Our Brand

Like any good story of American entrepreneurship, ours starts in a garage. In 2012, the first batches of Can You Handlebar Moustache Wax were produced in a crock pot our founder Doug Geiger stole from his wife Jordon and the ingredients were paid for with $400 he placed on a credit card. After considerable trial and error he found himself with a product he was happy with, that worked well, and could stand up to daily use. Can You Handlebar was born.

Soon after, we developed our first beard product, a beard balm leave-in conditioner dubbed “Dry Oil”. It followed the same pattern as the wax, produced from natural ingredients and with attention to detail at every level. From the lightweight, satiny texture to the balance of the oils used, the goal was to create a product that guaranteed a complete and healthy conditioning of the beard and the skin below. We soon noticed a growing audience for our products, the packaging and the hands-on approach.

Greater demand drove us to increasingly larger facilities, so we moved around a bit. From the garage to a small warehouse to a former bakery to our current location. Along with that physical growth came an expansion of our skill-set and further refinement of our quality control practices. Sure, it would have been easier to outsource everything (and much cheaper to do it overseas) but that would mean giving up a lot of oversight, something we consider essential to our process.

Being involved at every step is just a part of who we are. From eliminating petroleum products and parabens to sourcing natural beeswax harvested in the U.S., we want to know exactly what’s going into our products and we believe you should know too. Our ingredients are clearly printed on all of our labels and we put just as much thought into how we package and handle our products (water and oil-proof labels, latex-free environment, stainless steel cans) as we do the products themselves.

We were excited to partner with The Art of Shaving in 2016, we felt it was a perfect fit and are proud to be carried in all 150 of their stores throughout the U.S.. We’ve also built our retail partner program up to over 200 barbershops and salons in the States and abroad. We have individual customers all over the world. This all led to further growth and expansion to our current location, a 10,000 square-foot warehouse at 239 Church Street in Mt. Clemens, Michigan.

That warehouse, once empty, now hums with activity. Can You Handlebar staffs six full-time employees and another 6-8 part-time positions, with further growth anticipated. The product line has expanded from just a handful of items to over two dozen, with several more in development. It’s been just over five years since Can You Handlebar was founded and our momentum continues to build.

In the last quarter of 2016 we launched a new initiative, The Beard Mentor. The goal: to create a repository of information about beard and moustache care based on the collective years of experience of our company and its contributors. More than just a blog, The Beard Mentor includes over 100 articles answering specific product questions as well as providing general knowledge and tips about beard and moustache care.

For us, beards and moustaches aren’t a trend. Simply put: Men have always grown facial hair, and they always will. We’re here to serve our customers with products that we’re proud of, that set a modern standard for practical everyday grooming and care. We’re not too worried about being seen as the hippest or the toughest beard brand on the block. We just want to be the one on your shelf.

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