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Interested in Can You Handlebar in your store or shop?

Cool. We want to send you a free sample kit valued at over $100. It's based on our "ultimate kit" but then we add a couple loose items so you get every scent and every product type to try.

You'll be in good company. Can You Handlebar is carried in over 200 independent shops in over 20 countries as well as every Art of Shaving location. 

What makes us special:

  • You'll be proud to feature our all-natural lineup: Can You Handlebar produces premium products for men's grooming. Our products are thoughtfully designed from the inside out. We use only natural ingredients like restaurant quality olive and grape seed oils, locally sourced beeswax, and essential oils for fragrance (no perfume oils).

  • Your customers will appreciate our packaging (seriously): All Can You Handlebar labeling material is waterproof and oil-proof. This makes all of the difference in the world for products that will either sit near a bathroom sink or are carried each day in pants pockets. Surprisingly, this is not standard practice in the industry. As new companies pop up each week, it appears many rush to market with little regard to the way these products are used.
  • You'll be working with professionals: All of our products are labeled correctly, with ingredients, and have legitimate GS1 barcodes. This means we are retail-ready for small shops and larger stores alike.
  • We truly give a damn: How did it get to the point where "Customer Service" means "the people you talk to when something went wrong?" It really shouldn't be that way. We will serve you whether or not you ever buy from us--and yes, of course if something should ever go wrong. Even if it is not our fault. We will get back to you quickly and professionally, whether it's our first call or an urgent need.

Questions smart barbers and stylists ask...

Since 2012 we have worked closely with many barbers and salons and heard similar refrains:

  • "How can I increase profitability without adding another chair?" Facial hair in one form or another is here to stay. With this increase in facial hair popularity and changing attitudes amongst many men around the topic of self-care; shops that offer beard oils and moustache wax can appreciate hundreds of dollars a month in additional profits. By using Can You Handlebar products you are insuring a great experience and providing instruction from whom they trust the most: you!
  • "How can I encourage customers to return more often?" What we have found is that—in much the same way shampoo and conditioner has been used in women's salons for yearsa bottle of beard oil serves as a sort of timer to remind a man it is time to return to your shop for a cut or trim. Naturally, a customer may use their beard oil at varying rates; however, you will have provided him a constant reminder of your shop.
  • "How do I sell these products without being pushy? We provide testers for barbers and salons to share with their customers. We encourage you to ask your staff to introduce the idea of a beard oil early in the conversation and have your client apply a free sample themselves at the end of the haircut. The instant gratification of a healthy shine tends to make the "selling" as simple as asking if they would like a bottle "to go."
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