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We're Not (Just) Lightweights



by Tim Kramer

Here at Can You Handlebar we’re committed to providing a high quality product that is going to condition, style, and protect your facial hair. To that end, we don’t cut any corners with the oils we use in our thoughtfully handcrafted recipes. Other recipes that use only lightweight oils absorb too easily and don’t stay on top of the hair to protect it.

Our recipe was carefully developed to include a blend of light, medium, and heavy weight oils to give your facial hair all the conditioning and protecting it needs. The light oils are absorbed by the porous hair to condition quickly, while the medium oils still absorb but at a much slower rate so you have hydration for your facial hair lasting throughout the entire day. The heavier oils we use stay on top of the facial hair to protect it from the elements, give it that nice healthy shine, and also lock those lighter moisturizing oils into the hairs.

At Can You Handlebar we’ll always tell you what’s in our products - it’s printed on the label and you can also find the full listing here.

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