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February 09, 2017


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Moustache Maintenance: Straightening And Training

Moustache Maintenance: Straightening and Training

by Adam Swanson

Truth be told, a moustache is sometimes a nuisance. Your moustaches may be unruly, have a little more curl than most folks, or you may just have an occasional stray that ends up poking you in the nose hair. Whatever the reason, you’ll eventually want to consider straightening your moustache to help train and keep it in place.

There’s a couple ways to handle straightening your moustache. The quickest way is to get a straightener and a hair dryer. These can be purchased anywhere online, but be mindful you get what you pay for. Start out by prepping and protecting your moustache with some beard oil. This will help keep your moustache from getting damaged as some of the straighteners use high temperatures in order to be effective. Make sure your straightener is plugged in and ready to go. Approach your moustache perpendicular with the straightener, and close it down on the moustache, moving smoothly and with purpose. Be very careful as you can easily burn your lip if you get too close, or heat your moustache completely off if you leave the straightener in place for too much time. Once straightened you can finish it off with an application of moustache wax and comb using a hair dryer for an all day hold.

If you are patient, you can train it naturally, by brushing and combing it regularly over time as it grows to help keep the hairs in place. For men like me, with an already fairly straight and cooperative moustache it’s the best way to go. I prefer to keep it pushed to the sides and off of the lip as much as possible - the training process can definitely be repetitive and borderline OCD - but it works for me. I just take my index and middle finger and put one on top and the other on bottom and move my hairs outward from the center. Don’t pull, but more of a gentle push. With repetition and time on your side, you can assure that there will be minimal damage done to your moustache because you’re not exposing it to excessive heat or brushing. I have found that the Dry Beard Oil helps keep my moustache in place and still feel natural.

Personally, the longer the moustache the easier it becomes to maintain, within reason. There is a weird middle stage where your moustache will not be in the right place, no matter what you do but trust me; just around the bend from there life becomes easier. I’m a lucky guy as my moustache goes terminal at a reasonable length. Not too short, and not terribly long. You’ll find your own rhythm as far as length and any straightening needed, don’t be afraid to experiment, and check back in for more advice here on The Beard Mentor.


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