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Top Four Beard Products When Traveling [VIDEO]


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In case you'd prefer to read about our picks for Top Four Beard Products When Traveling, feel free to read the video transcript below.

When Doug and I were having dinner the other night (here in Las Vegas where we are for SHOT Show) we were talking about everything we had to put together for this trip.

We realized that not everyone may know how important it is to take your beard products with you and how easy it is to take your beard products with you because of our packaging designs and the products themselves.

If I could only bring one beard product with me on a trip it’s going to be Wisdom Beard Oil. It’s very handy with the tubes our beard oils bottles come in because it offers a natural barrier between that bottle and anything else so you don’t have to worry about the bottle breaking.

The second item I like to bring with me on my trips is the Can You Handlebar Beard Oil Brush™. It comes in a 6 ounce travel can which is perfect not only for protecting the brush during travel but storing the brush when you reach your intended destination. Whether you’re leaving it on the counter as you go out for the day or you’re getting ready to pop  it back in your bag to leave, it’s easy to just stick it back in the can, pop the lid back on, and then you’re good to go for your trip.

I always like to take with me some of our Beard Dry Oil. Now this comes in a 2 ounce can and has a very slim profile which makes it very easy to fit in a dopp kit. Or if you decide to only carry on a bag to carry in that bag without taking up much space.

Last but not least I like to bring along some of our moustache wax. My preferred moustache wax is Secondary, our firm hold moustache wax. Typically when I’m styling my moustache I intend for it to last at least 6 to 8 hours. Secondary works best for me because again it has a very firm hold.

At the time of the filming of this video both the beard dry oil and beard oil are compliant with the current TSA regulations for being able to carry on these products, provided that you store them in the appropriate quart size Ziploc bag.


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