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Touching Your Beard


by Tim Kramer

When you have hair growing out of your face it is natural and common to want to touch it. Whether it is in the itchy stubble phase or has grown out to the long and soft phase – chances are you'll find yourself (and sometimes strangers) touching your beard. While it may seem natural, is it the best thing for your beard's health?

The short answer is, “No.” Here are two main reasons not to touch your beard with your hands too often:

The natural oils get stripped 

Your skin naturally produces a certain amount of oils that act as a natural conditioner for your beard. Since your hands are covered in porous skin the more you touch your beard the more those oils are absorbed into your skin. This depletes the natural oils and can leave your beard very dry.

Your hands are dirty, no matter how many times you wash them

No matter how many times you wash your hands a day, the fact is they still remain dirty. This means when you touch your beard or moustache throughout the day you're transferring whatever dirt particles your hands have picked up to your facial hair. 

Appropriate ways to touch your beard throughout the day

Are we suggesting you never touch your beard? No, we're only recommending that you limit touching your beard with your hands. Here are a few appropriate ways to touch your beard:

  • Washing your beard with a quality Beard Soap.
  • Oiling your beard with one of our quality Beard Oils or Beard Dry Oils.
  • Brushing or combing your beard with a high quality brush or comb daily or even a few times a day is fine as long as you're not seeing large amounts of hairs coming out. Should you begin to see large amounts of hairs coming out please lessen your brushing or combing frequency.

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