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Grooming Your Beard In A Hurry - The 5 Minute Guide



by Cody Wiley

If you have a beard you’ve probably noticed that without maintenance it gets a little untidy (the longer the beard, the more noticeable it becomes.) Hopefully you’ve read some of our fantastic articles on grooming your beard (everything from washing to brushing and everything in between) but something we haven’t addressed yet is how to get your grooming in when you’re running a little late, and this is something I’m pretty familiar with.


I work a night shift job and the shifts are 12 hours, leaving half of the day to get in sleeping, bathing, eating, and relaxing. I also love to sleep, and because of that most days I work I don’t end up leaving myself much time to make sure my beard is looking proper. But I don’t want a bird’s nest of tangled, bunched up hairs, I don’t want my skin to feel dry or dirty, so I have developed a pretty nice routine that allows me to get my beard presentable in only about 5 minutes.


  1. Combing/Brushing: This is probably the hardest/most important part of the quick grooming process. I toss and turn and cover up and uncover all night (or day in my case) and this leads to a disheveled mess of a beard every morning. I take the time here to really get my beard free of tangles, and brushed out each day. Be gentle, but thorough, remember we’re in a hurry not a rampage. The key here is having the right tools. A wide-toothed wooden comb or “no-tangle” brush are critical to making sure you don’t pull out handfuls of hair. (Average time spent ~1-2 minutes)
  2. Oiling: If you’re using beard oil, balm, dry oil, etc. you know how this step works. Work the product into the hairs and skin, and then ensure a thorough distribution of oils with another light combing or brushing. If you’re experiencing more “bedbeard” than usual, try using a dry oil, the beeswax will help you tame some flyaways and smooth and compose your beard. (Average time spent ~1-1 1/2 minutes)
  3. Mirror Check: Last step of the quick grooming process is to look yourself over in the mirror. Is your beard laying like you want it to? If you use a finishing brush this would be the time to do so, and you’re ready to get your day started. (Average time spent ~1 minute)


I groom my beard every day, whether I’m going to work, out with friends, or sitting at home for a relaxing day in, and I hope you do too. I prefer to not feel rushed when I’m taking care of my beard, but when I don’t have a choice I’m glad to know I can get my beard looking presentable in about 5 minutes. Like anything it takes practice to be able to do something consistently, but remember to be gentle during the combing step, and it shouldn’t be too hard to master.



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