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Introducing The Ergo Polishing Paddle Brush

Introducing The Ergo Brush [VIDEO]

BY Doug Geiger


Introducing the Ergo Polishing Paddle Brush

If you would rather read about Introducing The Ergo Brush please refer to the video transcript below.

"Why don’t you tell me a little more about the technology and specs on it that make it a good beard brush?

This brush encompasses everything as far as beard maintenance, control, and styling. Once again, I want to talk about the pin placement as far as detangling which is the most important thing you can do. Take your time, add a little bit of product, work that brush up and down vertically from the bottom to the top and the top to the bottom. Reason being, the tangles and knots will start here and then get lighter towards the top most of the time. You don’t want to really rip that hair out. So ever so slightly work your hands with the brush all the way through.

Next, when you turn it to the side horizontally this is going to be your friend as far as styling, getting volume, removing some of that wave. Really bringing all of that together. The way that is going to look is locking in that and following all the way through. Even without the blow dryer, you can see how much lift we are getting right here just by holding it horizontally and how it locks in.

Now I want to talk about the round brush, this right here is going to be your best friend as far as removing that wave and really getting a lot of volume. I’ll demonstrate one more real quick and I want to show you guys this. By wrapping that brush around, working it, just taking your time, you’ll notice how much of that wave I’ve removed. Taking those sections horizontally with that longer length. The longer length is going to be key for the beard because we don’t want to have to sit and take these itty-bitty little sections. You notice that the barrel itself is going to go across the entire chin. So, you grab one section at a time and split that beard into three.

The bristles themselves, the magic is the tourmaline. What that does – with our hair, with our bodies we naturally produce positive energy in the hair, the body, everything. Well, tourmaline emits a negative ionic energy. Those combined, it’s like a magnet – the positive, the negative they come together – I call it the law of attraction. That’s going to close that cuticle down sealing it giving it a longer lasting even shinier finish but really controlling it for days to come.

The product development, the thought, and creativity that is infused in Can You Handlebar – it was like nothing I’d ever seen before. So, teaming up Ergo and Can You Handlebar it’s just a great fit. I just really want to thank Can You Handlebar, they’ve been so generous and I’m so excited for the upcoming launch with our brushes and the products. Stay tuned for a lot things to come. My name is Brock, I’m with Ergo Styling Tools and this is Can You Handlebar. Over and out!"


The Ergo Polishing Paddle and Ionic Ceramic Round Brush will be on sale at beginning this Friday, May 12th. If you haven't already, sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page here to find out how you can score a free product with any Ergo brush purchase just in time for the drop!



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