than $50 and will also last beyond my lifetime.

Cigars don't have to cost a bajillion dollars to be enjoyable. One trick I've learned is to go to a reputable tobacco shop and ask the guy at the register for the most underrated cigars. You may end up smoking a new brand that hasn't been around long enough to get reviewed and is still cheap. You can also go with anything from the brands Acid or Macanudo. They may not be the fanciest out there, but they are consistent and hard to not enjoy. Of course, a good can of my moustache wax is an affordable luxury! I recommend getting a pair and clicking here.

Doing good is part of doing well

I know a few "rich" people. Counter to the cliche of the rich being greedy, they are generally pretty nice people. Even if you aren't rich yet, you can get the feeling of being a philanthropist through micro-lending sites like Kiva. My wife Jordon and I sponsor a child through Africa New Life and give a Rwandan child a real chance at life for about what it costs to buy a coffee everyday. I have been on the ground in Rwanda and these guys are the real deal.

In conclusion: be wealthy, no matter your income

Whether you have a bike, a dog and a moustache or you live in a big 5000 square foot house with a wrap-around porch, you can live the good life. Here is a tip: spend money on what you touch every day. With the exception of the cigars, all of what I have linked to you should touch every day. Tobacco is great, but everything in moderation! Moderation in everything except this: your sponsored child will touch you in that mushy spot in your heart where you want to make sure your life leaves a legacy.

Note: I have nothing against affiliate links (if they are declared) but none of these are affiliate links. I will always let you know if I ever use an affiliate link. Just letting you know in case you are curious :} 

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