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healthy beards start on the inside with a healthy diet

Beards Start On the Inside – The Benefit of Vitamins and a Healthy Diet

BY Adam Swanson

  Healthy Beards Start on the Inside with a Healthy Diet

We’ve all heard the saying “you only get out what you put in”. This is something I personally try to apply to all aspects of my life. Work, faith, exercise, even my beard! Think about it - you show up to work on time, go above and beyond and you’re on track for success. If you go to church you know that studying your bible, attending service and applying these lessons to your life means that you will see greater spiritual fulfillment. When you faithfully put time in at the gym you find yourself growing more fit and becoming stronger over time. I’d urge you to think this way about your beard as well.

First, it’s important to remember that the main factor in fullness, length and even the color of your beard growth is your genetic makeup. Your beard is only working with the genes it was handed, so a lot of this is out of your control. But there is a way you can help the beard that you are capable of growing come in to it’s fullest, and that relates to your diet. Yes, what you eat can help your beard grow in strong and can help keep it healthy.


Foods rich in protein can help your beard grow in stronger and healthier. Paying attention to foods that are healthy while also high in protein can be a boost to your beard as well as your body. This doesn’t mean cutting out the fat, certain “good” fats are helpful for sheen as well as strength. (Think eggs and avocado here, not Big Mac and fries.) Greens such as spinach and kale are overflowing with beard benefitting goodness in the form of protein, vitamins and nutrients. Nuts are also a great powerhouse snack that can not only provide you with an energy boost but help promote a healthy beard along the way.


Healthy food is sometimes hard to come by. With busy lives, limited time in a day, kids, work and all the other challenges of the day it can be difficult to find the time to prepare your own food. You may find yourself dining out or picking up something convenient more times than not, and that’s fine. This is where supplements come in.

Supplements are a great way to bolster the effects of eating well or to add to your diet if eating well isn’t always an option. You can achieve many of the same benefits discussed above in pill form. Keep in mind that these won’t absorb into your system as naturally or as well as they would from eating the right foods, but it’s better than nothing.

There are a few “beard” vitamins out there marketed specifically towards beard health but you don’t have to get a branded bottle to get the best results. A simple multi vitamin in the morning can’t hurt, and if you want to isolate the beard benefiting vitamins here’s a list of some specific ones. Keep in mind that results may vary, these are all simply suggestions and the body’s response to supplements will be different for everyone.

-Vitamin A- Works to moisturize the skin to minimize breakage

-Vitamin B- (biotin) Works to keep your beard soft and increase hair elasticity to minimize breakage

-Vitamin B- (B5) Works to keep cells young minimizing beard hair loss and gray hairs

-Vitamin C- Works to prevent split ends in your beard by bolstering your collagen levels, and aids growth as well as strength. Less split ends means less trims.

-Vitamin D- Works to promote healthy follicle growth, meaning increased beard length.

-Vitamin E Works to help promote hair growth as well.

Keep in mind, vitamins will absorb and work with your body better when you’re eating well and taking care of yourself.  You’ll also need to be on a steady routine, simply popping a handful on occasion will have little effect, it’s important to see this as an ongoing process.  In addition to the vitamins you take, CanYou Handlebar's beard oil and beard dry oil (beard balm) include Vitamin E as a part of their formula.  Making them a part of your grooming routine insures a daily external application of Vitamin E.

While you’ll love the benefit to your beard, the best things about being food and vitamin conscious are the side effects to your overall health and well-being. You’ll look and feel better overall! Your beard is a great gateway to understanding better health, when you have a goal to grow the best beard you can through proper nourishment you’ll only reap positive benefits throughout your body overlapping into your life overall.



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