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How To Warm And Apply Moustache Wax - Quick Reference

BY Adam Barraclough

Can You Handlebar Moustache Wax: designed to give you the hold you need.

Whether you are aiming at a tight handlebar moustache, trying to train your hairs for a more casual style or, just clearing the way for dinner...we have a wax designed for you. Primary Moustache Wax for daily hold and Secondary Moustache Wax for extra hold. Regardless of brand, the majority of application mistakes are caused by not heating wax enough. Let's start there.

Warming Your Moustache Wax

First method: Carry the wax in your pocket. The most convenient way to warm it is to keep it handy in your pocket. The heat from your body will soften the wax as you go about your day. Our wax tins are made from durable stainless steel and the BOPP labels are waterproof and pocket-friendly.

Heat your moustache wax in your pocket

Second method: Run hot water over the moustache wax tin. Hold the closed moustache wax container under hot water for a few moments until the wax softens. 

Warm your moustache wax by holding the container under running hot water till soft

Third method: Warm wax with a hair dryer. If you're pressed for time, you can heat the wax by using a hair dryer. Put the hair dryer on its lowest setting, keep it in motion the whole time, and check for progress often. NOTE: it is possible to overheat your wax. Airborne molten moustache wax is no fun for anyone!

warm your moustache wax using a hair dryer on its lowest setting

Applying Your Moustache Wax

Whatever method you use to warm your wax, the three application steps remain the same: 

Step one: Carve out a portion of wax about the size of a grain of rice.

carve out a portion of moustache wax (about the size of a grain of rice)

Step two: Roll warm wax between your thumb and forefinger until it is soft and pliable.

Roll moustache wax between thumb and forefinger until soft and pliable

Step three: Finally, work wax into the moustache from the middle outward, taking care not to tug at hairs. Repeat these three steps until the desired look is reached. Once the wax cools and sets you'll have an all day hold that will keep your moustache looking great.

Apply soft wax to moustache from the middle outward


Can You Handlebar - Building Better Beards and Moustaches

Moustache Wax was our first product, the one the company was founded upon. It all started when our owner Doug found himself looking for a wax that provided a strong natural hold, in packaging that was built for real everyday use. Made with real Michigan beeswax, our moustache wax is prized by aficionados and first-timers alike.

 Primary and Secondary Moustache Waxes by Can You Handlebar


Made in the U.S.A. From Premium Ingredients 

We're proud to make our goods in the U.S. Our wax is produced, packaged and shipped from our facility in Mt. Clemens, Michigan. It's not just patriotism, doing everything in-house gives us oversight on all aspects of quality control, allowing us to deliver the best product we can to our customers.

You can find our Moustache Wax and related products here.

You can purchase Primary and Secondary separately, or get a pair at a discount with one of each strength. If you'd like to grab a year's supply, you can do that as well at an even greater savings. Our Advanced Kits also include both waxes and some essential beard care products for those growing both a moustache and a beard.

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