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Hi! This is Andy with Can You Handlebar. Today I’m going to be teaching you how to straighten your moustache. This is something you may need to do if your moustache is asymmetrical or if your hairs are curly like mine are. They don’t really like to lay flat. The first step: Putting oil into your moustache to protect your hairs from the heat. Today I’m using the  “Initiative” oil. I’ll go ahead and apply that to the hairs before I put the straightener to it. Then the next step: Once you have your straightener heated up, start in the middle and work toward the end. Be careful you don’t burn your lip. Sometimes, to get the ends, it’s good to pull the straightener away from your face instead of across your cheek. It helps get the ends. It’s important not to keep the straightener on too long because you don’t want to risk damaging your hairs. As you can see, my moustache is laying a lot flatter than it was before. 


Hi, again. This is Andy with Can You Handlebar. Today I’m going to teach you how to prepare your moustache for use. In order to get your wax in a workable state, you’re going to want to warm it up first. There are a few ways you can go about doing this. Keep it in your pocket for about an hour or so. Your body heat will warm it up. Use a hairdryer on a low heat setting to warm up the wax and get it workable. Hot water. Leave it in a sink full of hot water, or take it with you in the shower. Use an air register when the central heat is on, or set it on a radiator for a few minutes. Scrape a small amount onto a fingernail and put it in your mouth or breath on it until it warms.


Hi, This is Andy with Can You Handlebar. Today I’m going to be talking to you about choosing your moustache wax. Can You Handlebar offers two types of wax: Primary and Secondary. Over here we have Primary. This is a great wax for everyday use. It offers great hold and it’s easy to apply. Over here we have Secondary wax. It may be a slightly more difficult to apply, but it offers a stronger hold. It’s ideal for competitions, weddings, evenings out. Best for use when you want to set your moustache and not have to worry about it. Your best bet is to get a pair because you never know what life may bring and you’ll want to have both in your arsenal.


Hi, this is Andy with Can You Handlebar. Today I’m going to be teaching you how to apply moustache wax. The first step I take is to use my Kent™ moustache comb and work it through my moustache making sure all the hairs are nice and aligned. Next step. I take my preheated moustache wax and get a little bit on my thumbnail. I work it between my fingers to make sure it’s nice and smooth. Then I like to go ahead and swoop underneath to get all the hairs up out of my lip. Then I’ll go ahead and apply the majority of the wax to the ends. When I get to the ends of my moustache - to get the super waxy look that I prefer for mine - I start to twist it to get all the hairs into the same shape, curve. Once that side is done, I’ll go ahead and work on the other side. One thing you can do if your moustache is not cooperating and getting a nice curl you’d like, you can get a hairspray bottle or another round object you like and place it on there. Wrap the hairs around and leave it for a few seconds then pull it out. That way you can get a nice even curl and make it look nice and symmetrical. Once I have the handlebars on the side set, I'll go back with my fingers still waxy I’ll go ahead and brush down the loose hairs up top and then work it through that way. And then after that I’m pretty much done. If I need to fix anything like a snakes tongue or something like that, I’ll heat up the wax again with something like a blow dryer or straightener. Heat the wax up a little and even add a little bit more if you need to.


Hi, this is Andy with Can You Handlebar. Today I’m going to teach you how to use Can You Handlebar’s Dry Oil. The benefit of Dry Oil is that it has a bit of beeswax and lanolin mixed into it. It won’t spill! Even if you turn it upside down. There are a few ways to apply Dry Oil:

  1. Take the can and rub the product directly onto your beard.
  2. Scoop out a small amount, work it into your fingers, then apply to beard.
  3. Use the Dry Oil brush. It’s made from horsehair so it’s stiff yet soft enough to penetrate your beard through to your skin without any irritation.

To apply Dry Oil with the Dry Oil brush, set the brush into the can and give it about a quarter or a half turn. Don’t press hard, you just need the slightest amount. Start on the outside of the beard. I start on the right side, move to the left and then to the middle. Right, left, then middle ensures even distribution of the Dry Oil. Depending on the length of the beard, 1 to 3 applications may be necessary to cover everything. Go ahead and work underneath. I like to make sure the brush bristles touch my skin because it’s very important to keep your skin moisturized. If you don't, your follicles can dry out and you end up losing hairs and nobody likes that. Spend a little time working the Dry Oil brush through your beard getting all the levels. After that, smooth it out and give it some shape and you’re ready for a date night out on the town or a beard competition.


Hi, this is Andy with Can You Handlebar. Today I’m teaching you how to apply the liquid Can You Handlebar beard oils. There are two different ways to apply liquid beard oils. Pour a small amount into your palm and work it through your fingers. Use your fingers to work the oil through your beard and massage down to your skin. It will moisturize your follicles and help to keep from losing beard hairs. Another way to apply liquid beard oil is by using your Dry Oil brush. Hold the brush at an angle and pour a small, even coat of oil across the bristles. I like to use my finger to make sure all the bristles are covered equally. Then, just like with the Dry Oil, you’re gonna work it in on each side. I like to cover the top first then work through the middle. Be sure to work it down to the skin underneath. And then I’ll go ahead and work the under-beard just like with the Dry Oil. Make sure the horsehair bristles penetrate the beard and touch the skin. Once I’ve applied the oil, I’ll take a brush or one of the Kent™ combs that Can You Handlebar offers and work it through the beard and smooth it out with both my hands. Another tip when it comes to the dry oil or the liquid oil: for me it’s easier to apply when my beard is a little damp or just towel-dried. At that point, just out of the shower, there are fewer tangles and it’s easier to work the oils into the hair and onto your skin.


Hi, this is Andy with Can You Handlebar and I’m going to teach you about how to comb your beard properly. Combing you beard properly starts with choosing the right comb. Here I have the Kent wide tooth beard comb available from Can You Handlebar. The great thing about this comb is it’s got a wider pattern, it won’t snag easily and it’s got a beautiful amber color to it. What I like to do is hold the comb at an angle very loosely and it’s just like raking leaves. Do light, short passes. This really minimizes the snagging. If you grip the comb tightly and make long passes, you run the risk of forcing your way through snags and tangles and pulling out healthy hairs that you wouldn’t likely lose in your day-to-day activities. Once you’ve gone all over your beard with short, gentle passes, you can go through it again with some longer, light strokes. Finally, go over it once more with your fingers. Fluff it out from the underside and finish by giving a little shape and smoothing with your hands.


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