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Always On Hand: Can You Handlebar Beard Oil Flask

by Adam Barraclough

As I first began properly conditioning my beard I struggled to find a way to make sure I always had some product on-hand.  Let’s face it, the standard beard oil bottle, dropper-top or not, isn’t exactly designed to be carried around in your pocket.  And as for Beard Dry Oil, while the tin is the ideal shape for being easily packed or carried, the low melting point of a beard balm could leave you with a liquefied mess on a hot summer day. 

Enter the Can You Handlebar Beard Oil Flask.  Its stainless steel construction is built for durability and portability that you can trust.  A recent redesign of the flask has made it better than ever, allowing you to place it in your pocket or bag without fear of spills or leakage.  It makes the ideal companion for when you need to spruce up your beard as you are out and about. 

As you get familiar with the amount of oil you need, it’s a cinch to tilt just the right amount out of the flask into the palm of your hand, spread it across both hands, and apply.  The waterproof and oil-proof label insures that even if you handle it with some product on your hands you won’t be damaging the label and can wash it clean as needed.  The flask is reusable as well, so you can always give it a refill from your glass bottle back home.  We are often asked if anything other than oil can be placed in the flask once it’s empty; let’s just say that the stainless flask is made to food-grade standards and could conceivably hold any sort of liquid you may want to fill it with.

Whether you’re already a fan of Can You Handlebar’s beard oil or you’re looking to try something new, the Beard Oil Flask is a great addition to your regimen.  If you’re familiar with the concept of Every Day Carry (EDC) then you can see how this would fit right in with the ideas of practicality, portability and always having what you need on-hand.  The flask shows the same careful consideration seen in all of the Can You Handlebar products and packaging, and is quite simply useful by its very design. 

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