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How To Apply Beard Dry Oil To The Moustache [Video]


In today's video, Mr. Stachetastic walks us through the application of Beard Dry Oil (beard balm) to the moustache.  While the product was designed with beards in mind, it's a perfect leave-in conditioner for the moustache as well.  Whether you style your 'stache daily or not, conditioning is an important part of your grooming routine to help keep your facial hair healthy.


If you would rather read about How To Apply Beard Dry Oil To The Moustache, please refer to the written transcription below.


"This is Mr. Stachetastic for, brought to you by Can You Handlebar.


Today I’m going to show you how to put Dry Oil into your moustache. Today I’m going to be using “Classic” from Can You Handlebar.


There are a few reasons why you might want to put Dry Oil into your moustache compared to the regular beard oils. For one, it’s going to tame the fly-a-ways that you might have. With me having such a long moustache I do tend to have a lot of fly-a-ways.


What you want to do is take your tin, take your finger, get just a little bit on it to start. That’s all I’ve got. I like to start from the very top where the hair meets the skin and then pull through. I’m going to start up here. [That’s not going to be enough.] Then I kind of want to just work it in. See when I work it in, it’s kind of pushing the hair away from my lip? That’s going to make eating easier in the long run.


Then I take the excess that’s on my fingers. Maybe grab just a little bit more depending on how long your moustache is and run it through too; all the way through. You want to make sure you coat all of the hairs when you do this. See how it kind of tamed all those fly-a-ways, and how it’s not crazy and sporadic like this one anymore? That’s all you do.


Now for the next side. Start from the top and just work it in with your fingers. Any of the excess is going to come off on your fingers. You can just wipe that off when you’re done or if you see that you missed a spot you can apply with the excess that you do have on your fingers.


Once I get it all in there, I do the same thing. I start with the middle of my moustache and kind of pull it out and away. This is just insuring me in trying to train the hair, to get it to go away from my mouth. There you have it! You’ve applied Beard Dry Oil to your moustache.


This is Mr. Stachetastic for, brought to you by Can You Handlebar."


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