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Beard Care In The Summer

by Adam Swanson

"You look hot."

If you’ve worn a beard at any point during the summer, you’ve inevitably had those people that approach you and say, “Aren’t you hot with that beard?” My usual answer is, “I’m hot anyway! BOOM!” All jokes aside, having a beard in no way means that you’ll be any warmer than the average Joe without one. It’s not any hotter than having hair on your head. In fact, there are a few reasons you’ll actually be cooler.

The Look

First and foremost, and definitely the most obvious, is how much cooler looking you’ll be. Some of us just look better with a beard, and there’s no need to confine that look to certain seasons.  You can enjoy those “sweet beard!” comments from passersby all year ‘round.

Literally Cooler

During the summer, your beard will work as a swamp cooler. If you’re from a part of the country that doesn’t have swamp coolers and only uses standard air conditioning, let me explain.  A swamp cooler pushes air across a reservoir of water, cooling the air as the water absorbs and vaporizes in the process.  Fans then blow that cooler moisturized air throughout your house. Similarly with your beard, as you get warm and start to perspire, any kind of breeze will cool your face. Walking, cool face. Riding a bike, super cool face. On a motorcycle, you better get a sweater you'll be so cool!

Built-In Sunblock

I am a pasty white man. I have suffered from sunburns, which turn to freckles, and then back into sunburns. This is not a fun cycle.  Lucky for me, as I’ve grown my beard out I’ve noticed that in the summer months, I no longer get sunburnt on those areas my beard covers.  I can go all day out here in the Mojave Desert and go home with very little sun damage. Now, this doesn’t mean you don’t have to wear a hat to take care of your forehead, or put sunblock on your nose, but it’s nice having less service area to apply sunblock to.

Keep in mind of course that the heat, sweat, chlorine from the pool or saltwater at the beach and UV exposure in general will require a little more care is taken when conditioning your beard. Just make sure that a good quality beard oil or beard dry oil is a part of your daily routine to keep things fresh, and be mindful to not get too close to that bonfire on the beach.


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Steve Sharp
Steve Sharp

January 14, 2017

Perfect article. I’ve done MUCH research and reading on beards and beard care. I actually knew and agree with everything in this article. The only difference for me, is when people ask me, “Doesn’t that beard make you hot in the summer?” I say, “It makes me hot all year long!” ;)

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