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Before You Trim

by Adam Swanson

So you’ve been having thoughts about trimming or shaving your beard?  Hey, we’ve all been there, but before you do here’s some food for thought.

The Good

There is something to be said for that feeling of a fresh shave.  Whether your barber is hooking you up with a straight razor shave or you’re just busting out the old Mach 5, it’s a feeling that, although short lived, can definitely be appreciated.

No more chomping down on your moustache hair when you eat a sandwich or waking up with your beard in your mouth.

The usual flock of beard haters will crawl out of the woodwork to tell you how much better you look and how much more handsome you are without a beard.  You can probably already draw up a list, these are the folks that just don’t “get” beards in general..

Kissing is easier; kissing your loved ones with a moustache can sometimes become a bit tricky.

Without a beard to fuss with, you may cut a couple minutes off your morning prep time.

Some men, like myself, may look younger without those gray beard hairs showing.

The Bad

The regret. Yes, you will regret it. At first you may think you look younger or may enjoy the feeling of your soft skin on the pillow, but one morning soon after you’re going to look in the mirror and ask yourself why you bailed on your beard.

If you have children, they will not recognize you. Even if they do they may give you that “ewww!” look  or just point blank ask “why Daddy?”  Friends and family won’t get it either, so be prepared to hear “I didn’t even recognize you” or “What happened?”

 You’ll have to put up with the old ladies pinching your cheeks and telling you “You look so young”, “You look so handsome” - good luck with all that awkward.

The day after and all that stubble. Oh man.  Yesterday you looked great, but now your face is covered in razor burn and feels rougher than a cat’s tongue.

Sure, having a beard will get you your share of ZZ top and Duck Dynasty comments, but aside from the hecklers there’s a lot of folks who appreciate the look and will let you know in more subtle fashion.  That knowing head nod from a fellow bearded gent can sometimes be the best part of a crappy day.

You know all that awesome beard oil, moustache wax, and the beard brushes and combs you own? What do you do with them now?

Growing a beard back is no fun. It’s a long slow climb back up out of the darkness, with the old itchy neck and that uncomfortable awkward in-between stage where it’s not quite long enough to tame properly to worry about.

The Ugly

A good looking beard can boost your confidence, fill out your features, and help define your look and your sense of style. However you started, at a certain point it stops being about what’s hip and trendy and starts being about your approach and attitude towards life. After a while, it just becomes a part of who you are.  Like an old friend, that’s always there. And while you can always revisit that friend, why part ways at all? While you may regret shaving, you’ll never have that problem with keeping your beard.


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