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Wearing A Handlebar Moustache With A Beard


by Tim Kramer 

While it might not matter to some, there are distinct benefits to looking at your beard/goatee and moustache as separate entities. This is especially true if you aim to have a handlebar moustache.

There are two main reasons why you want to treat your moustache and beard or goatee as separate entities.

The first has to do with caring for your beard/goatee and moustache separately. While similar, the truth is your moustache hairs and beard/goatee hairs are different. This is especially true if you use moustache wax to style your moustache.

Waxing is very helpful for training your moustache but it is also very important to remember the benefits of dewaxing your moustache and to follow up the dewaxing with some beard oil. Leaving the wax in your moustache can actually prevent those hairs from getting the nurturing and conditioning they need to grow and be healthy. Treating your moustache as a separate entity gives you the freedom to style it as you want to without worrying about how it will affect your beard.

The second reason to think of your beard/goatee and moustache separately has to do with the style and look. It is tempting to cheat by using some of your beard hairs in your moustache to make it look fuller or longer. While I understand the temptation, in the end it simply doesn’t work out. Waxing your beard hair into your moustache can create pulling or tugging as the muscles in your lip are intended to move independently of those in your cheek.  And should you ever go to trim your beard or moustache you could likely trim the wrong hairs and possibly lose many months or years worth of growth.

When done correctly, nothing looks nicer than wearing a thick handlebar moustache over your beard or goatee. There’s a really great contrast to be found between the stylish manicured look of the handlebar and the more rugged primal vibe of a beard or goatee.  If you have a beard or goatee and are thinking about letting your moustache grow out or want to start intentionally styling it as a handlebar moustache – go for it! If you have a handlebar moustache and are considering growing out the beard – give it a go! The best way to find out if the style works for you is to experiment and see how it looks.

Have fun and remember it’s your face, your moustache, and your beard or goatee. Stay bearded!

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