Beard Dry Oil vs Traditional (Liquid) Oil

Beard Dry Oil vs Traditional (Liquid) Oil

BY Tim Kramer

Quick view: We take a look at what Beard Dry Oil and Traditional (liquid) Beard Oil are and which one is best for your beard. 

What is Beard Oil?

To start out let's first have a quick look at what beard oil is. Beard oil is a conditioning product made of base oils for conditioning and essentials oils for scent. It is designed to keep your beard healthy and looking great. Check out the natural ingredients we use in our oils.

Another way of looking at beard oil is that it is a supplement that helps keep your skin hydrated, conditioned, and healthy. You can read more on what beard oil is in our previous blog: What is Beard Oil? 

What is Beard Dry Oil?

Beard Dry Oil, or beard balm, is different from a traditional liquid beard oil. The main difference is that our Beard Dry Oil is made with just enough beeswax and lanolin to make it solid at room temperature. This makes storing, transporting, and applying really easy as you don't have to worry about it spilling out of the container. 

The beeswax and lanolin also provide just enough of a "hold" so that the Beard Dry Oil can help shape your beard. It isn't a styling product like hairspray but it can definitely help shape a beard. Check out our post How to apply Beard Dry Oil with a Can You Handlebar Beard Oil Brush

 for tips on applying Beard Dry Oil to your beard. 

What is Traditional (Liquid) Beard Oil?

Traditional Beard Oil is a blend of lighter and heavier oils that help nourish and moisturize your beard and face. The main difference between Traditional (Liquid) Beard Oil and Beard Dry Oil is that Traditional Beard Oil doesn't have beeswax or lanolin so it's liquid not solid. 

Traditional Beard Oil isn't made for shaping your beard but rather just nourishing, hydrating, and making that facial hair shine!

Which Type of Beard Oil Should I Use?

It's best to try out both types of oils and figure out which works best for you. It could be that you decide you love both. Below we'll layout some basic guidelines that we've found to be helpful.

- The Beard Dry Oil is great for new beards or for when you want to control or shape your beard.

- The Beard Dry Oil is typically used by fellas with short to medium beards. This by no means excludes using it with a long beard though! For example our buddy Furby used the Beard Dry Oil daily on his Yeard (year long beard). 

- Traditional Beard Oil is great for the more mature beard and for when you just want to shine without worrying about shaping. 

-Traditional Beard Oil is typically used by fellas with longer beards as the Beard Dry Oil can tend to weigh down the longer beards.

-You will probably eventually find yourself wanting both types of oils because they're both awesome!

Hopefully this helps you in understanding the differences between Beard Dry Oil and Traditional Beard Oils. Feel free to check out our previous blog post: Should I Get Beard Dry Oils or Traditional Beard Oils for more info! 




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