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October 08, 2016


CanYouHandlebar - The Beard Mentor

Here at CanYouHandlebar, we want to make sure that you always have the best beard and moustache advice.  Whether that is how to style a handlebar moustache or how to sell more beard oil in your barbershop or salon, we want to help, because CanYouHandlebar is The Beard Mentor.  

Over the last four years, we've written a number of how-to articles and culled together some great advice for bearded and moustached men, and those who help them care for their beards and moustaches.  Listed below are some of our most popular articles.  Simply click on the title to view the article.  Is there a topic not covered or a question not answered that you would like to see?  Feel free to leave us a comment!  

We hope those help.  Check back often for new articles and again, feel free to comment with any questions.  Stay informed, stay on top of it, and stay bearded.  

October 07, 2016


How Long?

CanYouHandlebar contributing writer Adam Barraclough

“Hey man, how long did it take you to grow that beard?”

This question comes my way at least once a day if I’m out in public for any length of time.  It’s been that way ever since I hit about 8 inches or so.  Sometimes people are just making conversation, commenting on my most obvious physical feature as a way of shooting the breeze.  Other times it’s an entry point into having a broader conversation about bearding.

It’s been four years, coming up on five, of full natural growth for me.  Prior to that I kept it trimmed close, cut in a cheek line, wore a very manicured handlebar moustache and waxed goatee and other various styles over the years.  I’ve had a beard most of my life and even when I worked in the food industry I wore ‘chops or a ‘stache.  

But when people ask, I usually reference the current growth and say “about four years” and that either seems like a really long time or a really short time to them depending upon their perspective.  If I were being truly honest though, I might say “it’s taken me my whole damn life”.

What I mean is that it’s taken me this long to be okay with seeing where my natural growth will take me.  Without obsessively trimming it to a certain length or worrying about the way it curls and whorls about my face, the way it splits down the middle following the natural cleft of my chin.  It’s taken me this long to stop seeing it all as a contest, or a means of comparison.  It’s taken me this long to stop caring if that suit-and-tie thinks I’m homeless or that little kid thinks I’m Santa Claus.

Inevitably “Hey man, how long did it take you to grow that beard?” turns in to a conversation about how the person asking wants to grow a beard but can’t, or how they wish they could grow theirs longer.  Whether because it’s patchy, or because it itches, or because their job won’t let them, there is always something holding them back.  And I tell them all; grow it if you can, grow it if it makes you happy.  I let them know how a good beard oil can condition the skin and knock out that dryness and itchiness.  I talk about how workplace standards are changing and how maybe one day his work will adopt a pro-beard policy, and that I hope they do.

Mostly I just do my best to understand, to acknowledge their interest while doing what I can to give them some perspective.  As individuals, we are not defined by a single trait.  I’m more than just my beard and so are you.  Even when people approach me about my beard, and especially when they hone in on it, I’m happy to take that as an opportunity to share some of what I’ve learned along the way while also letting them know there’s a real person under all that face-fur.

Adam Barraclough can be found on Instagram (@gentlemansin) where he shares pics of his dogs, EDC gear, patch and pin collection and the occasional beard selfie. He also contributes to the cult film blog and in his free time enjoys cheap beer and loud music. 

October 07, 2016


Mr. Stachetastic reviews CanYouHandlebar Primary and Secondary Moustache Waxes

We recently came across this review of our Primary Moustache Wax and Secondary Moustache Wax by none other than Matt Cox, aka Mr. Stachetastic.  Matt is new to the review scene, but he's an old pro when it comes to the styled moustache scene, having posted numerous wins in competitions across the country - just take a look at his awesome moustache and check out some of his trophies in the background of the video.

Matt gives a great rundown of both Primary and Secondary, and talks about a multi-day test he put Secondary through.  If you have been wondering about holding power of our waxes, or their use in competitions, or if you just want to take a look at a great moustache, check out the video below!



August 23, 2016


15 Beard Benefits - An Infographic

Our friends at Beardsmen, one of our premiere retailers "across the pond", came up with an excellent infographic on 15 Little-Known Yet Brilliant Beard Benefits.  Beardsmen was gracious enough to offer up the infographic for all of our customers, so have a look at the fifteen reasons below!   

For more information, including a breakdown of the research behind each of the benefits, or if you're looking for a place to purchase CanYouHandlebar products in the UK, visit Beardsmen, and tell them CanYouHandlebar sent you!

June 10, 2016


Virtuous Fathers Giveaway Contest

Quick View: To celebrate awesome fathers we're giving away some beard care goodies for you AND your father. We want to hear which virtue(s) your father embodies.

In honor of Father's Day we want to take a moment to remember and talk about our fathers. We realize that no father is perfect and this could be a challenge for many. Let's keep it positive and share some memories! Oh and we're giving away some beard care goodies too!


All of our beard oils are named after virtues to help us remember to be virtuous. For the contest feel free to use the virtues are products are named after: Wisdom, Devotion, Initiative, and Temperance. You can use other virtues too.

The Contest

 It's simple. Comment on one of the Father's Day contest posts on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and let us know which virtue your father embodies and why. We'll pick THREE random winners from the submissions. 


The Rules 

1. Leave a comment on one of our original Father's Day Contest posts telling us which virtue your father embodies and why.

2. One entry per person.

3. We will pick THREE random winners from all the submissions.

4. This contest is for U.S. only. Sorry international customers but we needed to keep this one U.S. only. : )

5. The contest will run from Friday June 10th till Monday June 13th at 12pm Central.

6. Have fun and keep it positive.

The winners will get any two beard oils or beard dry oils of their choice for them AND for their father. 

Good luck, have fun, and happy Father's Day!!


May 17, 2016


A Guide to Pairing your Facial Hair with Sunglasses

Quick view: You're rocking that fantastic facial hair and now you're wondering which sunglasses are going to look best. This helpful infographic from Sunglass Warehouse will get you on the right track!

 Summer is here and it may be time to snag some new shades! The shape our your face has a lot to do with what sunglasses are going to look great and which ones just don't work. Thankfully for us fellas the ability to grow facial hair can really open up the options for us. 

Sunglass Warehouse recently let us know about a sweet infographic they put together that offers some great suggestions on styles of sunglasses for certain types of facial hair. We really dig it! 

I (Tim) had some cheap aviators but recently got some Pepper's Bluefin Polarized shades from REI (see below). What do you think? Do they work with my face and beard?

Andy prefers the Rayban Wayfarers and looks pretty awesome (see below)! He also will occasionally wear these fancy ones.  


What about you? What are your go-to shades and what kind of facial hair are you rocking with them? We'd love to hear from you!

We hope this short blog helps get you on the right track for some styling shades and a wonderful summer. With the change in temperature and more outdoor activities be sure to take care of that facial hair of yours with some fantastic beard oils. Special thanks to Bryan Vu at Sunglass Warehouse for sharing the infographic with us. Be sure to check out their article as well! 






May 11, 2016


Beard Dry Oil vs Traditional (Liquid) Oil

Quick view: We take a look at what Beard Dry Oil and Traditional (liquid) Beard Oil are and which one is best for your beard. 

What is Beard Oil?

To start out let's first have a quick look at what beard oil is. Beard oil is a conditioning product made of base oils for conditioning and essentials oils for scent. It is designed to keep your beard healthy and looking great. Check out the natural ingredients we use in our oils.

Another way of looking at beard oil is that it is a supplement that helps keep your skin hydrated, conditioned, and healthy. You can read more on what beard oil is in our previous blog: What is Beard Oil? 

What is Beard Dry Oil?

Beard Dry Oil, or beard balm, is different from a traditional liquid beard oil. The main difference is that our Beard Dry Oil is made with just enough beeswax and lanolin to make it solid at room temperature. This makes storing, transporting, and applying really easy as you don't have to worry about it spilling out of the container. 

The beeswax and lanolin also provide just enough of a "hold" so that the Beard Dry Oil can help shape your beard. It isn't a styling product like hairspray but it can definitely help shape a beard. Check out our post How to Apply Beard Dry Oil with a Beard Oil Brush for tips on applying Beard Dry Oil to your beard. 

What is Traditional (Liquid) Beard Oil?

Traditional Beard Oil is a blend of lighter and heavier oils that help nourish and moisturize your beard and face. The main difference between Traditional (Liquid) Beard Oil and Beard Dry Oil is that Traditional Beard Oil doesn't have beeswax or lanolin so it's liquid not solid. 

Traditional Beard Oil isn't made for shaping your beard but rather just nourishing, hydrating, and making that facial hair shine!

Which Type of Beard Oil Should I Use?

It's best to try out both types of oils and figure out which works best for you. It could be that you decide you love both. Below we'll layout some basic guidelines that we've found to be helpful.

- The Beard Dry Oil is great for new beards or for when you want to control or shape your beard.

- The Beard Dry Oil is typically used by fellas with short to medium beards. This by no means excludes using it with a long beard though! For example our buddy Furby used the Beard Dry Oil daily on his Yeard (year long beard). 

- Traditional Beard Oil is great for the more mature beard and for when you just want to shine without worrying about shaping. 

-Traditional Beard Oil is typically used by fellas with longer beards as the Beard Dry Oil can tend to weigh down the longer beards.

-You will probably eventually find yourself wanting both types of oils because they're both awesome!

Hopefully this helps you in understanding the differences between Beard Dry Oil and Traditional Beard Oils. Feel free to check out our previous blog post: Should I Get Beard Dry Oils or Traditional Beard Oils for more info! 



May 02, 2016


Spring Disc Winners!

Quick View: Our five winners are: JBoo, Monica Nicole Bishop, Chris Dela Cruz, Casey North, and Tipsy Hippy! Congratulations winners and thank you everyone for playing!

Thank you everyone for playing our Spring Disc Giveaway Contest. We've randomly selected five winners from all the entries. Please join us in congratulating JBoo, Monica Nicole Bishop, Chris Dela Cruz, Casey North, and Tipsy Hippy! We'll be reaching out via social to confirm your accounts and get your info so we can mail you the prizes! 

Each winner will be receiving:

-1 Special edition CanYouHandlebar disc (there are ONLY 5 of these bad boys!!)

-1 Bottle of our Initiative Beard Oil

-1 Bottle of our Devotion Beard Oil

-1 Can of our Initiative Beard Dry Oil

-1 Can of our Devotion Beard Dry Oil

Thanks again for playing everyone and stay tuned for more fun contests. Cheers!


April 27, 2016


Moustaches - More Than Just a Modern Fad - Photo Blog

Quick View: Some of our customers use our moustache wax as part of World War I commemorations and living history events. Enjoy the pictures from a recent event and remember moustaches have been a vital part of history!


Brian Hicks and Justin Runyon say, 

"We use the wax while participating in World War 1, Centennial commemoration activates and living history events, as we portray the 2dRegt. Gordon Highlanders, of the British Expeditionary Forces who fought in France throughout most of the war." 


As you can see from the pictures these chaps both have fine moustaches! Thanks for the great shots, Brian and Justin! Let's do our part to make sure moustaches remain a vital part of history :D 


(Above: Justin Runyon sporting a superb handlebar)


 (Above: Brian Hicks with a simple waxed moustache)


(The whole group portraying the  2dRegt. Gordon Highlanders, of the British Expeditionary Forces)

April 25, 2016


Spring Disc Giveaway Contest

Quick View: Spring is in the air, birds are singing, beards are blowing in the wind, and games of disc golf and ultimate are being played. To celebrate all the goodness of Spring we're giving away FIVE special edition CanYouHandlebar discs and some beard oil. See below for details!

The Contest

To celebrate Spring and to encourage all you beards to get out and be active we're doing a fun giveaway contest. The contest is happening on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. If you don't have an account for those yet you'll definitely want to make an account for the contest (and you can always delete your account when it's done). 

The Prizes

Each winner will receive the following prizes:

-1 Special edition CanYouHandlebar disc (there are ONLY 5 of these bad boys!!)

-1 Bottle of our Initiative Beard Oil

-1 Bottle of our Devotion Beard Oil

-1 Can of our Initiative Beard Dry Oil

-1 Can of our Devotion Beard Dry Oil

How to Enter

-To enter simply share, repost, or retweet our original contest post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

- NOTE: Please make sure your account is set to PUBLIC to enter. If it is private we will not see the repost and you won't be in the random drawing. :D 

-You can share, repost, or retweet as many times as you like. Since we're picking the winners randomly it won't necessarily increase your chance of winning. 

-The contest will run April 25-April 29th with winners being announced on May 2nd.

- We will pick FIVE random winners across social.

-Each winner will get One special edition CYHB disc, 1 bottle of Initiative Beard Oil, 1 can of Initiative Beard Dry Oil, 1 bottle of Devotion Beard Oil, and 1 can of Initiative Beard Dry Oil.

Happy Spring and good luck!

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