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Benefits Of Using Two Moustache Waxes [VIDEO]


If you prefer to read about the benefits of using two moustache waxes, please have a look at the video transcript below.  

This is Mr. Stachetastic for brought to you by Can You Handlebar.

Today I’m going to talk to you guys about using two different waxes in your moustache instead of just one.

So today I’m using Primary and Secondary from Can You Handlebar. The ingredients in these two are the same however they do have different ratios.

Those different ratios are going to give you different textures and different feels in the moustache.

The Primary is a little bit softer of a wax. That’s going to make it easier to apply to my moustache. It’s going to make my moustache more pliable and easier to work with to start out. After that has set I’ll go back and put some Secondary on over top of it.

Secondary is a little bit stiffer of a wax and what this is going to do is give me a hard shell over the top of my moustache. After you get that hard shell put on your moustache you’re able to go out and do what you want to do. You have the ease of mind to be able to go out and run a marathon, go swimming, or do whatever you want to do because this stuff isn’t going to go anywhere. 

And when these two different properties (waxes) mix it just makes one great moustache wax.

This is Mr. Stachestastic for brought to you by Can You Handlebar. 


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