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How Long Should I Heat My Wax Before Applying It?

by Tim Kramer
The most important element for properly preparing moustache wax is heat. There are several ways to heat your moustache wax and we've covered that in a few other posts. How to Properly Prepare Moustache Wax for Use is a great reference. One question we often get is “How long should I heat my moustache wax before applying it?”

A main point for heating moustache wax is to remember wax will naturally cool/harden when not in contact with a source of heat. You need to keep heating the wax throughout the process of styling your moustache.

For the initial heating, the amount of time will vary depending on which wax you are using. For example, our Secondary Moustache Wax has more beeswax and starts out firmer so will naturally take a bit longer to heat up than our less-firm Primary Moustache Wax. The heating method you're using, whether that be hair dryer, hot water, or carrying the tin in your pocket, will determine how long it will take for your moustache wax to heat.

Each method is different and will have varying levels of warmth involved, so rather than try to give you a timeframe that may prove to be inaccurate we’d like to help you understand this in terms of the consistency you are looking for.

As the wax heats up you'll want it to become warm and pliable but not turn into a liquid. Once the wax is at a pliable consistency, almost a tacky paste, you'll want to start applying. Again, keep in mind the wax will start to cool/harden when not being directly heated. You should continue to heat the wax until you are done applying it. Also, remember that once it is applied you'll need to make sure the wax sets. Our post How To Set Up Your Wax For Success covers this step.

As mentioned above heating your wax is key to successfully styling your moustache and there are many ways you can heat your wax. The first time I attempted to heat a tin of Primary Moustache Wax I left it on top of my wood burning stove and turned the entire tin into liquid. True story. Learn from my mistake, be sure not to OVERHEAT your wax. Overheating changes the consistency of the wax and also makes it impossible to apply evenly.

It will likely take some time and experimenting to get the hang of heating your moustache wax to the right consistency. Keep at it, take notes, and know that it's all part of the experience.

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