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January 22, 2017


Introducing [VIDEO]

Feel free to have a look at the transcription of the video Introducing below:

Hey this is Doug Geiger with CanYouHandlebar and right now we’re at CanYouHandlebar world headquarters and behind me we’re working on packaging up some of our Beard Oil Brushes which are one of our best sellers.

Today what I wanted to talk about is a new thing we’re doing called So is this place where we’ll put all the answers to the questions that we frequently get. Whether it’s on Amazon, our website, or from any of our hundreds of retailers. We want to bring all those together and put them there so that everyone can benefit from them. It’s a completely free resource and we really hope you make the most of it.

So who are we?

We’ve been around since 2012 and got about 30 years of experience growing beards and moustaches. We work with everyone from people who are clean shaven who are starting to consider having a beard or moustache all the way to world pros. We bring all their perspectives together to help you as you grow your beard and moustache. We can’t wait to see what this next year and the years to come bring. Thank you so much.

January 21, 2017


You Can Handlebar


by Cody Wiley

When I first began entering beard and moustache competitions, I was immediately impressed with my fellow competitors who sported a styled moustache. Whether they wore a traditional handlebar or styled their moustache in a not-so traditional way, I truly appreciated the full beard and styled moustache look. The first thing I wanted to do was to figure out a way to style my moustache so I could look dapper as well. It wasn’t a quick process, or an easy one. I spoke to champions of the craft, I spoke to judges, I spoke to legends in the beard community and I took all of their tips and advice and hit the ground running. Here’s a summation of my approach:

Heat Up the Wax

Most waxes will be stiff at room temperature, making applying evenly and shaping a difficult or impossible while in a “cold” state. Apply heat to the wax first to make it more malleable. I personally heat mine up using a hairdryer before removing from the tin.

Lifting the Wax

Using one of our Wax Lifting Picks or the back of your thumb nail, remove the desired amount of wax and rub the wax between your pointer finger and thumb. The wax will liquefy even more under the friction and become pliable.

Applying the Wax

Now,  taking the two fingers with wax, gently apply to one side of your moustache. I use my thumb underneath the hairs, my pointer finger over top of them, and gently work it through from the middle of my lip to the edge of the side I am working on. Repeat with the other side of your moustache.  It’s important to be gentle, if the wax is still too stiff and causes you to pull too much on your hair, back off and work it again until it’s easier to apply.  Begin with a small amount until you have a feel for how much it takes.  Remember, if you use too little at first you can always add more.

Styling Time

Now that you have a nice coat of malleable wax on your stache, it’s time to work the hairs into the style you have chosen. Dali? English? Handlebar? Or a far-out freestyle creation? This step is the hardest, it takes time, patience, and practice to get your moustache style down. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get the results you want immediately, practice will make perfect.

Removing the Wax

Waxes are NOT water soluble, but they do break down in oil. When you’re ready to remove the wax from your ‘stache, simply grab your favorite beard oil and apply, working through the hair gently to remove the wax.

January 20, 2017


Touching Your Beard

 Touching Your Beard

by Tim Kramer

When you have hair growing out of your face it is natural and common to want to touch it. Whether it is in the itchy stubble phase or has grown out to the long and soft phase – chances are you'll find yourself (and sometimes strangers) touching your beard. While it may seem natural, is it the best thing for your beard's health?

The short answer is, “No.” Here are two main reasons not to touch your beard with your hands too often:

The natural oils get stripped 

Your skin naturally produces a certain amount of oils that act as a natural conditioner for your beard. Since your hands are covered in porous skin the more you touch your beard the more those oils are absorbed into your skin. This depletes the natural oils and can leave your beard very dry.

Your hands are dirty, no matter how many times you wash them

No matter how many times you wash your hands a day, the fact is they still remain dirty. This means when you touch your beard or moustache throughout the day you're transferring whatever dirt particles your hands have picked up to your facial hair. 

Appropriate ways to touch your beard throughout the day

Are we suggesting you never touch your beard? No, we're only recommending that you limit touching your beard with your hands. Here are a few appropriate ways to touch your beard:

  • Washing your beard with a quality Beard Soap.
  • Oiling your beard with one of our quality Beard Oils or Beard Dry Oils.
  • Brushing or combing your beard with a high quality brush or comb daily or even a few times a day is fine as long as you're not seeing large amounts of hairs coming out. Should you begin to see large amounts of hairs coming out please lessen your brushing or combing frequency.

Stay tuned for more helpful tips in our upcoming articles!

January 20, 2017


Cold Season Beard And Moustache Survival Guide

Cold Season Beard And Moustache Survival Guide

by Adam Barraclough

I’m currently struggling with one of the worst colds I’ve ever had and thought this might be a good time to discuss a few strategies for helping you and your moustache and beard persevere.

  1. Always keep a tissue or handkerchief handy. More than most, those of us with facial hair need to be on the lookout for the remains of a sneeze or nose-blowing session trying to hang around after the fact. Our soon-to-be-released CanYouHandlebar shop towels make for a great way to quickly clean up, and can be laundered for continued use.
  2. You may choose to indulge in a hot soak in the tub or a long shower to feel better, just make sure to follow up with your usual Beard Oil or Beard Dry Oil conditioning routine.
  3. Stay hydrated. As you dry out, your skin dries out and this can throw the balance of natural oils in your facial hair out of whack. 
  4. Beard Oil and Beard Dry Oil are your friend! They will keep your moustache and beard conditioned against all the wiping and nose-blowing, replacing the natural oils you are losing with each swipe.

Our Beard Dry Oil can also be used as a balm to help moisturize the skin of your nose. A small dab massaged into the skin (we recommend the Classic, as it has no added scent) will prevent drying and cracking and can help with any soreness.

When you’re feeling sick it can be a struggle just to get out of bed in the morning, but do your best to keep up your conditioning routine so that when you do bounce back your beard and moustache are still looking their finest. Good luck, and good health!

January 18, 2017


How To Wax Your Moustache [VIDEO]


Would you prefer to read about How To Wax Your Moustache rather than watch a video? Check out the transcription of the video below: 

This is Mr. Stachetastic for brought to you by CanYouHandlebar. 

Today I’m going to show you how to apply moustache wax to your moustache. Let’s hop into it. 

The first step is to start out with a clean, dry moustache. 

The second thing you’re going to need is the moustache wax of your choice. Today I’m going with Secondary Moustache Wax by CanYouHandlebar.

Now with this you’re going to have to warm it up when you apply it. There are two reasons why: 1. It’s going to soften the wax and 2. It’s going to make it easier to glide through the hair in your moustache. 

I like to take a hair dryer and warm up the wax. Now that the wax is warmed up you’ll take the wax and put a little on your fingernail like so. You will need to determine how much wax to use depending on the size of your moustache. 

What I do is start on the outside of the lip, push into the moustache, and let it glide through. What you want to do is focus on is getting the wax on all the hairs evenly across. Don’t worry about the center yet, we’ll get to that last. 

When you’re putting your wax in you want to be sure to put in a little at a time. If you put too much in you’re not going to be able to get it out. If you don’t put enough wax in, you can always add more. 

Take your fingers and glide over the top of the moustache. This is going to give an even coat to all the hairs. You can see I have a little too much right there. Just run your fingers over it again and it will get the excess out of there. 

Once you have the wax on one side go ahead and do the other side. 

Now that you have wax on both sides of your moustache, you’re going to want to work on the center. Your fingers will have some wax on them still. Take a little bit more, rub it between your fingers so the wax gets nice and tacky. 

Take your fingers from the top of the moustache, push down and out. What that’s going to do is give you a nice natural look on the moustache but still give you a hold. 

Now that you’ve applied the moustache wax to the moustache evenly you’re able to go and style your moustache however you’d like. 

This is Mr. Stachestastic for brought you by CanYouHandlebar.

January 18, 2017


Before You Trim

Before You Trim

by Adam Swanson

So you’ve been having thoughts about trimming or shaving your beard?  Hey, we’ve all been there, but before you do here’s some food for thought.

The Good

There is something to be said for that feeling of a fresh shave.  Whether your barber is hooking you up with a straight razor shave or you’re just busting out the old Mach 5, it’s a feeling that, although short lived, can definitely be appreciated.

No more chomping down on your moustache hair when you eat a sandwich or waking up with your beard in your mouth.

The usual flock of beard haters will crawl out of the woodwork to tell you how much better you look and how much more handsome you are without a beard.  You can probably already draw up a list, these are the folks that just don’t “get” beards in general..

Kissing is easier; kissing your loved ones with a moustache can sometimes become a bit tricky.

Without a beard to fuss with, you may cut a couple minutes off your morning prep time.

Some men, like myself, may look younger without those gray beard hairs showing.

The Bad

The regret. Yes, you will regret it. At first you may think you look younger or may enjoy the feeling of your soft skin on the pillow, but one morning soon after you’re going to look in the mirror and ask yourself why you bailed on your beard.

If you have children, they will not recognize you. Even if they do they may give you that “ewww!” look  or just point blank ask “why Daddy?”  Friends and family won’t get it either, so be prepared to hear “I didn’t even recognize you” or “What happened?”

 You’ll have to put up with the old ladies pinching your cheeks and telling you “You look so young”, “You look so handsome” - good luck with all that awkward.

The day after and all that stubble. Oh man.  Yesterday you looked great, but now your face is covered in razor burn and feels rougher than a cat’s tongue.

Sure, having a beard will get you your share of ZZ top and Duck Dynasty comments, but aside from the hecklers there’s a lot of folks who appreciate the look and will let you know in more subtle fashion.  That knowing head nod from a fellow bearded gent can sometimes be the best part of a crappy day.

You know all that awesome beard oil, moustache wax, and the beard brushes and combs you own? What do you do with them now?

Growing a beard back is no fun. It’s a long slow climb back up out of the darkness, with the old itchy neck and that uncomfortable awkward in-between stage where it’s not quite long enough to tame properly to worry about.

The Ugly

A good looking beard can boost your confidence, fill out your features, and help define your look and your sense of style. However you started, at a certain point it stops being about what’s hip and trendy and starts being about your approach and attitude towards life. After a while, it just becomes a part of who you are.  Like an old friend, that’s always there. And while you can always revisit that friend, why part ways at all? While you may regret shaving, you’ll never have that problem with keeping your beard.
January 16, 2017


We're Not (Just) Lightweights


 We're Not (Just) Lightweights

by Tim Kramer

Here at CanYouHandlebar we’re committed to providing a high quality product that is going to condition, style, and protect your facial hair. To that end, we don’t cut any corners with the oils we use in our thoughtfully handcrafted recipes. Other recipes that use only lightweight oils absorb too easily and don’t stay on top of the hair to protect it.

Our recipe was carefully developed to include a blend of light, medium, and heavy weight oils to give your facial hair all the conditioning and protecting it needs. The light oils are absorbed by the porous hair to condition quickly, while the medium oils still absorb but at a much slower rate so you have hydration for your facial hair lasting throughout the entire day. The heavier oils we use stay on top of the facial hair to protect it from the elements, give it that nice healthy shine, and also lock those lighter moisturizing oils into the hairs.

At CanYouHandlebar we’ll always tell you what’s in our products - it’s printed on the label and you can also find the full listing here.

For more on what beard oil is and how to use it check out the helpful articles below.

“What Is Beard Oil?”

“How To Apply Beard Oil”

“Why Use Beard Oil”

“How To Maintain Your Beard - Oiling”

January 15, 2017


Beards and Kids [VIDEO]


Do you prefer to get your beard advice in a written format? No problem. Have a look at the transcript of the video below.

Kids have terrible hand-eye coordination. They have these hands and they don’t really know how to use them. They sit in your lap and some how or other they find your beard and tug on it. They have no sense of personal space. They just don’t know what it’s like to have this hair you’ve been growing for years and they grab hold of it and rip it out of your face. 

They are God’s crude instruments with no fine motor skills for several years. Way beyond what you’d think and they still literally have two more years until they have fine motor skills. You try not to take it personally but you really do. 

The two techniques of mitigating beard pulling are tucking and braiding. I just kind of grab it [my beard] like this, get a handful of my beard and tuck it like this. Now kids are amazing- it’s like a Discovery Channel sort of thing where they can still find that one lone hair and yank it.

You can take your beard and braid it. I didn’t learn how to braid hair until I had a beard. I fan it out and then take my fingers to make it three even parts. Then you just braid it and that way you don’t have a single lone hair. There’s strength in numbers. As much as I joke about it, it really isn’t that bad.

There’s a few things at a pre-verbal level that I associate with my dad. I remember the smell of coffee, not just in the room but on his breath when he would talk to me. I remember too, the sound of his keys. I literally could his keys from across the room. 

I suspect that much like the smell and the sound I associate with my dad, I think that probably Teddy, Henry, and Ellis will associate me with certain things. I think probably one of them will be my beard - the feeling of my beard as they yank it from my skin. The sound of my voice as I say “Don’t yank my beard from my skin!” They’ll associate me with some of those early memories with me and my beard. 

“And that’s called nostalgia.” 

January 14, 2017


Beard Care In The Winter

Beard Care In The Winter

by Tim Kramer

Different climates affect our beards in different ways, sometimes dramatically so. I live at 8,500 feet in Colorado where I enjoy lots of snow most of the year as well as abundant sunshine. While both are beautiful they can also do a lot of damage to a beard.  In light of that I wanted to give some insight into living in a cold dry climate and the beard conditioning routine I follow to keep my beard healthy.  

Winter can be very cruel to your face and facial hair. The cold temperatures combined with the dry air mean you’ll need to be even more proactive about keeping your beard conditioned and protected from the elements. As fun as a snow beard (see picture above) can be, please avoid trying this at a home as the extreme cold is actually quite damaging to your beard. Here’s what I do to help keep my beard looking and feeling great in a cold and dry climate:

Wash your beard

I wash my beard with Every Day Beard Soap two or three times a week. I use warm water and do not wash it daily as this tends to strip the natural oils.

Use beard oil

I follow washing my beard by gently towel-drying and then liberally applying one of our beard oils. The beard oil acts as a conditioning agent which is vital for keeping your beard and face from drying out.  You may find your beard soaking up more than usual in the winter, and it’s certainly okay to use more as long as you don’t overdo it.

After oiling my beard I thoroughly brush it through with our signature Beard Oil Brush to ensure the oil makes its way to my entire beard, moustache, and face.  The Beard Oil Brush will distribute the product evenly, while very gently brushing the hair without tugging at the root.

Use moustache wax

I use Primary Moustache Wax daily. The lanolin and beeswax help keep my moustache hair healthy and protected from the cold dry air and wind. Waxing my moustache also makes it significantly easier to eat food!

Often times at night I will apply more Beard Oil or even a thin layer of Beard Dry Oil to keep my beard hydrated while I sleep. This also helps keep the skin on my face from getting dry and flaky.

Make use of winter apparel

It may sound unnecessary but particularly in sub-freezing temps don’t be afraid to wrap a scarf around your beard and face.  This has two benefits:  1) Your beard will act as natural insulation, keeping your face warm beneath the scarf.  2) This will prevent the moisture that accumulates in your beard and moustache as you exhale from freezing.  Beard and moustache breakage due to freezing is a real thing, so wrap them up as needed.

If you are not mindful winter can wreak havoc on your beard. Having a proper beard care regime and quality beard care products can help make sure your beard stays healthy and looking good even in the cold dry months of winter. I hope some of these tips are helpful for surviving another winter. Stay warm and stay bearded!

January 13, 2017

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Beard Care In The Summer

Beard Care In The Summer

by Adam Swanson

"You look hot."

If you’ve worn a beard at any point during the summer, you’ve inevitably had those people that approach you and say, “Aren’t you hot with that beard?” My usual answer is, “I’m hot anyway! BOOM!” All jokes aside, having a beard in no way means that you’ll be any warmer than the average Joe without one. It’s not any hotter than having hair on your head. In fact, there are a few reasons you’ll actually be cooler.

The Look

First and foremost, and definitely the most obvious, is how much cooler looking you’ll be. Some of us just look better with a beard, and there’s no need to confine that look to certain seasons.  You can enjoy those “sweet beard!” comments from passersby all year ‘round.

Literally Cooler

During the summer, your beard will work as a swamp cooler. If you’re from a part of the country that doesn’t have swamp coolers and only uses standard air conditioning, let me explain.  A swamp cooler pushes air across a reservoir of water, cooling the air as the water absorbs and vaporizes in the process.  Fans then blow that cooler moisturized air throughout your house. Similarly with your beard, as you get warm and start to perspire, any kind of breeze will cool your face. Walking, cool face. Riding a bike, super cool face. On a motorcycle, you better get a sweater you'll be so cool!

Built-In Sunblock

I am a pasty white man. I have suffered from sunburns, which turn to freckles, and then back into sunburns. This is not a fun cycle.  Lucky for me, as I’ve grown my beard out I’ve noticed that in the summer months, I no longer get sunburnt on those areas my beard covers.  I can go all day out here in the Mojave Desert and go home with very little sun damage. Now, this doesn’t mean you don’t have to wear a hat to take care of your forehead, or put sunblock on your nose, but it’s nice having less service area to apply sunblock to.

Keep in mind of course that the heat, sweat, chlorine from the pool or saltwater at the beach and UV exposure in general will require a little more care is taken when conditioning your beard. Just make sure that a good quality beard oil or beard dry oil is a part of your daily routine to keep things fresh, and be mindful to not get too close to that bonfire on the beach.

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