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January 09, 2017


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Do You Really Need To Use A Beard Oil Or Beard Dry Oil?

Do You Really Need To Use A Beard Oil Or Beard Dry Oil CanYouHandlebar Wisdom Beard Oil and Wisdom Beard Dry Oil TheBeardMentor

by Adam Barraclough

The simple answer to that question is:  Yes. Yes you do.

Of course, I will elaborate:  I get asked this question almost as frequently as I get asked how long I’ve been growing my beard.  As beard oil has become more popular and awareness has spread, a lot of guys are left wondering whether it’s a necessity.  The easiest way I can explain why it’s needed is to compare it to another product: lip balm.

We’re all familiar with the sensation of having chapped lips.  Whether it’s exposure to the cold, the sun, saltwater or whatever other factors, when our lips get dry and cracked, we notice.  It looks rough and depending on how bad a case you have, can actually cause some painful splits.  We all also know that one guy who just never does anything about it, and whose mouth could star as an extra on The Walking Dead without any additional makeup effects.

Your hair reacts the same way to extreme conditions, and to dryness in general.  It may not be as immediately noticeable, but that splitting, cracking and drying is all taking place on a much smaller scale with each strand of hair in your beard or moustache.  Just as a good lip balm seals splits and nourishes the skin of your lips, a quality beard oil or beard dry oil will do the same for your facial hair.  And like a lip balm, continued use results in softening and an overall healthier look.

Double-tap that zombie damage by starting your day with some Beard Dry Oil for a little extra beeswax protection, and freshen up mid-day with some beard oil.  Healthy lips are proven to lead to more kisses, and I think it’s fair to say the same of healthy beards and moustaches.


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January 16, 2017

Hey Steve,

Thanks so much for letting us know you’re loving project. Really appreciate the feedback. Enjoy your day!


Steve Sharp
Steve Sharp

January 14, 2017

I love the comparison between chapped lips and a dry beard/skin underneath. I’m going to use this when I talk to guys about beard care. I LOVE this beard mentor thing. Thus far, I’ve agreed and supported everything I’ve read. Great articles. Fantastic information!! :)

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