Our Team

Doug Geiger


Husband, father of three, entrepreneur, and lover of bourbon (not necessarily in that order). It all started with a crockpot and a credit card: Doug is not only the founder of Can You Handlebar he is the driving force behind the company and its myriad endeavors. His current passions include photography and videography and he has an enduring fascination with all things well-made, whether that be a custom-built pocket knife or an exquisitely-crafted watch. Having found success with Can You Handlebar, Doug does what he can when he can to encourage that success in others.

Brian Furby


Working out of Lexington, KY, where he lives with his wife and daughter, Furby has been managing sales for Can You Handlebar since 2015. He’s responsible for customer service to the 200+ barbershops, salons and other retail locations that stock our product. Furby loves knives, guns, EDC gear and is an active combatives training participant. He manages the beard blog Titlebeard and hosts an annual beard and moustache competition under that banner raising funds for local charities. His personal philosophy of life is best summed up by the 1989 Patrick Swayze classic Road House.

Andy Pokorski


Andy has been there since the beginning, working with Doug to help formulate scents and keep things running day-to-day. He’s a massive fan of a variety of music from rock and soul to folk and blues and he’s got the record collection to prove it. Andy is a devoted gardener, growing the kinds of exotic fruits that normally wouldn’t thrive in the Michigan climate. He’s committed to trying every variety of soda pop and carbonated beverage he can lay his hands on, and enjoys getting out into the great outdoors any chance he gets.

Dawn Binder


A mother of four, Dawn leads and supervises all areas of manufacturing and packaging for Can You Handlebar out of the Mt. Clemens facility. She is responsible for quality control and the day-to-day management of the warehouse and inventory. When not up to her ears in production or parenting, she pursues her passion for landscaping and gardening and enjoys listening to classic country music.

Tim Kramer


Tim is a devoted husband and father to three great kids living in Woodland Park, Colorado, aka “The City Above the Clouds”. When he’s not busy representing Can You Handlebar on social media he can be found hiking, rock climbing, grooming his beard, and gardening at 8,500 feet elevation. Tim appreciates a good smoke (pipe or cigar) and most every brewed or distilled beverage. He also dabbles in pottery and is known for his energetic frontline reporting on the Snowmageddon that befalls the Rocky Mountain countryside he calls home.

Adam Barraclough


Stationed in Huntington, WV Adam came to the attention of the crew based on an Amazon review he wrote of Wisdom Beard Oil back in 2014, came on board in 2016 to assist with trade shows and then full-time in early 2017. His passions outside of bearding include comic books, literature and film. He’s an avid EDC enthusiast with a love for knives and gear. Among the many things he collects, his current obsessions are patches, pins and lowbrow art & photography of all varieties.

Dylan Frazier

Assistant Production Manager

Not a day goes by that Dylan doesn’t pick up an instrument, do a little songwriting or sing a tune. Music is a big part of his life when he’s not helping to manage the day to day production of goods at the CYHB warehouse. Dylan is an avid outdoorsman and artist who loves to travel and see the world.

Jake Knapp

Fulfillment / Production

Jake’s best friend is his dog Scooter. He loves all dogs and likes to meet new dogs wherever he goes. Jake enjoys cracking open a cold one with the boys and watching a little baseball, football or hockey. He takes care of order fulfillment, shipping and receiving and has been known to don the captain’s hat to pilot Bob, the company RV, on various excursions.

Mike Frazier

Photo Assistant / Production

Mike is a lover of all things analog, from vinyl records to books to tube amps, anything without a circuit board in it. He’s traded in the digital life for getting out into the real world to bike, shoot photos and enjoy the outdoors. He spends his workdays assisting with production and the company’s photo/video needs and is a self-proclaimed historian of post-WWII American history.

The whole crew

We all come from different backgrounds and bring different life experiences to the table. And while we don’t always agree on everything, we consider that a strength. It allows us a chance to consider our work from a variety of different angles and to bring our best efforts to bear. We’re proud of what we do and each of us is happy to be a part of this team.

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