Bright and woodsy, Wisdom carries scents of fresh-cut lumber and lemon. Masculine but not overpowering, there is a warmth here reminiscent of standing amid a spruce grove mid-afternoon.

Whether you’re hunting or working in close quarters, Temperance provides you with the conditioning benefit of our beard oil or Beard Dry Oil (beard balm) without any accompanying scent.

Crisp and refreshing, Initiative is bursting with citrus notes while a slight hint of calming lavender takes the edge off. Orange, lemon, and lime harmonize for a fresh cool and collected feel.

The grounded scent of patchouli is balanced here by a deep floral aroma. Imagine the scent of honeysuckle drifting down the hillside at night as incense smoke wafts by on the breeze.

Our philosophy on Manufacturing

Nothing To Hide

Starting with our first batches of moustache wax, it has always been important to us to prominently display our ingredients on our label. We want to know what’s going in and on our beards, moustaches and faces and we think you deserve to know as well. In considering ingredients we make a conscious choice to keep our products as natural and safe as possible for our customers. That level of consideration extends to all aspects of our approach to producing and packaging our goods.

Quality Ingredients

We avoid parabens, preferring natural alternatives instead. We use real beeswax for the texture, consistency and hold it provides. Plus, it’s got a great naturally occurring sweetness that we absolutely love. We produce Temperance beard oil and Dry Oil (beard balm) with no added scent as we know some of our customers have allergies and sensitivities to scent. All of our scents are created through essential oil blends with no artificial fixatives, meaning that they wear in naturally and aren’t overpowering to those that use them or the people they encounter throughout their day.

Made In The U.S.A.

All of our products are made right here in the U.S. Our beard oil, moustache wax and Dry Oil are all made in our Mt. Clemens, MI facility and every batch has direct involvement and oversight from our staff. It’s important to us to keep all of our product manufacturing Stateside, not just as a point of pride but also so that we know who and what we are working with every step of the way.

Attention To Detail

Our in-house production follows stringent quality control procedures, from our no-latex policy to reduce allergens to the “clean room” procedure used for pouring, cooling and capping our beard oil, wax and Dry Oil. That same level of attention is paid to how we package our products. In order to make what we do universally compliant, we follow INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) standards for all of our labeling. The labels themselves are both waterproof and oil-proof, built for actual use, and all of our products include GS1 barcoding. While not all of these steps are demands of our industry, we find them integral to operating professionally and ethically and we simply wouldn’t choose to do it any other way.

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