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We want you to feel great each time you take care of your beard or moustache. So we put a lot of thought into every aspect of what we make. We spend the money to do things the right way. We exclusively use natural and nut-free ingredients, including the essential oils of plants, trees and flowers. Included in each order are tips for application.


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Winners of our Valentine's Day Contest

February 10, 2016

Here at CanYouHandlebar really believe true loves boils down to being decent and responsible. With a great beard comes great responsibility. In that spirit we put together a fun little Valentine’s Day Giveaway around the idea of cleaning up after yourself (Beard Hair Kit) and maintaining that facial hair (Beard Care Kit). Please join us in congratulating the winners of our Valentine’s Day Giveaway! The Ultimate Prize Winner was Chad Taylor. He won one Beard Care Kit, one Beard Hair Kit, and $100. Congrats Chad! Our first Runner Up was Jim Urby! He won one Beard Care Kit and one Beard Hair Kit. Congrats Jim! Our second Runner Up was Heather Moore. She one one Beard Care Kit and on... Continue Reading →

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