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What Makes Can You Handlebar Different? [Video]

Learn about a few things that make Can You Handlebar different in this video from company founder Doug Geiger*.

*No crockpots were harmed in the making of this video. 

If you prefer to read about What Makes Can You Handlebar Different, feel free to check out the transcript of the video below. 

At the time I was working at one of these companies that says it’s the best place you could ever possibly work. They had ping pong tables and slurpee machines. “Wow this is like an awesome company!” And they said “What we really want from you is your best, to work really hard, and do awesome things and PING PONG!

I start working there and I wanted to grow out a handlebar moustache. They wanted creativity and my best as long as it was within these really small narrow swimming lanes. I don’t think I’m cut out for the corporate world.

At some point while I was there I had this idea of making my own moustache wax because I was growing out my handlebar moustache. All the waxes I could find had paper labels and the labels would dissolve and turn black with lint and crap. What if I could have a product that looked great, you know what was inside it and it worked well?

I stole my wife’s crockpot, started making my own moustache wax, and actually saying what was inside it. We don’t just label them in English, we label them in Latin too.

So, are you the best? I think we’re definitely one of the best. There’s always personal preference. I love bourbon and a common trait to all great bourbons is the care that went into making them and them knowing what was in their mind to make and how well they did that.

We’re not super alpha male like I’m better than you and I’m going to steal your wife or girlfriend. We just make good product for your beard and moustache.


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