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Can You Cure Your Patchy Beard?



Unless you have been blessed with nearly perfect facial hair genes, chances are you have experienced the patchy beard struggle. Patchy beard can be a challenge no matter what kind of patches you experience or how severe it may be. Like every other man you’ve likely wondered “how do I cure this?” or “Is there a cure for patchy beard?”


Well, is there a cure?


The closest thing to a cure for patchy beard is time. As long as you are maintaining the beard you are able to grow, it should grow in fuller. Resist the temptation to trim or shave everything off. If you do not trim and let it grow out it’s likely your non-patchy areas will grow in more fully and you can comb them to cover up/make up for the patches. Patience, as always, is the key.


Along with time, proper grooming of the facial hair you do have can go a long way. If the patchiness is from damaged hair, oiling and combing or brushing properly could encourage healthy hair and hair growth. Brushing, especially with a soft bristle brush, can stimulate the follicles and help supplement your existing growth.


A healthy diet and staying hydrated can also factor in and may help “cure” patchy beard by promoting healthier hair growth overall. A good diet and drinking plenty of water are part of being healthy anyway and it definitely will not hurt. Our previous article “Beards Start on the Inside – The Benefits of Vitamins and a Healthy Diet” has more to say on this subject.


I would recommend that you take any claims of “quick fix” or “cures” for patchy beard with a grain of salt. There are no conclusive studies that show supplements or other products actually cure patchy beard and many appear to have been designed just to prey upon those desperate to address the issue.


While there may not be a true quick fix or sure-fire cure for a patchy beard, is there anything else you can do? Of course! You can make the most of what you have. Find a bearding style that accounts for the patchy spot(s) and wear it proudly. Experiment, test, and be patient. When it comes to patchy beard the adage “Time is on your side” certainly rings true.


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