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January 18, 2017


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How To Wax Your Moustache [VIDEO]


Would you prefer to read about How To Wax Your Moustache rather than watch a video? Check out the transcription of the video below: 

This is Mr. Stachetastic for brought to you by Can You Handlebar. 

Today I’m going to show you how to apply moustache wax to your moustache. Let’s hop into it. 

The first step is to start out with a clean, dry moustache. 

The second thing you’re going to need is the moustache wax of your choice. Today I’m going with Secondary Moustache Wax by Can You Handlebar.

Now with this you’re going to have to warm it up when you apply it. There are two reasons why: 1. It’s going to soften the wax and 2. It’s going to make it easier to glide through the hair in your moustache. 

I like to take a hair dryer and warm up the wax. Now that the wax is warmed up you’ll take the wax and put a little on your fingernail like so. You will need to determine how much wax to use depending on the size of your moustache. 

What I do is start on the outside of the lip, push into the moustache, and let it glide through. What you want to do is focus on is getting the wax on all the hairs evenly across. Don’t worry about the center yet, we’ll get to that last. 

When you’re putting your wax in you want to be sure to put in a little at a time. If you put too much in you’re not going to be able to get it out. If you don’t put enough wax in, you can always add more. 

Take your fingers and glide over the top of the moustache. This is going to give an even coat to all the hairs. You can see I have a little too much right there. Just run your fingers over it again and it will get the excess out of there. 

Once you have the wax on one side go ahead and do the other side. 

Now that you have wax on both sides of your moustache, you’re going to want to work on the center. Your fingers will have some wax on them still. Take a little bit more, rub it between your fingers so the wax gets nice and tacky. 

Take your fingers from the top of the moustache, push down and out. What that’s going to do is give you a nice natural look on the moustache but still give you a hold. 

Now that you’ve applied the moustache wax to the moustache evenly you’re able to go and style your moustache however you’d like. 

This is Mr. Stachestastic for brought you by Can YouH andlebar.


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