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Top 5 Tips For Eating With A Moustache

Top 5 Tips For Eating With A Moustache

by Cody Wiley

If you keep a tight, trimmed moustache (and there’s nothing wrong with that), then this article is not for you. This is an article for those of us whose moustache tickles our lips if not completely covers them. With the joy of a full moustache comes the challenge of eating.  From my own experience, I want to offer you some points so you can eat with your moustache as opposed to eating your moustache.

The Problem

If you’ve ever let your moustache grow out you have undoubtedly had a few stray hairs move their way into the corners of your mouth. The problem gets exponentially worse while eating--take a bite of your burger and you feel a yank above your lip, munch on that slice of pizza and you feel the same pang. 

This can be quite annoying (as well as painful), and during the first year of growing my beard, this was a leading factor in deciding to trim my moustache. Mine’s been growing freely since then and here are a few tips and tricks I’ve developed or had passed along to me to keep those pesky hairs out of my mouth.

5 Tips

  1. Style your moustache: This one is pretty straight forward, but even a modest amount of moustache wax can keep short to medium length hairs away from your mouth while keeping a natural look.
  2. Part/lift up your moustache: This is a no-wax-needed option, for those who prefer to go completely natural. Using your pointer finger and thumb, go underneath your moustache and gently lift it up, or moving from the center out, part your moustache before taking a bite.
  3. The “Upper Class”: Simply put, grab a fork and a knife and cut up all your food into bite-sized morsels. Triple points for top hats, and a styled moustache. (Might also be necessary to include the parting/lifting of the moustache with this trick as well.)
  4. Pin up your moustache: Also a no-wax-needed option, but this does require some bobby pins or small hair clips. Part your moustache, and apply the bobby pins or clips fas needed to keep your mouth unobstructed.
  5. Keep napkins handy: This may seem like a no-brainer, but it's a handy tip nonetheless.  Despite your best efforts, you may still find food gets into your moustache and having something to gently wipe it away is a necessity.  

Bonus Tip: Grab a straw when drinking; it keeps your moustache dry and gunk free! For those opposed to straws, or if you just want a sweet new cup, check out our friend Jason Kiley's One Eyed Cat Crafts for some pretty awesome moustache friendly drinkware.

Those are the tips and tricks that have helped me quit eating my moustache, which has been very beneficial to say the least. Personally, I tend to combine both 2 and 3 depending on what I’m eating, but always 2. If you think of something I’ve missed comment below, keep those moustaches growing!


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