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February 14, 2017


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You Can't Buy Love (But You Can Buy Beard Products)

You Can't Buy Love (But You Can Buy Beard Products)

Perhaps someone asked you what you wanted for Valentine's Day and you couldn't come up with a good answer.  Maybe you're looking for a gift for a friend or significant other, or maybe you simply want to use this day of gift giving to treat yourself.  

We at CanYouHandlebar wanted to offer you a few suggestions, so we assembled some of our staff and gave them a very general prompt - pick a product for Valentine's Day and tell our readers why.  Here's what they had to say.  

Doug Geiger - Devotion Dry Oil 

Our Devotion scent contains both patchouli and floral notes.  Flowers are a classic Valentine's Day gift, but not everyone likes flowers, so choose some Devotion Dry Oil to put a new twist on a classic theme.  Gentleman, if you're looking to tame your beard for your partner's benefit, or ladies, if you love your man's beard but wish it was a bit more well-groomed, pick the Dry Oil.  Our carefully crafted recipe was designed to offer just a bit of a hold to tame those flyaways and fight against static electricity.  The result?  A great-looking and great-smelling beard. 

Adam Swanson - Wisdom Dry Oil

If I receive only one thing from the CYHB lineup for Valentine's day, I would hope for the Wisdom Dry Beard Oil. Its masculine, woodsy scent will leave your man feeling confident, like he can handle anything life throws at him. The creamy, smooth texture applies with ease and has just enough styling properties to calm those unruly hairs and keep them in place all day long. The dry beard oil is a very versatile product, as it works well in both long and short beards. 

Tim Kramer - Moustache Wax: Get A Pair

I recommend the Primary Moustache Wax, or better yet Get A Pair (Primary and Secondary). Our Primary Moustache Wax is perfect for keeping your man’s moustache out of your mouth or nose when kissing. Additionally it’s made with all natural beeswax which has a nice, slightly sweet, and not-at-all overwhelming scent. 

Andy Pokorski - Devotion Beard Oil  

I would say the Devotion Beard Oil because it is our most feminine scent. The floral notes in Devotion tend to be more appealing to the fairer sex while still having darker notes that balance it out.  Valentine's day is all about celebrating the love between couples, and the virtue of Devotion is an integral part of any good relationship. 

Adam Barraclough - Wisdom Beard Oil 

My beard absolutely drinks oil in the winter.  The cold and wind as well as the artificial heat inside can dry your beard out with a quickness and I prefer a twice-daily application of Wisdom Beard Oil to combat that.  Dry Oil works great as well, especially when you need to tame some flyaways in the process, but at my length of beard (12"+) I usually find myself reaching for Wisdom oil as a quick way to replenish any lost moisture.  Why Wisdom?  I think the scent hits just the right balance of masculine and clean.  Also, it's my wife's favorite, and it never hurts to take your partner's picks into consideration when selecting a scent.

Cody Wiley - Initiative Dry Oil 

It's simple - Initiative Dry Oil.  Initiative, because it's my favorite scent, very crisp and refreshing.  Dry Oil because it feels amazing when you use it on your beard and it's great for taming those runaway hairs.

Matt Cox - Secondary Moustache Wax

Trying to find your moustachioed valentine that perfect gift? I recommend Secondary Moustache Wax. This product is going to look good on him and make him feel more confident in himself. With this wax he will be able to style his moustache however he would like and have confidence that it won't move. Is he always on the go? No worries, the small one ounce tin fits perfectly in the fifth pocket on most pairs of jeans and keeps the wax warm enough for easy touch-ups.

Brian Furby - Beard Oil Brush

I'm going with a Beard Oil Brush, hands down.  It's versatile - it works with either traditional beard oils or Beard Dry Oils (beard balms), and gives the user a "hands-free", no-mess application throughout the entire beard.  The shape of the brush fits easily in your hand, and the travel can it comes in ensures you can pack it with you anywhere and not worry about the bristles getting flattened in your dopp kit or excess products getting on the surrounding items.  Bonus: it's easy to care for and long-lasting.  I've been using the same brush for over three years now, with minimal maintenance.


Still not sure what to get?  You can't go wrong with a CanYouHandlebar gift card. Happy Valentine's Day!  


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