Building A Better Beard: Beard Shampoo And Face Lotion

Building A Better Beard: Beard Shampoo And Face Lotion

BY Adam Barraclough

A Clean Beard and Healthy Skin, Foundations of Proper Beard Care

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve showcased our recently released Beard Shampoo and Face Lotion on The Beard Mentor, giving you the scoop on how these new products came to be and what they offer you in terms of a more robust approach to beard care. We even shot some live video to show you how to use them, you can see the edited version of that footage here. The response has been amazing and we wanted to share some of the great feedback we’ve seen from our customers and to address a few questions that have come up along the way. Let’s get to the questions first:

What are the scents on these products? And what size do they come in?

The Beard Shampoo is scented with essential oils of spearmint, vetiver, sage and myrrh. It comes in an 8 oz shatterproof bottle. The Face Lotion is 2 oz., also in a shatterproof bottle, and is scented with peppermint, spearmint and tea tree.

Is the beard shampoo much different then the bar of beard soap? Can they be used together?

They are similar and can be used separately. The shampoo has the advantage in having been specifically formulated to maintain natural oil balance, but it all comes down to personal preference in scent and what works best for you. Shampoo has been our most requested product for some time and we’re happy to add it to the Can You Handlebar lineup.

How is the lotion different than a beard oil?

The lotion was designed with a single purpose in mind: to hydrate the skin. While our beard oil and balm offer some skin conditioning properties, use of the lotion post-shower locks in moisture to directly address dryness, flaking and itching at the skin level. This product is about nourishing the skin of your jaw, cheeks and chin - the foundation of a healthy beard.



In the weeks since the shampoo and lotion were released we’ve had some incredible feedback from our customers and wanted to share a few words from those who’ve actually used it:

“I’m really pleased with the Face Lotion so far. In the two weeks I’ve been using it daily in combination with their new Beard Shampoo, I have noticed less “beard flakes” and the beard is more manageable with less tangles. Highly recommended!” - Eric Z.

“Can 1/3 teaspoon of beard shampoo do the job? YES! Can You Handlebar has an 8 oz. beard shampoo that can last you around 5 months. Don’t let the small package fool you. A small amount is all you need to enjoy a clean beard and crisp fragrance. Check them out” - Michael H.

“Well Can You Handlebar did it again. After I trained for 2+ hours… which is like sandpaper on your face, I used their shampoo. Felt good enough to shave my neck and used the lotion afterwards. My face feels better than it did before training.” - Rob M.

“In all the times I've grown out my facial hair I have NEVER been able to moisturize under my beard. Any lotion I'd use would just coat the hairs or wouldn't offer any actual relief. This stuff is amazing. Using this with the Can You Handlebar Beard Shampoo leaves my face feeling refreshed and cool. No more face itch.” - Rocky

Our Beard Shampoo and Face Lotion were engineered to address the #1 and #2 causes of beard itch, dryness and flaking: a clean beard and healthy hydrated skin, respectively. Follow up with daily use of a beard oil or balm to add shine, and to continue to protect and nourish the skin and hair. With routine use, you’ll notice a softer, healthier and better looking beard.




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