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How To Train Your Moustache

How To Train Your Moustache

by Tim Kramer

The Need for Training

Did you know that your moustache hair has a growth pattern just like the hair on your head? This pattern is genetic, and it may not always present you with the ideal styling options you’re looking for initially, but thankfully there are techniques you can use to get your ‘stache to behave.  You'll need to train those moustache hairs if you plan on wearing a handlebar moustache and to keep the hair out of your mouth (making eating and kissing a much easier task!) Without training, your moustache thinks it’s business as usual and will continue to grow in its preferred pattern.

How Do You Train Your Moustache?

The two main methods I recommend are combing with a quality moustache comb and using moustache wax.

Combing With a Moustache Comb

Combing daily with a moustache comb (I prefer the Kent 81 T) helps train your moustache hair to grow and lay in a new pattern, especially if you are growing out your moustache for the first time. You can do this daily or even several times a day. When considering which moustache comb to use look for something that has smooth rounded teeth that do not snag or pull out your moustache hairs. If you find the comb you're using or the amount of times you are combing daily is leading to a significant loss of moustache hair please stop and find a better comb and adjust your combing regime.

Training with Moustache Wax

Daily or weekly application of moustache wax is another key element in training your moustache. Whether you are growing out your moustache for the first time or have left it unwaxed for a while, the moustache wax will be vital in training your moustache hair. Again the goal is to convince your moustache hair to grow in a different pattern than it naturally wants to. Our Primary Moustache Wax is a perfect wax for starting. As you get the hang of it and want to start styling, feel free to use our Secondary Moustache Wax along with the Primary.

As your moustache starts to fill in and respond to the training, you will find yourself combining the two methods of combing and using moustache wax. It can be helpful to get a second moustache comb at this point that will be used just when applying the moustache wax. That way you have one that stays clean and another that is okay to get some wax build up on.

Final Word: Do not Trim!

As your moustache hair grows you'll notice some stray whiskers start to tickle your lips and nose or even curl into your mouth. Many will just trim these but I urge you not to make this mistake! You'll need those hairs later on. Use the above methods to train the hairs and, in time you'll have a fantastic well-trained moustache.


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February 07, 2017

Hey Adam,

Thanks so much! That’s great that you took the same approach for growing your moustache. And yes, they definitely take on their own personality as they grow. Thanks for the comment!



February 07, 2017

Fantastic Article Tim,

I know that as my mustache has grown, it’s also grown a personality of it’s own.

These simple tips are exactly what I used to ensure that the personality of my mustache was shaped exactly how I liked.

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