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Obscure Beard Tips Part 1 [VIDEO]


If you'd rather read about Obscure Beard Tips Part 1, feel free to have a look at the video transcript below.  

Tip 1: Learn the grain of your beard hair

What I noticed is with my sideburns I always just combed them down because that is the final destination - I want them to lay flat. But if I just go forward with my jaw line the hairs actually lock in to together and I get a nice little wave and I don’t get as much of a kick out with the shorter ones sticking way out.

Tip 2: Brush your beard before showering

It didn’t occur to me initially to brush my beard before I shower because who am I trying to impress in the shower?! Ten to fifteen passes, and my shower drains have never been happier.

Tip 3: Let a beard wash or soap soak in for a bit

Whether you’re washing with a beard soap or a beard wash once you apply it to your beard, work it in and everything, let it sit for a few minutes. What that will do is not only clean the hair but it will deep clean the hair.

Tip 4: Loose braids often work better

When I first started braiding my beard when it got long enough to braid to get it out of the way – I did a Beard and Kids video and I talk about braiding there. What I didn’t mention in that video is that you can pick how tight to your face the braid is going to start. What I do is I aim about a third of the way down my beard before the braid even starts and so when you first start it leave it kind of soft. Then after you’ve done two or three passes then you can start to tighten it up a bit.

Tip 5: Apply oil with the front and back of hands

When you are putting that oil in your hand put it on the center of one palm, rub your hands together – and here’s the tip – rub the back of your hands too. The reason I say that is because I like to go up through the bottom of my beard to apply to make sure I’m covering the backside and underside of my beard. So I put oil on the backside of my hands so as soon as my hands make contact there’s no part of my hands that are making contact with my beard that don’t have oil on them.

Tip 6: Don't hear what they say, hear what they mean

When they say something to you like, “You look like Duck Dynasty!” they genuinely are not trying to be the 1,757th person to say that to you. So don’t hear what they say; hear what they mean. What they mean is “I think that’s a cool beard!”

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