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April 18, 2017


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Tax Day Relief! 

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April 14, 2017


Can You Cure Your Patchy Beard?



Unless you have been blessed with nearly perfect facial hair genes, chances are you have experienced the patchy beard struggle. Patchy beard can be a challenge no matter what kind of patches you experience or how severe it may be. Like every other man you’ve likely wondered “how do I cure this?” or “Is there a cure for patchy beard?”


Well, is there a cure?


The closest thing to a cure for patchy beard is time. As long as you are maintaining the beard you are able to grow, it should grow in fuller. Resist the temptation to trim or shave everything off. If you do not trim and let it grow out it’s likely your non-patchy areas will grow in more fully and you can comb them to cover up/make up for the patches. Patience, as always, is the key.


Along with time, proper grooming of the facial hair you do have can go a long way. If the patchiness is from damaged hair, oiling and combing or brushing properly could encourage healthy hair and hair growth. Brushing, especially with a soft bristle brush, can stimulate the follicles and help supplement your existing growth.


A healthy diet and staying hydrated can also factor in and may help “cure” patchy beard by promoting healthier hair growth overall. A good diet and drinking plenty of water are part of being healthy anyway and it definitely will not hurt. Our previous article “Beards Start on the Inside – The Benefits of Vitamins and a Healthy Diet” has more to say on this subject.


I would recommend that you take any claims of “quick fix” or “cures” for patchy beard with a grain of salt. There are no conclusive studies that show supplements or other products actually cure patchy beard and many appear to have been designed just to prey upon those desperate to address the issue.


While there may not be a true quick fix or sure-fire cure for a patchy beard, is there anything else you can do? Of course! You can make the most of what you have. Find a bearding style that accounts for the patchy spot(s) and wear it proudly. Experiment, test, and be patient. When it comes to patchy beard the adage “Time is on your side” certainly rings true.


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April 12, 2017


Losing Beard Hair While Brushing or Combing?

Losing Beard Hair While Brushing or Combing? 

by Cody Wiley

Hopefully you’ve read my previous article on brushing and combing your beard, and how important these elements are to proper grooming. If you haven’t, go ahead and check it out here.

Keeping you hair tangle-free and your follicles massaged are important to maintaining a healthy well-kept beard, but maybe you’ve noticed a few hairs left in your brush or comb? Or perhaps a few running down the drain after a wash? Should you be worried? Is your beard falling out? Probably not, hair loss is a normal part of a hair’s life cycle, and when doing research for this article I found that most people lose hair at a rate of 50-100 per day.  Keep in mind, this data relates to the hair on your head, there have yet to be any definitive studies specific to beard hair, but we can gather that some hair loss is absolutely to be expected.


A (Beard) Hair’s Life Cycle

There are three widely accepted phases to the life cycle of hairs-- the growing phase (anagen phase), the inbetween phase (catagen phase), and the resting phase (telogen phase). At any given time 80-90% of your hairs are in the growing phase leaving 10-20% in the resting phase. So what exactly does that mean? The anagen or growing phase is exactly what it sounds like, the hair is growing. This phase lasts for the first 2 to 6 years of a hairs life, the hair growing at an average rate of 1/2 an inch per month, longer hair growing at a slower average rate of 1/4 an inch per month. Next is the catagen phase, a short transition period between the anagen and telogen phases lasting approximately 10 days. And finally the telogen or resting phase, the end of the hair’s life cycle, as it is released and falls out. The follicle remains inactive for 3 months and then the cycle is repeated.


Are The Hairs in My Brush or Comb Normal?

You could drive yourself crazy trying to keep track of the number of hairs that either fall out naturally during the course of your day or what comes loose during the maintenance of your beard, but as I said at the start losing some hair is completely natural and nothing to worry about. Maybe your beard is getting rather long and you feel more hairs are coming out than before? Again, don’t worry, longer hairs are more noticeable when they fall out or accumulate on your brush, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re losing more hairs, just longer ones. If you would like a simple test to check your hair loss level, try to get roughly 60 or so hairs in between your thumb and a finger, lightly pull as you run through the length of the hairs. According to Dr. James C. Marotta (a New York based hair restoration specialist) anything up to 5-8 hairs pulled free would be considered normal, whereas an excess of 15 could indicate something other than the normal life cycle of the hair could be the cause of the hair loss.


So I Shouldn’t Be Freaking Out?

While I can’t speak to every case, I can say that the loss of hairs is completely normal, natural, and healthy. These can fall out during brushing, washing, oiling, or just walking around. To minimize hair loss, include an effective conditioner such as beard oil or beard dry oil (beard balm) into your routine and make sure that you are grooming your beard with a high quality comb or brush. I hope this information has helped put you at ease concerning the hairs you see in the shower, sink, floor, or brush.  Stress can also be a contributing factor to hair loss so take what comfort you can in this article, as we certainly don’t want you to lose any more than will naturally fall out on their own!  


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April 09, 2017


How To Put Your Beard In A Hair Tie [VIDEO]


If you'd rather read about, How To Put Your Beard In A Hair Tie please refer to the video transcript below.

"Hey Jake, what are we doing today? We’re going to Wolcott Farms. We’re going to go play with some baby animals and teach us new things about beards also.


Hi, I’m Andy. Right now, we’re traveling in the CanYouHandlebar R.V. and we’re on the road. I figured it would be a good time to teach you about the importance of using hair ties. A great time to use them is when you’re traveling. There are a few reasons you might want to use a hair tie. As you might be able to see out the window it’s a pretty stormy day. There’s going to be a lot of wind, a lot of rain that can blow your beard around.


We’re heading to go pet some animals and hang out with them. You might want to keep your beard up too so they don’t chew on it or rip your beard out because that’s pretty painful.


One of the easiest ways to use a hair tie is, if you have a fuller beard just go ahead put it on there and that is a huge help for you. You can also take the hair tie in your hand, put it at the bottom of your beard, twist it a half turn, do that again, and one more time – as long as it’s tight. That will help also. It will keep your beard from blowing away.


One of the other ways you can put your beard up to if you’ve got a longer beard - Take that hair tie, fold your beard in half, put the hair tie on there, twist it, and that will keep your beard up and out of the way. This is a good way to keep your beard up while sleeping too so you don’t rip it out.


A recommendation for hair ties is to use one that doesn’t have a metal band. Those can be pretty painful. They’ll snag your hairs and rip it out. I prefer the thin ones but feel free to experiment with whatever size works for you. Hair ties are pretty cheap."


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April 07, 2017


How To Style A Natural Moustache [VIDEO]


If you'd rather read about How To Style A Natural Moustache, please review the video transcript below.

"This is Mr. Stachetastic for, brought to you by CanYouHandlebar.

Today I’m going to show you how to style a natural moustache. Let’s hop into it, shall we?

All right to get your natural curl started you’re going to need at least two things. You’re going to need something to curl your moustache with. I use a roller. Other people use their fingers. It doesn’t matter, it’s personal preference.


The other thing you’re going to need is a hair dryer. You’re going to need this because we’re going to wet the moustache and then blow dry it to where it stays in that curled state.

First, we’ll wet the moustache. It’s a clean dry moustache at the moment. We’re going to wet the moustache. Turn the water off; dry off your hands. What you’re going to do is take the roller. Take it all the way to the end of your moustache. Now, if you guys have a smaller moustache you might not need a roller. You can just take a round brush and curl this way while blow drying.

You take it and roll all the way to up to where you want – which is going to be right about there. Make sure you get it on there, nice and tight. Then, you’re going to take the blow dryer. Turn it on low heat. You don’t want to scorch your moustache or your face. What you’re going to do is blow dry right at the base of the hair. See where I’m pointing it?

Wait till you get it nice and dry. Then you’re going to lightly take the curl out. You can see it’s already starting to curl. What you want to do from here is do it one more time to get it where you want. See I’ve got a lot of fly-aways here? We’re going to fix that. We’re going to do it one more time.

Even though I’m putting water on it and stretching it out, she’s still going right back to where I had it. Now that we’ve got that nice and wet, we’re going to do this one more time. Now it doesn’t take much. If your hair dryer is really warm, it does not take much at all. Then you lightly unroll. Pull it out. Tweak to how you would like it.

That’s how you get the start of your curl. After that you can go and put some hairspray on this. I highly recommend that so it stays all day. There’s a lot of people who just want to go natural moustache. What I like to do is take the dry oils, the beard balms – that actually has a little bit of beeswax in it. What you can do is put that in and lightly rotate around. It’s going to take all the fly-aways that are up here and down here – it’s going to take all of those out.

Now I do have some of the dry oil on here so that’s what is helping it stick together at the moment. You can see my kind of rolling it with my fingers trying to get it stuck together. That’s that little bit of beeswax in there that’s helping me do that.

And there you have it. You have your natural handlebar moustache.

This is Mr. Stachetastic for, brought to you by CanYouHandlebar."


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April 05, 2017


Beards Start On the Inside – The Benefit of Vitamins and a Healthy Diet

Beards Start On the Inside - The Benefit of Vitamins and a Healthy Diet


by Adam Swanson


We’ve all heard the saying “you only get out what you put in”. This is something I personally try to apply to all aspects of my life. Work, faith, exercise, even my beard! Think about it - you show up to work on time, go above and beyond and you’re on track for success. If you go to church you know that studying your bible, attending service and applying these lessons to your life means that you will see greater spiritual fulfillment. When you faithfully put time in at the gym you find yourself growing more fit and becoming stronger over time. I’d urge you to think this way about your beard as well.


First, it’s important to remember that the main factor in fullness, length and even the color of your beard growth is your genetic makeup. Your beard is only working with the genes it was handed, so a lot of this is out of your control. But there is a way you can help the beard that you are capable of growing come in to it’s fullest, and that relates to your diet. Yes, what you eat can help your beard grow in strong and can help keep it healthy.



Foods rich in protein can help your beard grow in stronger and healthier. Paying attention to foods that are healthy while also high in protein can be a boost to your beard as well as your body. This doesn’t mean cutting out the fat, certain “good” fats are helpful for sheen as well as strength. (Think eggs and avocado here, not Big Mac and fries.) Greens such as spinach and kale are overflowing with beard benefitting goodness in the form of protein, vitamins and nutrients. Nuts are also a great powerhouse snack that can not only provide you with an energy boost but help promote a healthy beard along the way.



Healthy food is sometimes hard to come by. With busy lives, limited time in a day, kids, work and all the other challenges of the day it can be difficult to find the time to prepare your own food. You may find yourself dining out or picking up something convenient more times than not, and that’s fine. This is where supplements come in.

Supplements are a great way to bolster the effects of eating well or to add to your diet if eating well isn’t always an option. You can achieve many of the same benefits discussed above in pill form. Keep in mind that these won’t absorb into your system as naturally or as well as they would from eating the right foods, but it’s better than nothing.


There are a few “beard” vitamins out there marketed specifically towards beard health but you don’t have to get a branded bottle to get the best results. A simple multi vitamin in the morning can’t hurt, and if you want to isolate the beard benefiting vitamins here’s a list of some specific ones. Keep in mind that results may vary, these are all simply suggestions and the body’s response to supplements will be different for everyone.


-Vitamin A- Works to moisturize the skin to minimize breakage

-Vitamin B- (biotin) Works to keep your beard soft and increase hair elasticity to minimize breakage

-Vitamin B- (B5) Works to keep cells young minimizing beard hair loss and gray hairs

-Vitamin C- Works to prevent split ends in your beard by bolstering your collagen levels, and aids growth as well as strength. Less split ends means less trims.

-Vitamin D- Works to promote healthy follicle growth, meaning increased beard length.

-Vitamin E Works to help promote hair growth as well.


Keep in mind, vitamins will absorb and work with your body better when you’re eating well and taking care of yourself.  You’ll also need to be on a steady routine, simply popping a handful on occasion will have little effect, it’s important to see this as an ongoing process.  In addition to the vitamins you take, CanYou Handlebar's beard oil and beard dry oil (beard balm) include Vitamin E as a part of their formula.  Making them a part of your grooming routine insures a daily external application of Vitamin E.


While you’ll love the benefit to your beard, the best things about being food and vitamin conscious are the side effects to your overall health and well-being. You’ll look and feel better overall! Your beard is a great gateway to understanding better health, when you have a goal to grow the best beard you can through proper nourishment you’ll only reap positive benefits throughout your body overlapping into your life overall.



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March 29, 2017


A Haircut at The Art Of Shaving [VIDEO]



If you would rather read about A Haircut at The Art of Shaving, please review the video transcript below.


"What is your ultimate goal to do with your hair? I think that’s the biggest thing in cutting hair. Trying to interpret what the client wants. If they are hesitant like “What are you trying to do?” then run. Run! Because you’re the one who is going to be mad. They’re not going to be mad.


Do your homework like with anything else. It’s like a mechanic. You’re just not going to take your car to anybody. You shouldn’t go just get your hair cut from anybody. Especially if you’re very specific in what you want. You know? Some people don’t care so they’ll let anyone cut their hair because they don’t really care.


When you’re trying to do a certain thing, you want someone that knows what they’re doing.


My name is Warren McMillan, master barber at The Art of Shaving of Somerset Mall here in Troy, Michigan."


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March 27, 2017


How To Braid A Beard [VIDEO]

If you would rather read about How To Braid a Beard, please review the video transcript below.

Hi, I’m Andy and I’m going to teach you how to braid a beard. Braiding a beard can be pretty intimidating but it’s really quite simple.

The first step to braiding your beard is to separate your beard into three equal sections. What I recommend is having three hair ties handy so you can keep those sections nice and clean without any fly-aways that will mess you up later on down the road.

Now that you’ve got your beard into three equal sections, start with one of the outside sections – cross that over the middle. Take the opposite outside section and cross over that. Then all you’ve got to do is repeat that pattern until you get down to the end of the beard.

It’s important to keep equal tension so you have a nice even looking braid. You also want to start lower on the beard because you don’t want a lot of tension pulling the hairs out of your face. When you get towards the bottom go ahead and take those hair ties out. You can toss them. Make sure you save one so you can tie up the braid at the end.

So now when you get to the bottom, take that hair tie that you saved, put it around the bottom hairs, twist it around a few times to get tension on there, and then you’ve got yourself a braided beard. From there you can smooth it out and adjust it. And you’re good to go!

Thank you!


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March 22, 2017


How Long Should Your Beard Be Before You Start Using Beard Products?

How Long Should Your Beard Be Before You Start Using Beard Products?

by Cody Wiley

This is probably in the top 5 most commonly asked questions when it comes to beard growing or beard maintenance. The short answer is that it’s never too early to start taking care of your beard.

Too Soon For Beard Care?

We’ll cut right to the chase: You should start using cleaning and conditioning products as soon as you decide to grow your beard. Even the small freshly sprouted hairs you can barely see are still accumulating excess oil and dirt from your skin, and need to be washed just like any other hair. Further, keeping the hair as well as the skin moisturized and conditioned is critically important. Dryness, itchiness and flakiness are the major roadblocks that keep many men from growing and keeping a beard. Starting a conditioning regimen early and maintaining it throughout the life of your beard can address all of these problem areas. So now that you know when to begin, how will you decide between using traditional liquid beard oil or beard dry oil?

Beard Dry Oil

For shorter or newer beards, I tend to suggest using beard dry oil due to the slight hold offered by the beeswax. When I say slight, I do mean slight. It is not a styling product or anything you would use for a freestyle beard design, but it is enough to catch fly-away hairs and put them back into place. Our beard dry oil is great when used in conjunction with combing or brushing to train your beard hairs to lay the way you want them to. As a low-temperature solid, you don’t run the risk of over-pouring, so it can be a little more intuitive for those new to beard conditioning. And of course it has all the same conditioning properties and scents you will find in our traditional beard oil.

Beard Oil

While I often recommend beard dry oil for new beards, there’s no reason not to use beard oil if you find yourself so inclined. It can absorb a bit faster and is going to keep your skin and beard healthy, regardless of the length. Just be sure to start with a small amount so as not to overdo it. While it won’t have the slight hold the dry oil does, when it comes to nourishing your beard, you really can’t go wrong.

Which Will You Choose?

Taking care of your beard should start on day one, that includes washing and conditioning the hairs and keeping the skin moisturized. Will you go for the slight hold our beard dry oil offers and work on training your hairs as they start to grow? Or will you opt for the more traditional liquid beard oils and let the hairs grow in their natural patterns? You won’t be disappointed with either choice, and you will be putting your beard in the best possible condition to promote healthy growth.


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March 22, 2017


Karas Pen Giveaway

We're giving away a Grey and Brass Ink Rollerball pen from Karas Pen Co. over on our YouTube channel

We've loved Karas Pen Co. for years! We love them because they have a lot of our values. They’re American made, high quality, overbuilt, and have a lot of styles. Most of the guys at Karas Pen Co. have beards and we supply them with beard oil. We love their pens and most of us have several of them. We just really like them as a company and we’re really excited to have this opportunity to do a giveaway with them.

For your chance to win this amazing pen please go watch this video on YouTube and read the rules in that video's description. Good luck!

We'll be giving away another Karas pen on Facebook soon so be sure you're following us there as well. 

Stay bearded!
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