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How to Use Beard Balm (Dry Oil) - Quick Reference

BY Adam Barraclough

Applying Beard Balm by hand and with the Can You Handlebar Beard Oil Brush®

Beard Balm is a staple of beard care, providing all the conditioning benefit of liquid beard oil with a light hold that allows for some taming and shaping of the beard. It's a favorite among guys who are new to beard care simply because it's so intuitive, portable and spill-proof, while those with longer beards appreciate the ability to reign in flyaways. Here's a quick guide to using and applying beard balm. 

NOTE: Where most beard oils may feel similar in-hand, you'll find a great variety of firmness, feel and consistency in beard balms across brands. We refer to our beard balm as Dry Oil because it's a solid at room temperature that melts easily in the hand or with slight friction. Our Dry Oil has a very soft, smooth, non-grainy feel.


To Apply beard balm by hand: Carve out a small portion, it's always best to start small, you can always add more as needed. Place it in the palm of one hand and work the balm between your hands to warm it. You'll notice it melts quickly and easily, this will help ensure complete coverage. 

Scoop beard balm with your thumbnail to apply by hand

Thoroughly massage the product into your beard from the bottom up. Make sure to work your fingers down the skin beneath your beard as well. Then lightly sculpt your beard with your hands to manage any loose hairs. You should notice a nice top-shine and greater manageability.

Warm the beard balm by rubbing your hands together, then massage into your beard

To Apply Beard Balm (Dry Oil) using the Can You Handlebar Beard Oil Brush®:
 Lightly touch the surface of the balm with the horsehair brush and give it a quarter turn. The brush has been designed to fit perfectly in your hand and sized to match the stainless steel can as well.

The Can You Handlebar Beard Oil Brush® fits perfectly in the Beard Balm tin

Once you have a small portion of beard balm on the brush, massage it directly into your entire beard, making sure to get down to the skin. The friction of the bristles and the brushing action will evenly disperse it throughout your beard. The brush and balm combo provides a composed look and should tuck in any flyaways, leaving you looking your best.

Apply beard balm with the beard oil brush by brushing into your entire beard


As a bonus, you can make an emergency candle from the Beard Balm (Dry Oil) and its thoughtfully designed packaging: There are lots of good beard balms out there, but how many can save your life? To make an emergency candle with the cardboard sleeve: tear off the top tab of the Dry Oil packaging, fold it and roll it up to create an impromptu wick. Dip one end of the wick into the balm, then place the undipped side into the balm, all the way down to the bottom of the can. Light, and you'll have several minutes of emergency light and heat. 

Make an emergency candle using the beard balm and its cardboard sleeve 

 Can You Handlebar - Building Better Beards

Our Dry Oil Beard Balm was designed to give your beard the nourishment it needs in a convenient easy-to-use form. Dry Oil not only helps you look your best and promotes healthy growth, it also hydrates your skin to knock out any dryness or itching. You'll notice softness, shine and a better beard with regular use.

Scented with essential oils, the fragrance will settle in comfortably as you go about your day for a subtle feel that won't compete with any cologne or aftershave you may wear. The real Michigan beeswax used in every batch will give you just enough hold without ever feeling stiff or unnatural. Packaged in our crushproof stainless steel can it's as well-suited for your bathroom shelf as it is in your travel kit.

 Wisdom Beard Balm/Dry Oil - Woodsy Aroma

Made in the U.S.A.

We’re proud to say that our Dry Oil Beard Balm was designed and is manufactured right here in the U.S.A. And that’s not just patriotism on our part, it’s a business decision that allows us control over the quality of every batch. The end result is a product you can rely upon from a company with integrity.

You can buy Dry Oil Beard Balm here.

It's also a part of every Kit we offer, grab a balm of your choice along with our signature Can You Handlebar Beard Oil Brush® and a logo shop rag for a discount in the Simple Kit, or grab an Advanced Kit that includes Beard Oil and Moustache Wax as well. You can find our Kits here.




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