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Obscure Beard Tips Part 2 [VIDEO]


Tip 1: Train; Don’t Trim

If you want to grow a long beard and moustache do not trim your moustache. That is the most important thing. Train, not trim. Train it with the moustache wax; part it with your fingers. People brush their beards on a regular basis. Part your moustache. That will help to train the hairs to stay out of your mouth. Do that because if not you’re going to regret it. You’ll get six months into growing a beard and realize you could have six months more of a moustache.

Tip 2: If You Want Your Beard to Look Bigger – Shave Your Head

If you want your beard to look bigger – shave your head. 

Tip 3: Complimentary Colors for Bigger Beards

Go try on a couple of different shirts. Find out what shirt is the best background for your beard. For me personally, just like what I’m wearing right now it’s a plain black shirt. If I wear a light-colored shirt, like a white shirt, when I do there’s more light that goes through my beard. You can see it appears to be less dense at the bottom and looks a little bit washed out or weaker at the bottom.

Tip 4: Contrasting Colors for Trimming

If I’m thinking about trimming I go from black to white. Start with a shirt that is the opposite color of the shirt that compliments your beard. I do this to be able to see where the true fullness of my beard cuts off. So, if I wanted to have my most full beard on the worst background possible I’d know to round out an inch and a half out at the bottom.

Tip 5: Taper Sideburns for Slimming Look

It actually looks a lot better if you start to taper it from your glasses line because what happens is you’re adding about an inch or an inch and a half to the side of your face. If you already have a lot of face to begin with you want kind of more of a slimming look.

Tip 6: It Grows Back

It grows back. If you, for example are doing your own sideburns and you go a little bit lower. Don’t go lower on the other side. Let this side catch. In about a week and a half the hair will cover the skin and you won’t even really notice.


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