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February 11, 2017


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When Should You Start Using Moustache Wax?

 When Should You Start Using Moustache Wax?

by Cody Wiley

It’s safe to assume there are at least a couple of guys at Can You Handlebar that know a thing or two about moustaches and waxing them. Lucky for you I think I’m among them and I’m here to answer a question many new beard or moustache growers have asked: When should you start using moustache wax?

Getting Started

When you start growing facial hair it’s a good rule of thumb to commit to letting it grow naturally for 1 to 3 months. This is so you can have a good idea of how your facial hair is going to grow in, and have an idea of the shape of your natural beard and moustache. During this starting out period you might notice your moustache hairs wiggling their way into the corners of your mouth.

As Good A Time As Any

This is a pivotal time for most moustache wearers-- what do I do now that my moustache has become a nuisance? Trim it? Shave it? I used to think these were the only options, and I trimmed my moustache for over a year because of it. There is another option-- tame and train your hairs. All you need is your favorite moustache wax, at least two fingers, and patience.

Train Your Moustache

You don’t need as much wax as you would if you were styling your moustache, but you will need enough to garner a hold. Working in mostly the same ways you would for styling (check out this great video on How To Wax Your Moustache!) apply the wax and gently work it in. It’s ok if your moustache doesn’t look natural at first, either from a bit more wax than was needed or because you’re forcing your hairs to lay in a formation that isn’t natural to them yet. It will take time, but the hairs will start to accept this new order and as they do you’ll notice the amount of wax it takes you to get them where you want starts to shrink. You’ll also note that the hairs are even lying differently than when you started. There isn’t a time frame for when this will be finished, and it will vary from moustache to moustache, so don’t get discouraged if the results don’t come as quickly as you would like.

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This post is part of an ongoing Can You Handlebar series designed to help our customers.  Please visit our full library of articles at TheBeardMentor.com.

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