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How Long Should Your Handlebar Moustache Be?

by Tim Kramer

Your handlebar moustache should be precisely 3 ¾” on each side…Only kidding! Naturally, the answer to the question “How long should my handlebar moustache be?” is one that only you can arrive at. We do however have a few points to consider when deciding on a goal for your moustache length.

One consideration is the shape of your face. You may want to think about what length and fullness of handlebar moustache will compliment your face the most. Just as you learn to dress according to your body type, it can be helpful to learn how to moustache according to your face. Our previous article, Beard Growing Tips Based on Your Face Shape, offers several helpful tips.

Another consideration is whether you are growing the handlebar moustache by itself or plan to have it sit on top of a beard or goatee. This can help determine how long or full you want your handlebar moustache to be. When standing alone without a beard, keeping it short and tight can offer a clean manicured look. If you have a beard or goatee you may want to shoot for greater length or fullness to make sure it stands apart from your beard or goatee.

Just as you might do some image sourcing when considering a new haircut, take some time to look over the various styles you see in the bearding and moustache community before deciding on something for yourself. You can get a feel for face shape and how a handlebar looks separate or when combined with a beard or goatee, and decide which direction you might like to go in.

All that said, there’s really no hard and fast rule regarding moustache length when going for the handlebar. Whether you decide to keep it short, grow it long, grow it by itself, or grow it with a beard – it is important that you remember to take excellent care of your moustache. Training with a moustache comb and moustache wax, trimming properly, dewaxing in between styling, and even applying beard oil to your moustache will all help keep that handlebar moustache in tip-top shape.

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