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How To Style The Perfect English Moustache


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This is Mr. Stachetastic for brought to you by Can You Handlebar.

Today I’m going to show you how to make a straight and level English style moustache. Let’s hop into it shall we?

So we already have wax in our moustache and what we’re trying to achieve is to make our English style moustache straight and level.

What you’re going to do is take the moustache you’ve already applied. Today I’m using Secondary Moustache Wax from Can You Handlebar. Make sure the wax is warmed up. Even though you already have wax on your moustache, this is key. You want to get this set.

You’ve already got wax in your moustache but you want to make sure it has time to set and stiffen up a bit. Then you’re going to take a little more wax and start up from right where it connects to the lip. Start right there and put most of the wax at this part. I’ll show you why in a little bit.

Make sure you take all the wax - start from here - and work it all the way across your whole moustache. See how it’s already starting to straighten out.

Now with that piece there that looks kind of nasty and gnarly - take your thumb and work it in and behind. What we’re doing there is taking the base of your moustache, where all the support needs to be for your English style to be straight and level, you’re taking that and making sure that it’s locking those hairs where it’s going to stay straight all day long for you.

Next what I like to do is take my fingers, put them around the moustache like so, and roll back and forth very lightly on the moustache in two different spots. See how I’m doing that? What this is doing is straightening the moustache. Now that it’s straight you’ll notice it’s going down a little. Now take it and hold it up then do the same thing (with your fingers).

And now she’s straight as an arrow. And that’s all it takes to get your English style moustache straight and level.

And there you have it - a nice straight, level English style moustache.

This is Mr. Stachetastic for brought to you by Can You Handlebar.


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