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Choosing a moustache wax


Moustache wax: First things first

Choosing a moustache wax can be a little bit confusing, especially if this is your first time. So, first a little information about waxes in general and then I will explain the differences between the waxes I offer. Regardless of which wax or waxes you choose, be sure to check out the guide for how to apply your moustache wax!

Why use a moustache wax?

Some fellows like to grasp their handlebars into the desired curl and then spray it with typical hair products like hairspray or hair gel, foam or some fancy sounding putties, pastes or cements. I guess if that works for you then that is cool. I didn't care for that approach for a couple reasons.

  1. It runs counter to the spirit of the moustache. Using hairspray on a moustache is like polishing a nice pair of dress shoes with one of those oiled sponge stamp-licker things. Technically, it may look the same in the end but it doesn't show a lot of respect for the product underneath.

  2. I don't want to smell like a bucket of pink curlers. Hair spray smells like hairspray. I'd rather wake up with coffee or good tea, not the sharp smell of beauty shop spraying my nose hairs together.

  3. A moustache, unlike the hair on your head, your moustache lives on a pretty dynamic part of the body. The skin it grow out of--your mouth--moves a lot. Every time you wish another gentleman "good day," smile while holding the door for ladies, drink a craft beer or old-fashioned, or enjoy a fine steak, your moustache is moving right along with you. Using a wax lets you make little adjustments throughout the day to keep everything in place and comfortable because wax is organic and has a little more "give" to it than adhesives.

  4. Lastly, I enjoy the ritual of applying the wax. It is the third to last thing I do before I leave my house. First, I kiss my wife and then my son. (Fun fact: there is a really fancy word for third-to-last " antepenultimate." If you ever play that in Scrabble, you're welcome.)

What is Moustache wax made from?

Each company uses a little variation on a basic base of wax and some sort of oil.  CanYouHandlebar? is made from Michigan beeswax, USP lanolin, castor oil, coconut oil, shea butter, and vitamin E. All of this stuff is safe to have on your mouth and babies' butts and is actually good for your hair. I don't know a single guy who "conditions" his facial hair, so adding back some of the good stuff your bar soap strips out is a good thing. Speaking of bar soap, check out our everyday beard soap. It's a great addition to a daily moustache care routine. It will gently remove your wax at the end of the day without stripping your hair or your skin of the healthy oils they need .

Which of your products should I buy?

This is too easy. Get a pair. I use each or both depending on the day and the occasion. But owning the place I get my stuff at a pretty good discount. If you want to start with the "best-fit" look at the questions below and see which one you answer "yes" the most times--that is your wax. If after reading this you are still undecided, go with Primary. It is a really well balanced wax and will probably be what you are looking for.

Who was Primary moustache wax hand-crafted for? 

  • Are you new to having a handlebar moustache, or moustache in general?
  • Do you want a wax that is a little softer and thus easier to use on the go?
  • Are you looking for more of a casual hold (as opposed to highly controlled)?
  • Have you used other brands and you want to see what my wax is like (my natural hold is a little more control than "average" to begin)?
  • (click here to buy)

Who was Secondary moustache wax blended for? 

  • Do you want to twist the ends of your handlebar moustache into neat points and have them stay "just so" almost all day?
  • Are you competing in a contest?
  • Are you going to a wedding or black-tie event and want to have a nice tight look that won't budge?
  • Are you OK with using a hair dryer to help warm the wax during application (optional, but helpful)?
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One last thought

After the three-month moustache growing period passed, on most days I use Primary for the middle of my moustache and Secondary6 on the tips. I like the hairs above my mouth to lay more naturally and the tips to behave and stay in place. Before a meal a pinch a little Primary moustache wax between my thumb and index finger and sweep all of the hairs just above my lip towards the ends to maintain the separation of chicken-and-'stache.