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The Benefits of Unscented Beard Oil


by Adam Swanson

This past Christmas, my lovely wife bought me some really nice cologne. It smells amazing; the only problem is that it tends to clash with the scent of my favorite beard oil. I’d rather have a healthy beard than smell fancy, so I decided to keep my cologne tucked in the medicine cabinet. That was until I was able to lay my hands on some of Can You Handlebar’s unscented Temperance beard oil.


No Overlapping Scents

With Temperance beard oil or beard dry oil you don’t have to worry about overlapping scents. It has all of the wonderful nourishing properties as their other top of the line oils, just no scent. This means you can use whatever deodorant, body wash, spray or cologne you’d like and still keep your beard soft and healthy without any conflicting scents.


Wear it Wherever

Another benefit to unscented beard oil is that you can wear it wherever you’d like. We live in a very sensitive society, there’s a lot to consider if your daily life involves interacting with the public. Even though Can You Handlebar’s products are designed to be as allergen-free as possible, not every beard oil or balm is. And sometimes people are simply sensitive to certain scents in general. Temperance takes those concerns out of the mix, so you can go about your day without fear of anyone taking offense at your beard conditioner of choice.


Aside from the potential benefit to others I like to use Temperance for a second application in the evening. I usually shower twice a day, once after the gym/before work and once before bed. I use whatever scent I’m in the mood for that day after my morning shower, but before bed I like to keep it neutral with Temperance.

Whatever your reasons may be, I’d recommend picking up some Temperance beard oil or Classic beard dry oil (beard balm) from Can You Handlebar to round out your collection. Whether it’s to have a reliable beard conditioner available for those times when you’re operating in close quarters with the public or simply to have the occasional scentless option for yourself, you’ll find it essential.


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