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How To Trim Your Moustache

by Tim Kramer

If you've been growing your moustache for any length of time you probably know all to well the challenges of eating, drinking, flossing, kissing and well just about everything that involves keeping your moustache out of your mouth. You're likely reading this article in hopes of being able to trim up the moustache immediately afterward.

While I understand that, I would encourage you to consider if you might be able to train your moustache rather than trim it. This will result in having a healthier and fuller moustache. If that's the case please read my previous article “How To Train Your Moustache” first.

Still set on trimming up that marvelous moustache? You'll need a few tools to get the job done well. First you'll need a quality moustache comb. Secondly you'll need a pair of small, sharp scissors. Do not use electric trimmers as they do not give you as much control as scissors. Lastly if possible, you'll need a small makeup mirror that can give you an extremely close up view of your face.

Here are some helpful, easy tips that will save you from any disastrous trimming that could lead to having to shave your moustache:

Make sure your moustache has been washed and thoroughly dried so the hairs are laying naturally. I recommend using our Every Day Beard Soap as it will clean your moustache and keep the skin on your upper lip hydrated.

Using the quality moustache comb, comb through your moustache several times.
Once you've combed through your moustache a few times use the small, sharp scissors to start carefully trimming a SMALL amount from the edge of your moustache. Start in the middle, work to one end, and then come back to the middle and work to the other end. It can be helpful to comb several times throughout this process to make sure you are trimming evenly.

After you have trimmed your moustache, comb it one more time, step back and look at your moustache from every angle. If it looks even then you are done. If you see some places that need to be fixed repeat steps 2 & 3 above.

As a general rule of thumb we at Can You Handlebar prefer to train rather than trim. If you decide to trim do so only as needed and remember to start small. And if you find yourself with a case of “trimmer’s regret” just remember that you can always grow it back.

If you're more of a visual learner, be sure to check out the video on How To Trim Your Moustache from our friend Matt Cox aka Mr. Stachetastic.

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