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Do Beard Care Products Prevent Split Ends?

 by Tim Kramer

Split ends occur when your hair is dry or damaged. They are as much of a reality for beards as they are for the hair on your head. Split ends can be caused by over-exposure to the sun, too much heat (hair dryer, straightener, etc.), a lack of grooming, or improper grooming. 


Once a split end occurs, that’s it! There is no repairing a split end. Some may claim to have a product that will repair split ends but no studies have shown these to actually work. If you’ve got split ends in your beard the best thing you can do is grab some scissors and trim the split ends off. This will leave the healthy hair left behind free to grow, and keeps the split from working its way back up the shaft of the hair.


NOTE: do not trim your beard with clippers. While your barber keeps his clippers well oiled and extra sharp, trimming with clippers at home using non-professional equipment can often lead to further frayed/split ends. If you want to preserve the hair and grow it out to its maximum length make sure you are trimming split ends with sharp shears or seeking the help of your barber.


So, where do beard products come in? Do beard products prevent split ends? If so, how?


The short answer is yes, beard products do prevent split ends. 


Quality beard products made with natural ingredients will keep your beard hair healthy and moisturized. Beard Oils (traditional and Dry Oil) are conditioning agents and one of the best ways to prevent split ends is to keep your hair conditioned/moisturized. As mentioned above split ends occur when your hair is dry or damaged. Daily use of beard oils or beard dry oils prevents split ends by keeping your hair healthy as it grows.


Having a solid grooming regime that includes use of beard oil and combing properly with a quality comb will go a long way in preventing split ends as well. I recommend a handmade and hand-sanded wooden comb as the smooth edges will ensure you do not have snags or tangles.


Combing helps remove any loose hairs and helps spread the beard oil throughout your entire beard. Depending on your personal preference, you may find that regular trimming of your beard may help as well. If you still have hair on your head you likely get it cut fairly often. This helps prevent split ends. It may be helpful to approach your beard care in a similar way. 


A final thought. Having a good healthy diet promotes healthy hair growth as well. Please refer to our previous article, “Beards Start on the Inside – The Benefit of Vitamins and a Healthy Diet” for more on that.





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