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What is moustache wax?

If you’ve found your way here it’s probably because you’re an aspiring facial hair grower wondering about the basics. Or maybe you’re a seasoned vet looking for information to hone your skills? Either way, you’re in the right place. At Can You Handlebar we aim to be your one-stop-shop for everything beard and moustache-related, and  that includes education and information.  We’ll start today by answering an important question most of us have asked at some point: 

What is moustache wax?

To know what moustache wax is, we first must discuss what moustache wax isn’t. Moustache wax is NOT the wax your Aunt Melba uses to get rid of that pesky Fu Manchu sprouting from her upper lip. Moustache wax does not magically give you a Ron Swanson-esque lip curtain by beefing up your testosterone levels. Simply put, moustache wax helps shape and nourish your moustache. Not only does it hold that sexy lip warmer in place, it also protects it from the elements.

Moustache Wax is a Styling Aid, and a Training Tool

Waxes are a diverse class of organic compounds that are hydrophobic (not water soluble), and are generally malleable at or around room temperature. Waxes have a wide variety of uses depending on what type, but for our purposes we are focusing on moustache wax. Historically speaking beeswax or pine resin has been the base of most moustache waxes, as both have the desired “holding” effect we look for in a styling wax.

Depending on the length of the moustache hairs and the style wanted, waxes come in different grades, or firmness, from very loose holds creating a more natural look, to very stiff and tight holds for those desiring a more dramatic presentation, including those being judged in a competition. It’s also important to point out that when growing a moustache it’s normal for hairs to find their way into your mouth.  This can be quite irritating, prompting some to trim or even shave entirely. Moustache wax is very useful for training the hairs above your lips to lay away from them and to keep the hair out of your mouth.

Why Me?

You may be thinking that you don’t need to use a product for your moustache. And while some can live without, once you start you’ll quickly see the benefits. A quality natural wax will not only keep you from chewing on your hair, it will help you maintain a healthy looking ‘stache all the way around. At first glance using a wax might seem a little intimidating, but with help from some of our tutorials you’ll quickly get the hang of daily use. Once you learn the right wax-to-moustache ratio you’ll notice your moustache immediately looks more appealing and less unruly, and the longer you use it the easier it gets.

Moustache Wax Can Also Have Restorative Properties

Depending on what other ingredients are added to to the base, moustache wax can also help repair and nurture the hairs, something that becomes increasingly important as the hair grows longer and becomes prone to breakage. At Can You Handlebar we focus on beard and moustache care, which is why we are proud to say that we use only the absolute best ingredients.

We start with beeswax from local bees right here in Michigan, none of that cheap imported garbage you find in products sold at the Super Mart. We stir it with USP-grade lanolin, a mixture of coconut oil/olive oil, and a little shea butter for good measure.  Just as with our other products, we haven’t ever nor will ever cut corners. We realize this stuff goes directly on your face and we want to keep you guys safe and healthy.  If you would like to review all of the ingredients in our wax just take a look at the label on the tin. If you don’t have one yet, check out the ingredients right here

Different Types of Moustache Wax

We’ve personally used several varieties of moustache waxes. Some you could describe as soft, tacky and easy to work with, some as very stiff, harder to use at first. Choosing a wax comes down to preference as well as the occasion and desired effect, all things to consider when determining what works best for you. Is this just for training your moustache to lay away from your mouth? Are you going to start wearing a daily style with your moustache? Or are you going to a competition? Some people would use the same wax for all three, some might utilize different waxes for each case.

We offer two different waxes: Primary Wax and Secondary Wax. Both of them are on the firmer end of the scale, and need a little heat and working with to become more malleable. The Primary Wax is more of an everyday wax, you should get a good solid eight hours out of this wax without any drooping or loss of hold, while our Secondary Wax is a competition grade moustache wax, offering a stiff hold that we have seen left in for over 16 hours+ with no loss of hold. Whether you’re looking for a softer hold or a solid grip, Can You Handlebar’s moustache waxes will more than meet your expectations. It will make your moustache look and feel more kept, and protects it from the daily abuse you put it through. Whether you use it to go super-stylish or you just want to clean up a bit, it’s a small investment that pays off big.


This post is part of an ongoing Can You Handlebar series designed to help our customers.  Please visit our full library of articles at TheBeardMentor.com

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