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Retailers 2017

Make Money, Help Your Clients

By joining our retail program not only will you double every dollar you spend, you’ll be putting products with integrity into the hands of your clients. Their beards will prosper, as will your profits. Thoughtfully packaged and designed, and built for everyday use, you can trust Can You Handlebar to deliver a product that complements your hard work, and that your clients will come to know and rely upon.

We believe beards and moustaches are more than a trend. We plan on sticking around, and we’ve designed our products and packaging to reflect that. From water and oil-proof labels to our cardboard storage tubes for glass beard oil bottles, our goods are packaged for real life. As for the products themselves, we insist on doing everything in-house from production to packaging and shipping. We keep it all right here in the U.S. in our Mt. Clemens, MI warehouse.

Our beard oil and Dry Oil (beard balm) have been specifically formulated to condition not only the hair but the skin below, knocking out the itchiness, dryness and flaking that are chief complaints among those growing beards. Our Moustache Wax is prized as being one of the best on the market, professional grade, and is made of 100% natural products. We’re also constantly innovating, from our Can You Handlebar Beard Oil Brush™, the first of its kind beard oil and balm applicator on the market, or our new Conditioning Shampoo, we are looking for viable and comprehensive solutions to the needs of our customers.

At Can You Handlebar, we are problem solvers. We noticed a lack of education in the industry, both for end users and for retailers, so we created, devoted to facial hair and product usage and education. We realized our international customers needed faster but affordable shipping, so we ran comparisons and ultimately switched carriers for our international orders. We heard from our retailers about their concerns of being undercut by competitors, so we committed to, and enforce, Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) to ensure that our retail outlets never offer our products for less, regardless of location.

Here are just a few of the perks enjoyed by Can You Handlebar retailers:

  • Hassle-free customer service
  • Quick shipping, both domestically and internationally
  • All of our all natural products are made in the USA
  • Low ordering minimums
  • Easy 24/7 online ordering (for United States retailers)
  • All products are GS1 barcoded
  • All orders ship within 48 hours (Domestic) or 72 hours (International) after payment (excluding weekends and holidays)

Click through to sign-up for our free sample kit to get some hands-on experience with our products so you can find out why we’re confident in not only our goods but in our ability to make money, together.