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The Benefits Of Dewaxing The Moustache [Video]

Learn more about the importance of moustache care, especially in between waxings, and how beard oil and Beard Dry Oil can help your moustache. Video from Matt Cox aka Mr. Stachetastic, for brought to you by Can You Handlebar.

If you would prefer to read about the benefits rather than watch the video, simply check out the transcript below. 

This is Mr. Stachetastic and I’m here for, helping you guys with dewaxing your moustache and what product to put in it. When you wax your moustache if you leave the wax in for more than a day what’s that’s doing is coating all the hairs and suffocating it. What I mean by suffocating is your hairs are porous and through the pores it soaks in the nutrients it takes to grow your hair.

When wax you’re basically cutting off all those nutrients that would be going to your moustache. What you need to do is dewax it like I’ve done here. Then you need to put dry oils and beard oils in it. What these are going to do for you is coat the hairs with the oils, soak the oils into the hair, go up the shaft to the follicle and help the follicle grow. It’s going to make the hair stronger. It’s not going to make it grow faster or more but it’s going to help save the hair that you already have.

If you notice when you wax the moustache and leave the wax in for a long time or wax daily you’ll start to get a little bit of red irritation here at the top of your moustache. That’s your skin letting you know that hey, it need nutrients, it needs something to get that irritation to go away. And these products are what’s going to do it for you. So, I recommend dewaxing at least once every other day and putting some beard oil or beard balm in it. It’s going to look good,make you feel good, and it’s going to help your moustache grow. 


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January 16, 2017

Hey Rich,

Great question! I asked Matt aka Mr Stachetastic and here’s the method he uses:

1 warm the moustache with warm water best if done in the shower.
2 use dial or dawn dish soap on the waxed areas.
3 let it sit don’t wash out right away the soap will break down the wax on its own.
4 lightly rinse out the moustache making sure NOT to pull any hairs out.
5 repeat if needed ( if the wax is stiff you will need to do this 2/3 times.
6 wash one more time with a conditioner based shampoo.
7 use dry or beard oil to repair the hair (dish soap will strip all the oils from your moustache).

Hope that helps you some!


Rich Beckham
Rich Beckham

January 13, 2017

Whats the best way to dewax your mustache

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